What an alternative news bulletin might sound like…


This week’s media review was inspired by a tweet from Morgan Godfery who said he was henceforth going to refer to Hawaii and New Caledonia etc. as ‘occupied’ nations, eg. American-occupied Hawaii, French-occupied Polynesia etc. I challenged him to refer to Aotearoa as occupied. It isn’t occupied by the British exactly, it is occupied by the British remnant New Zealand government, it is occupied by the European settlers and done so contrary to the Treaty of Waitangi. Any reference to occupation is problematic to national identity for the generation weened on Crown-Iwi Treaty Settlements and post-1990 biculturalism – hence the hesitation in following through with the logic of his exercise.

Thinking of this issue in terms of decolonisation and the future of public broadcasting here is what an alternative news bulletin might sound like if a public service broadcaster (such as the one mooted in a previous column) were handling matters today…


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