UPDATE: Bob Jones’ snuff column in todays Herald



Cue shocked look now.

Bob Jones boasts about goading a fellow citizen into suicide

This sort of (always male) behaviour is a regular occurrence in the capital. In the 1980s when long-overdue reforms saw the closure of some isolated, scarcely used post offices, a Nelson region goose turned up in a park opposite my office, surrounded by the standard litter of signs, asserting he was starving to death in protest. I bowled across and nailed him with some impeccable logic. “Why starve to death?” I suggested. “Why not get it over with quickly and commit suicide?” So he did.

One of my daughters working, or more accurately, attending in our office at the time was appalled. “Don’t you feel bad?” she asked me. “To the contrary,” I replied. “Anyone who values their life on the existence of a country post office plainly hasn’t got one. I did him a wonderful favour.”

So the NZ Herald supports snuff columns now do they? This is just an appalling new low for Bob Jones and NZs largest newspaper.

Where was the editorial standards with this bizarre little piece of hate mongering?

Who there thought, ‘Gosh, Bob goaded a weaker person into suicide and then boasts about it. Too far? Nahhhh.’ It’s like newspapers are desperately trying to stoop as low as some blogs. It’s ugly seeing the public sphere polluted with this type of spiteful, callous trash.

The words of a rich elite arsehole who has all the compassion of a Mexican drug cartel shouldn’t have any traction in the 21st Century and shame on the NZ Herald for giving him the platform.

UPDATE: NZ Herald have just backed down and removed the Bob Jones column…

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…question now is, how did such an often site column get past the NZ Herald editorial team? What part of the Bob Jones’ snuff column didn’t the NZ Herald think would cause offense?


  1. And that bloated, pugilistic, old toad has actually reproduced a child capable of questioning him? How many? Why wasn’t he stopped? Does any woman admit to being complicit?

  2. I’m going to do BJ a favour and assume that this story is just overwrought bragging and his (pathetic, puerile) attempt at a joke. Because, frankly, if he did this and has no regrets (in fact, considers it something to brag about) he’s sick and should be in secure care so that his harmful impact on others can be minimised.

    Shame on The Herald for giving this irrelevant dinosaur space to vent his spleen.

  3. Wow. And I thought his comments on rape – that women who don’t reduce their movements and limit their freedoms to prevent rape therefore accepted the risk and could not then complain when raped – showed enough reason to boycott him and the herald. Before I thought he had no value for women, now I see he has no value for humanity.

  4. It is actually a serious criminal offence to aid and abet a suicide. A factory worker from South Auckland would be facing serious jail time on such an admission.

    That’s al’right ee’s a guvna.
    Carry on Sir. Sorry to disturb you guv, av’a nice evening.

    • Crimes Act 1961


      179 Aiding and abetting suicide

      Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years who—

      (a)incites, counsels, or procures any person to commit suicide, if that person commits or attempts to commit suicide in consequence thereof; or

      (b)aids or abets any person in the commission of suicide.

      Compare: 1908 No 32 s 192

      Of course we all know that the police don’t charge multi millionaires.

      • If it’s against the law, he should be charged. Can’t have influential figures like that inciting acts of suicide, think how that will further warp the national mindset. The police should be called out on it, or someone do a citizen’s arrest on him, if they can bear the crepey skin.

  5. Jones no doubt sitting in his leather backed chair sipping cognac and giggling at the hapless fools reeled in by this week’s column.

    He does the same thing most weeks and you folks fall for it every frigging time. He even writes about you directly and you still cannot see it. To avoid humiliation, please read carefully and then think carefully about what you are reading.

    • I think you missed the point of my comment above. I don’t believe this story is true, but it’s still disgusting. The fact that this braggart thinks it’s amusing to spin a line about telling one of the ‘little folk’ to kill himself and having his advice taken betrays an arrogance, lack of empathy and level of self indulgent selfishness that is hard to comprehend. Does this creep know anyone who has had to endure the loss of someone they love to suicide? Has his life ever been touched by it? Has he ever had dark thoughts? Those of us who find ourselves answering yes to any of these question front think bragging about taunting a man into suicide is funny or smart or entertaining (even if it is apocryphal).

      • Wait until you read about the heartless sod who told the Irish to eat their own children.

        Jones is mocking silly people, of which you have amply proved you are one.

        Grow up.

    • @ lilitasbrother – I’m guessing you’tre trolling because you’ve not expounded further into your views.

      As Jenny pointed out above, it is illegal to “incites, counsels, or procures any person to commit suicide”.

      What is it with RWNJs who bang on about “law and order” – but still feel ok to advocate or break the law when it suits?

  6. There is a witness, Bob Jones’ daughter to this disgusting and callous words and behavour. I think it is true because it just ain’t funny. I don’t think that is grounds for police action but it is bordering it.

  7. It’s kind of a shame that the Herald doesn’t show the same sensitivity about the state of what passes for journalism there.

  8. ” It’s ugly seeing the public sphere polluted with this type of spiteful, callous trash. ”

    Yes , perhaps but it’s nothing new . I’d go so far as to say New Zealand has always been polluted with spiteful , callus trash . It’s what we do . I guess it’s the Presbyterian in us .
    And because of that … here we are . Society is to blame and we are society .

    The great news is that bob ‘gotta dollar’ jones’ is becoming like them all . They’re coming unstuck . They’re starting to resemble crooked old fools with nowhere to hide . They’re losing their shock value and their mana . After all , they were only money . No class at all .

    But now here’s the kicker . Lets not let them all slip off to the comfort of the grave before we get our fucking money back .

    Lets see now ? bob’s mate was rob . And rob had a numbered Swiss bank account ? Hmmmm ? I wonder ?

    The above photograph is fantastic by the way .

  9. What’s new? I knew he was an a-hole 30 yrs ago, and hasn’t changed. The story goes he started his commercial life as a debt-collector. He would park his signed written vehicle outside the client’s house, and go there in the morning and demand the debt. If they refused he would threaten to leave the vehicle there all week – they usually paid up.

  10. I am not a lawyer but is BJ exposed here? If he is a statement could be made if he were prosecuted by someone who knew the legal angles. At the very least it would raise awareness of the law, and that could save peoples lives. Personally I am sick of cretins getting away with murder.

  11. Methyinks the Lady froth protest too much, after all his nearest relative practically bathes nightly in the arts department trough, made especially wide, and if he was walking around in 1981 with an i-pad he must have been on to a sure fire root himself. Jones is a welsh name, often borrowed by the unimaginative as an add on or replacement to anything from Braggadocio-Folderol Carruthas to Wzchienszky Stanislaw Bratochovnik (or Smith) Of course he’s laughing in his leather chair as he doesn’t give a damn about being off trend after all Silence of the Lambs still screens the odd sunday night.

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