Why Winston is trying to kill off Peter Dunne



The news that United Future has been reregistered as a Party because they don’t have the 500 necessary members has sealed the fate of Peter Dunne.

When there is this much blood in the water, it will attract political sharks. Enter stage right, Winston Peters.

As I pointed out last week, Winston is repositioning to be National’s next coalition partner post the 2014 election. Beyond his decision to support the grossly draconian GCSB right to spy on NZers Bill, Winston is ensuring he is the only taxi on the rank by killing off National’s current partners.

My guess is that once Dunne signals he won’t be standing, the sudden pressure to out him as the GCSB leak will quietly abate.

The gamble for Winston is that his vote was REAL NZ First vote and not just grumpy Labour voters who were furious about a lack of an actual opposition last election.

For the real left and the Greens, Winston’s step to the right is a Godsend. If the next Government was Green and Labour + NZ First, Winston would once again rob the Greens of any real policy gains.

By showing its true right wing colors, NZ First will give the left the possibility of a real win if Labour and Greens can cross the line on their own.

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  1. Current Roy Morgan polling gives a Labour-Green-Mana coalition a real chance.

    But please, let’s have no more David Shearer screw-ups with comments about “terrorising” their opponants… *facepalm*

    • “But please, let’s have no more David Shearer screw-ups with comments about “terrorising” their opponants… *facepalm*”

      Good luck with that, heh.

      • just about everything shearer does/touches turns to crap..

        ..are his supporters in labour unaware of this..?

        ..is their disconnect from reality so complete..?

        ..are they masochists..?..

        ..how much longer can they just grimace/gurn along with him..?

        phillip ure..

          • Really – anyone. So a labour-green government who still supports this economics, bennie bashing, and a slow slide into a totalitarian nightmare is OK with you. Go the neo-cons and new labour – they the real winners on the day.

            Lets give away our freedoms and cry away our rights. Lets embrace a society were the poor can just go die, and the rich get some more cream. Wake up muppets! The difference between labour and national is sweet f.a. – the idea of more of this crap, whilst the soft left self congratulate themselves over shallow victories – is making me sick.

            I hope Peter Dunn is gone soon, I hope nz first kiss and make up with national – and I hope the soft left get an brain – what the difference with a kick in the guts (labour) and a kick in head (national)? – nothing when you poor, disabled or on the bottom of society.

    • Really? Quoting Roy Morgan polls? Are you happy to listen to them when they read National will govern alone?

  2. I’ve always thought Winston Peters was a liar and a Machiavellian fraudster who runs red herrings for the neoliberal agenda ever since I saw his shrunken head pop up in 1994 and start yapping at the Winebox inquiry so nothing came of that inquiry consequently . ( Deep intake of air ) Oh , sorry I forgot . A guy got murdered and billions of dollars of our money went missing . But other than that , nothing much happened . He’s your common , or garden variety confederate and for him to fling excrement at dopy old Peter Dune like a chimpanzee on P is rich in the extreme .

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