REPOST: Know your fascist – Northland MP Mike Sabin


This was from January of 2014 – in light of the current issues swirling around Sabin, it was worth dusting off.


I’m always queasy about cops becoming politicians. The alpha male bash-em-mate-sado- masochistic-pack-rape-culture of the NZ Police force doesn’t make for well reasoned political direction for the rest of society and no where is that more glaringly obvious than in the book burning logic of National Party thug and ex cop, Mike Sabin.

Mike has a lot of private Members Bills in the ballot and if there is a God, none of them will ever see the light of day. Removing peoples right to silence is a fundamental foundation rock of any division of rights between the individual and the State and to allow a bloody ex cop to just remove that centuries old protection cause PC Plod from Northland thinks it’ll be easier to prosecute everyone begs the question, why bother with a trial anyway Mike?

Sabin’s latest contribution to a Police State is the desire to punish guardians and parents of teenagers with bail conditions imposed upon them if their teenager gets into trouble with the law. How many rights Sabin intends to destroy before he gets to Cop Nirvana isn’t clear, but punishing a parent for a crime their child has committed seems borderline psychotic. Isn’t this shit the Taliban do? Punishing the parent for the sins of the child seems medieval.

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These laws aren’t meant to make sense, like Paula Bennett’s failed drug testing of beneficiaries, these types of brain farts are aimed at playing to their constituents bigotry, if a teenager is in trouble with the law, it’ll be their no good welfare gang member parents who need the bash as well.

The thing 2014 needs more of is less Mike Sabin and his weird cop fantasies that seem intent on stripping away as many NZers civil rights as possible. If Mike Sabin is the answer, the question must have been, ‘What bullshit far right knee-jerk ill thought out rhetoric won’t help?’


  1. “The alpha male bash-em-mate-sado- masochistic-pack-rape-culture of the NZ Police force” dumb comment about police in this country, is the kind of crap I would expect to read from the mouth of Paula Bennett whilst she generalises to her Nats about beneficiaries or the poor, the kind of made up generalisation I would read in some other shitty right wing blog about their hates.

    The vast overwhelming majority of police do a good job in trying circumstances made infinitely harder by this duplicitous governments budget cuts and “voluntary savings”. As Greg O’Connor said Police come from the community and reflect the community. And yes every now and then some arsehole slips through the cracks but don’t tar them all with that brush.

    TDB is better than this!

    • I only takes one bad egg to ruin a dish; as for the language on TDB, surely the results of the last election disaster show that people react and vote on a subconscious level to the repetitive one liners and soundbites such as the Nats littered the environment with before the date.

  2. Like Key and the band of merry lawmakers for the breaking of jaws, Sabin needs to pull his head out of whoevers arse he’s got it up, stop trying to be a fascist Nazi like Hitlers henchmen, and remove himself from any political skills of deceit, misconception, powers of abuse, and profiteering for the greed of selfishness. If he intends to make laws for the wrong reasons, perhaps he should look at himself first, and seriously question his motives for such ridiculous ideas and attempted actions.

  3. “The alpha male bash-em-mate-sado- masochistic-pack-rape-culture of the NZ Police force doesn’t make for well reasoned political direction for the rest of society and no where is that more glaringly obvious than in the book burning logic of National Party thug and ex cop, Mike Sabin.”

    Wow, that is a bit “heavy” or harsh for a comment, I feel. I am also queasy about ex police officers going into politics, and I am also appalled with repeated misconduct of cops, and how they do so often get off such charges, even when proved.

    But to be fair, there are fair cops doing their jobs as we expect them to also. Mike Sabin is a character of a quality of his own. He is extreme, even for an ex policeman, and yes, I have no time for this man. It will be interesting to see what comes out of recently reported allegations.

    He was one strongly supportive of the nasty welfare reforms, of drug testing of beneficiaries, of the “social obligations” and of getting sick and disabled work tested.

    The sooner he goes out of politics, perhaps forced to do so, for his own failings, the better for us. Fallen on his own sword, the headline may soon be. Let us wait and see.

    • Mike Sabin is ambitious and is doing what attracts the eye of John Key. Most of the polititions in National are not interested in people, but are out to save the government money by any means fair or foul,money that will be used for the lowering of taxes for the wealthy and perks for themselves.
      John Key attracts these sort of people because he dosnt care about ethics, or wrongdoing unless it affects his own standing, he likes the type who follow his agenda with hands up and waving shouting “look at me ,look at me “.

  4. Have just driven through Northland and was surprised to see 5 or so large billboards of Mike Sabin between Wellsford and somewhere north of Whangarei. There he was beaming at you from the very green looking Northland paddocks – a little creepy.

    Is it normal practice for such billboards outside of election time?

    • Interesting Bob.

      I thought all election hoardings had to be removed prior to election day, by law! In this case, we are almost four months past last election.

      This could be something for the electoral commission to get its teeth into perhaps!

      • It’s not an election hoarding unless it’s urging someone to vote in an election. A picture of the MP (and he is the MP) is not illegal, and is in fact quite common.

        • This is the first I’ve heard of this being common practice, outside an election that is!

          For what reason I ask? Something the likes of Kim Jung Un would do, to promote himself!

          Environmental pollution!

  5. You didn’t make the connection between Sabins ” war ” on methamphetamine, his “education” of employers and the explosion in workplace drug testing, which is now completely out of control. Big business for drug testing agencies, often for no reason other than to prevent employers being blamed for poor health and safety.

    • So very true. Any injury on the job for some employers, large, well-known ones at that, no matter how obvious the cause or how minor means a drug test. Of course most people don’t like having to piss in a pot on demand with all the loss of privacy and dignity that goes with it usually in a van in the car park in front of most staff, so they don’t report the injury. Net result is lower injury rates for that employer and savings in costs.

      It’s a complete mockery and does not make work places safer or the statistics accurate.

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