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I’m always queasy about cops becoming politicians. The alpha male bash-em-mate-sado- masochistic-pack-rape-culture of the NZ Police force doesn’t make for well reasoned political direction for the rest of society and no where is that more glaringly obvious than in the book burning logic of National Party thug and ex cop, Mike Sabin.

Mike has a lot of private Members Bills in the ballot and if there is a God, none of them will ever see the light of day. Removing peoples right to silence is a fundamental foundation rock of any division of rights between the individual and the State and to allow a bloody ex cop to just remove that centuries old protection cause PC Plod from Northland thinks it’ll be easier to prosecute everyone begs the question, why bother with a trial anyway Mike?

Sabin’s latest contribution to a Police State is the desire to punish guardians and parents of teenagers with bail conditions imposed upon them if their teenager gets into trouble with the law. How many rights Sabin intends to destroy before he gets to Cop Nirvana isn’t clear, but punishing a parent for a crime their child has committed seems borderline psychotic. Isn’t this shit the Taliban do? Punishing the parent for the sins of the child seems medieval.

These laws aren’t meant to make sense, like Paula Bennett’s failed drug testing of beneficiaries, these types of brain farts are aimed at playing to their constituents bigotry, if a teenager is in trouble with the law, it’ll be their no good welfare gang member parents who need the bash as well.

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The thing 2014 needs more of is less Mike Sabin and his weird cop fantasies that seem intent on stripping away as many NZers civil rights as possible. If Mike Sabin is the answer, the question must have been, ‘What bullshit far right knee-jerk ill thought out rhetoric won’t help?’


  1. I’d have to agree with you there. In his mid-teens, one of my younger siblings went through a phase of being a right bastard. We learned a lot about what a family can do (and even more about what you can’t do) to help. In the end, only he could bring it to a close, once he grew out of it he came right – some of is friends weren’t so lucky. Looking at the cliches in that Audrey Young article, I can only fucking cringe.

  2. His Employment Drug testing bill is a beauty too. Allows employers to set their own policy, determine the limits, search and use drug dogs, instantly dismiss if someone refuses to hand over drugs even if they don’t have any and worst of all tell a worker they can’t take their prescription medicine.

  3. Northland cops are the worst, they believe the world is full of hateful people and they are always right! It’s the later part of their attitudes which is the more worrying – just look on youtube for northland police – it is not nice viewing. At least the people of northland are using their cameras more. I wonder if Mr Sabin would pass a sobriety test if he was asked to take one in parliament?

    • Ngati poaka Taranaki might just beat them, I think, Adam. All of them need to be held to account in any case.

  4. Has anyone read Robert Harris’ “Fatherland” or Philip Jose Farmer’s “The Man In The High Castle”?

    Both are brilliant, if creepy, looks into Alternative Realities where Nazis and their Axis allies won WW2.

    I’d always wondered if there existed people in our society who would be comfortable to be part of a Quisling government allied to our overlords in Nazi Berlin or Imperial Tokyo…

    The mindset for an authoritarian fascist government does exist in our country.

    We saw a bit of that with Michael Laws’ call for all Downs Syndrome babies to be aborted;

    Police state…


    Secret police surveillance…

    Demonising a powerless sector of our society…

    Gosh, where’ve we heard all this before?!

  5. According to Audrey Young’s article in the NZH, Mike Sabin is ready to circumvent the parliamentary rules in order to achieve his purpose. “…four private members’ bills developed by Mr Sabin (are) in the members’ ballot. Parliament’s rules allow only one bill per MP, so the other three are in the names of colleagues, and should one be drawn, he will take it over.”

  6. With the passing of (Mike Sabin’s ) Kaipara District Council Validation of Rates (and other matters) Bill, New Zealand has entered into uncharted political waters – where the pirates who manipulate the system to facilitate their plundering of our community treasures use legislation to dictate their vindication and the terms of their escape.

    Seventy-four years ago we sent our young men out to fight the fascist Axis powers, now we are fighting a new kind of fascism as it insidiously infiltrates the organs of our democratic state, audaciously raiding our coffers to fund their plundering and having the cheek to threaten us for standing up against their insidious machinations.

    Fascism never needed tanks with jack booted soldiers. A distracted, disinformed , disunited, divided and dysfunctional population is all they need. You won’t see this new fascism discussed in ‘our media’ – they already have them well under their control. Their greatest ally is our belief that fascism could never happen here.

    We good people of Mangawhai – and of New Zealand – must see past their deliberately confusing and complex propaganda and must remain resolutely steadfast in our pursuit of natural justice and the reinstatement of a functioning representative local government that works according to the principles of good governance. The Kaipara District Council Validation of Rates (and other matters) Bill does not serve to achieve either of these outcomes.
It is a fascist piece of legislation and must be rescinded.

    Alan Preston

  7. We are in the throes of considering a Northland Unitary Council. Sabin would want to be King I suppose – his way or the highway.

    Speaking of which, alongside the highway just before the Brynderwyn Hills is a big hoarding with Sabin lording it and welcoming us to his country.
    Please be assured, visitors to the North, we are all not like him. Unfortunately though, with the way he thinks, he will probably increase his majority next time around. He reminds me of the typical thick, child bully.

  8. Mike Sabin does not even deserve being written about here!

    I heard him at a Select Committee meeting, talking nothing but brainless crap and drivel. That guy is an idiot, whose brain functions a thousand times worse than any person’s brain, who is high as a kite on marihuana, which he despises, as I know.

    • some brains can function quite well through the use of cannabis – whether medicinally (anti-epileptic/palliative care/treatment of wasting disorder associated with AIDS); or spiritually/recreationally/or for other forms of enhancement.
      It is a shame that a herb with more than 3000 years of beneficial association with humanity is treated with such prejudice in our age of “enlightenment”. It most certainly shouldn’t be associated with mental sluggishness – as individuals such as Richard Branson, the late Carl Sagan, and (also late) Steve Jobs could attest.
      I imagine this man’s poor thinking skills are more than likely a result of the abuse of other substances such as alcohol 😉

  9. I never understood why Labour didn’t try harder in Northland last time, they could never beat John Carter but they could have defeated this guy.

    Perhaps someone would look into how Sabin got the nomination for this seat? The word is that it was damn close and controversial. If so it would speak for some Northland National Party members and all hope wouldn’t be lost.

    Sabin is good prove that a party has much more quality control via the party list rather than the nomination for a save seat.

  10. Northland’s a bit wild west, there are stories of faux police harassing residents, out of control dog owners, that sort of thing. Mike Sabin ran on an anti-methamphtamine ticket, had set up Meth-Con and was picking up the impetus from that as it seemed like a good direction to go in, after all, no-one wants a neighbourhood swamped in that poison. From what I’m reading about these member’s bills here, all that Robin Hood stuff has gone by the board.

  11. The alpha male bash-em-mate-sado- masochistic-pack-rape-culture of the NZ Police force doesn’t make for well reasoned political direction for the rest of society and no where is that more glaringly obvious than in the book burning logic of National Party thug and ex cop, Mike Sabin.
    i see your someone who can see both sides of an issue.

  12. Re the photo:

    “Hey, we’ve been baking hash cookies, I (John) love em, but Mike hates em, he would not even touch them with a barge pole!”

    John says:
    “Well, he is a useful idiot at times, but he surely does not know how to enjoy life and take it easy!”

    “I will enjoy my cold beer tonight, and lean back, and think, hey, I’ve got it made, we have a caucus full of Mikes, and that keeps me steering the ship smoothly!”.

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