Why the wider media can’t see Key as Muldoon either



The meme being run by those pundits in the media savaging Russel Norman’s claim that Key is like Muldoon has been, “How can someone who was 9 years old and in Australia make any comparison. Chortle. Chortle. Guffaw. Guffaw.”


As I pointed out with John Armstrongs attack, the reason many media pundits can’t see Key as Muldoonist is because his divisiveness isn’t being pointed at them. Key points his vicious Muldoonist divisiveness at beneficiaries and those on welfare.

With many of these Journalists in the top tax bracket, they side with and are aligned to such dog whistles and because they don’t see the vicious spite of Key’s welfare reforms, they scoff and laugh at Key as Muldoon.

They don’t see drug tests used to disqualify people from welfare as opposed to aiding them get jobs. They don’t see the tens of thousands disqualified from welfare and the reality that brings about for those people. They don’t understand why food in schools is important. They don’t have State workers asking if their daughter needs contraception.

The media pundits so quick to laugh and mock Russel Norman never see the side of Key he is exposing. The calculating divisiveness of Key is the exact same format as Muldoon but because it’s aimed at a sector the pundits never engage with, they see nothing, they hear nothing, they speak nothing.

The 270 000 children rotting in poverty may never have heard of Muldoon either, but they live with the same fear under Key.

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  1. Why can’t anybody see Key as Muldoon?

    Simple. Muldoon believed in the state taking an active-interventionist role in the economy, building up state assets, and owning hydroelectric power plants.

    He was also really, really concerned about Kiwi unemployment.

    So, the total opposite to Key, then.

  2. Muldoon was the last of the mixed economy prime ministers. He railed against Labour’s gutting of our economy and steering us directly towards the $150- 200 bil debt we have now despite (or because of) the selling of many billions of dollars worth of lucrative assets. He was a frightening character and we on the left vehemently opposed him, wanting more for the lower class. Instead we got much much less under the treasonable back stabbing Douglas led govt. Lange was the spokesperson because we never would have voted for the rest. Wikipedia is okay for non political subjects. Muldoon did not bring NZ to the verge of bankruptcy as our debt then was about 3 bill, we had almost no unemployment and considerably higher home ownership.No, Key is Douglas. Muldoon was a patriot. He described our US Fed led treasury as “wet behind the ears” and crititcised and informed about Milton Friedman’ market driven Laissez faire for many years after he was ousted on Radio Pacific. Is Key like this? Obviously not even slightly. Leadership style is not the issue here. It is politics. Key is Douglas.

    • The real problem is that Shearer is also 90% Douglas. The first ACT government was the worst we have ever had and very few in Labour have any interest in rolling any of the damage back.

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