Labour’s Christchurch flooding proposal


John Key Visits Flood Affected Families In Christchurch

Christchurch deserves more than photo ops for the PM


A few weeks back I reported on the flooding in Flockton.  It is the area that has had the most media (thanks to the passionate advocacy of Jo Byrne), but it is not the only area seriously impacted by flooding in Christchurch.

In the weekend David Cunliffe outlined Labour’s Christchurch flooding proposal in an open letter to the Prime Minister.  This letter was informed by the local Labour MPs and candidates and what we are seeing and hearing on the ground.

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There were two key parts to the letter.

First, the importance of politicians and agencies working together.  Flood affected people are absolutely fed up with fighting between the Council, Government and others and want people to work together on solutions.

The most important factor is the wellbeing of residents. We can do more to support them. We simply must act now and act together.

I believe all political parties should work in partnership with local authorities to offer immediate and enduring solutions and give confidence and certainty to the residents so that they can plan their lives and their futures. We recognise that those whose lives are in disarray need progress and certainty as soon as possible, while fair solutions that ensure beyond the next few months are also needed.

Second, specific suggestions that Labour wants the Government to consider as part of any response to Christchurch flooding.

Gerry Brownlee was dismissive of our response (he was also dismissive on Radio Live of the Council’s Flooding Taskforce Report), but it is important that Labour continues to advocate this approach.

On Monday 12 May an Extraordinary Christchurch City Council meeting was held, where members of the Mayoral Taskforce on Flooding presented a report outlining short-term flood mitigation options for the prioritised flood-prone areas.

It is an excellent report and consistent with the approach Labour outlined.  Council staff worked incredibly hard to prepare it.  But it is just the start – not the end.  And the Government will need to come to the table and outline their contribution to resolving these issues.


  1. The people of that city need serious immediate help, not platitudes, and insurance failures. Good on Labour, for avoiding photo-ops, and proposing action!
    One serious question here–when the planet tells a city to shift, why continue on the same location? And I am being sympathetic!

  2. Also note that now Christchurch has a Labour Mayor, the National government, particularly Brownlee, now has a convenient scapegoat for any of their failures. It can all be blamed on Lianne Dalzell, even though she has been in office for less than a year.

  3. The ‘ government ‘ doesn’t need to do anything which is clearly evident . In fact , if you see ‘ The Government ‘ can you point it out to me because I’m fucked if I can see it anywhere . What I do see however are a small group of self serving bullies flat out protecting the insurers , the banks and EQC . . If just one New Zealand citizen suffers at the hands of a self appointed governmental corporation , you then know we have no government .
    Fixing Ch Ch’s flooding issues is dead easy . No really , it is . All that needs to happen is for things to start happening . Those poor people in the Flocton swamps that were once their neighbourhoods just need to be moved to new housing built elsewhere now . Today . It’s that easy . And the entire country should be right behind them and money should be pouring into those areas to make that happen . And don’t fucking tell me there’s no money ! Bullshit there’s no money . There’re billions of dollars wasting away in ACC for a start . Just kick fat useless lazy lying judith collins off the mountains of it . Then lets start with the deviant Public Trust . A private enterprise with Government sanctioning . There’s plenty of money to sort things out alright . Oh ! ? Shall we mention the Swiss bank accounts ? Some of you might be thinking I’m a dingbat . Well , sometimes I can be , but mark my words …

    Fascinatingly , there are parallels between this Post and this link ( ) and to the psychological emasculation as exemplified by us for not making Big Boomer Brownlee do his fucking job for us . Not them . Or else .
    The mindless compliance by some Ch Ch people to an authority that has nothing to do with a government doing it’s best by its citizens is an example of what’s wrong with us as a people in NZ overall and should be the subject of closer scrutiny by others other than the authorities who do the manipulating . God help them when the penny finally drops is all I can say .

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