Snuff columns, screaming Skulls and Bob Jones



I love how Bob Jones just gets to have the NZ Herald publish any hateful thing he has to vomit out into the public sphere without any attempt to reign him in. It’s like rich white old men can say what ever the fuck they like without one seconds worth of self reflection on the offensiveness of what they have to say.

He speaks the way I think Slave owners would speak.

His misogynistic racist hate rants went so far with the Herald that late last year he managed to get them to publish a snuff column where Bob proudly told NZ that he goaded a protester into committing suicide. The glee he seemed to take in ending the life of another human being was spiteful and contemptuous, so much so the Herald had to back down and remove it..


…which all leads to Bob’s latest attack on John Minto as the ‘screaming skull’.

John Minto is a NZ civil rights hero. His principled stand against South African Apartheid and the courage he and thousands of other NZers made by standing against the cultural monolith of rugby has locked him into history. His continued resistance against Israel and his championing of issues for the poor and most disadvantaged will always be spat upon by venomous individuals like Bob Jones. Such hateful spittle is the mark of an individual who truly has the elites rattled.

That a smug pompous arsehole like Jones can keep gaining media platforms to malign from is the tragedy here. John Minto and NZers deserve better than this cancerous depth of dialogue.

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  1. Once again the Herald should be ashamed and embarrassed by publishing such nasty vile vitriol. I accept John Minto does bring out the worse emotions of our more conservatives citizens but such obnoxious writing from Jones discredits the Herald. Jones is entitled to his opinion but did he need to write such an objectionable opinion piece about a fellow human being just because Minto has a different view of the world then Jones.
    Jones like other right wing neo conservative commentators common narrative is that unless you share their views opinion you have no right to express your opinions and views.
    The Right despise left wing thinkers especially people as intelligent and articulate as John Minto.

  2. I long ago came to the conclusion that Jones doesn’t write intelligent cogent pieces (aka Edmund Burke) because he simply isn’t bright enough.

    • Agreed.

      And so, logically, intelligence is not necessary for making lots of money.

      In other words, he’s clearly not wealthy because he’s smart.

      Something else is going on there.

  3. If ever one photo encapsulated a persons life and philosophy the velvet jacketed Jones two finger salute is it.

    I remember the pic from Tom Newnham’s “By Batons and Barbed Wire” on the ’81 Springbok tour. The clichéd Rolls Royce and cigarette (mini cigar?) being suitable props for the long senile property rip off merchant who assisted the first neo liberal government into office in 1984.

  4. And people want to get rid of knighthoods?!

    I say keep them.

    Sir Bob Jones
    Sir Roger Douglas
    Sir Michael Faye

    …. makes it easier for the IRD to see the shit floating in our gene pool.

    Dame Michele Boag …. yeah, that’s got the “Ring of Shit” bell tones about it too.

  5. […] In attempting to justify a curb on the need to dissent where activists deem appropriate and necessary, Bob Jones commits a number of logical fallacies. One logical flaw is an appeal to an irrelevant authority. Jones claims that a judge once told him that the ‘extreme left’ “hate people”. As if one of the ruling classes’ judges would be an unprejudiced authority on an underclass created by the likes of selfish psychopaths such as Bob Jones. […]

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