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Today’s Daily Blog Watch Round-Up of matters that have attracted the attention, assessments, and articulations of this country’s leading bloggers…

NZ Left Blogosphere

We kick of with LudditeJourno blogs  about the perils of  Comfortable colonisation,

Meanwhile here in Aotearoa just recently – same root of colonial values, different venue of cultural attack – we’ve had the Air NZ approach to Māori art and images – “if it’s on someone’s arm, it makes you unemployable, if it’s on our plane, it’s a brand“.”

LJ puts a new perspective on cultural imperialism and shows us, really, how ridiculous it really is. Like, really, really ridiculous.

QoT on Ideologically Impure gives her seal of approval to Rino Tirikatene in the Hooooooouse. This was also covered yesterday in Morgan Godfery’s,  Morgan Godfery – Symbolism vs substance: is the Maori Party doing anything.

TDB Recommends

On Red Alert, Clare Curran shows up yet another of  Key’s brain-fades, and points out that  Actually, John Key you did invite Huawei into NZ.

I’m getting a bit worried about Dear Leader. Has he had a brain MRI recently? For his own health (and that of our country who worships the polished rimu he walks on), he really should get checked out.

And so it begins writes Darien Fenton, with this meme,


That’s right, folks, it’s the Employment Contracts Act, in drag.

Another shitty attack on workers by the Tories.

Tell us, Dear Leader, how is this suppopsed to lift wages???


Phillip Ure on Whoar has sez , can’t blame rachel smalley for any lamearse questions she may ask..blame the shows’ producers..(and does that reason also excuse susan wood..?..and..?..) and critiques interviews by Rachel Smalley on TV3. There’s more on Whoar that Phillip touches on…

On the same issue, Danyl on The Dim Post writes  Hello darkness my old friend and suggests that Smalley has over-stepped the line in asking Hekia Parata “How Maori are you?” and, “Are you a bitch to work for?”.

Tim Selwyn on Tumeke sez it’s  Dunne over for Non-Leader of the Non-Party, “United Future” – and it’s one of the more flowery of eulogies that I’ve read/heard. With the walk-out of Winston Peters; his Real Party; and Trevor Mallard – things are hotting up in Parliament.

A small victory for decency has been won by Russel Norman, who writes on Frogblog that the  National Provident Fund has divested from cluster munitions. About bloody time. What a nasty, disgusting industry to invest in. No doubt Right Wingers will be up in arms – but until those pricks experience their children blown to bits by cluster munitions, they can STFU.

Well done, Russel! Chur, bro’!

Meanwhile, Scott Yorke at Imperator Fish is in feigned Solidarity! with the walkout from Parliament…

And on the issue of Peter “me-Myself-and-I” Dunne, Scott gives us the latest low-down and  Transcript of Leader’s Keynote Speech: United Future Party Annual ConferenceUnfortunately, Dunne’s venue isn’t quite in a Tardis-style…

Scott also announces the creation of a more serious blog – “Manufactured Outrage“.  His first blogpost looks at Judith “Crush-Kill-Democracy!” Collins’ increasing censorship laws in this country. Check out  The law and order steam-roller.

By the way, in’it strange how the Tories are increasing state power; police surveillance; data exchange between departments; internet “copyright protection”; and now strengthening censorship laws – and we don’t hear Jack Shit from the neo-lib, libertarian,  small-government types. Wadupwidat?

No Right Turn’s Idiot Savant describes Question Time in the House today as  A farce, and questions where The Speaker has been getting his “advice” from. Savant reckons it’s Gerry “Hullo Pork Pie” Brownlee. I reckon it’s a weetbix packet.

If you can’t cap it, don’t drill it, sez Savant, in regard to Anadarko about to start drilling of the East Coast in a couple of weeks.  A recent disclosure reveals it would take two weeks  – TWO WEEKS!!!  – for equipment to get to NZ in the event of a massive oil blow-out, like the one in the Gulf of Mexico.

Incredible! And Minister Simon Bridges is permitting this!

(More on this issue tomorrow, in the Daily Blog.)

Not much love being shown by Savant; Good riddance to Ross Robertson. Robertson is evidently standing in local body elections. Methinks he may’ve lost the gay/lesbian/liberal vote? Yeah, he has.

Savant accuses the IMF of Economic malpractice. Find out why. And will anyone go to jail for it?

Is the USA the  Land of the free? And how does the growth of a Totalitarian Police Surveillance state affect us? ‘Cos, bro, it certainly does!

An interesting blogpost on the Auckland Transport Blog about Who should pay for grade separation? Matt L blogs about how/why/who of building new train stops along rail lines. Trust me – it’s actually more interesting than it sounds (sorry, Matt, for not doing your piece real justice).

Socialist Aotearoa scores a Big Win for human rights and workers in Third World nations,  The rage after Rana Plaza – Kmart you’re next! It’s amazing what a bit of publicity will do for workers’ rights!

Brilliant stuff on The Jackal, tonight.

First up, Jackal has been endeavouring to find out via the OIA what the M.V. Rena was carrying when it grounded on the Astrolabe Reef. Unfortunately, the Rena will hold her secrets, as even Ombudsman stated in a letter.

Nevertheless, the  Jackal may have made an astounding discovery.

Read the full story – this is what true blogging and citizen journalism is about, folks.

Also read why Jackal sez  Don’t donate to a bad cause.

And on The Standard,

  • You can be a leader of nothing! Yep, according to the Speaker of  The House,  you can be the Leader of a Party even if it’s the Party you have when you’re not having a Party… Clayton’s time!

Does this bring Parliament further into disrepute?

Nah, Parliament hit rock bottom years ago. This is just a bit of fun-filled rollicking in the mud…

  • The policing of women’s bodies, writes  etiria Turei in the House.
  • Is it Slums for Auckland? asks 
  • Helen Kelly writes an Ode to Phil Twyford. The Nats are threatening to turf three thousand State House tenants out of their homes, and Helen makes the point,“I thought his best point was that only this Government could announce a housing affordability policy with the eviction of 3000 state housing tenants as its centre piece! .”


The Civilian announces why  Rachel Smalley is in hot water after asking Gerry Brownlee whether he’s a cunt. More of a rhetoical question, really…


On The Daily Blog

Why the wider media can’t see Key as Muldoon either – writes Martyn Bradbury,

The media pundits so quick to laugh and mock Russel Norman never see the side of Key he is exposing. The calculating divisiveness of Key is the exact same format as Muldoon but because it’s aimed at a sector the pundits never engage with, they see nothing, they hear nothing, they speak nothing.

There’s more than one way to skin a possum… or divide a society.

Key is simply more subtle, cheery, and casual the way he goes about it.

A brief, contextualised history of sex ed – another brilliant piece by Queen Of Thorns,

Once upon a time, sex education – when it was provided at all, which wasn’t a given – was a simple biology lesson, which assumed that all people identified with the gender which corresponded to their genitalia, which were in the standard configuration.

A clever insight into sex education and the perceptions that we have about sexuality. Definitely “more than Tab A entering Slot B to produce Baby C“…

National no mates – by  The Jackal,

Depending on how this all plays out, National could be a very lonely party on the opposition benches after the next election. Even with the faux support of other centre right parties, the Natz are unlikely to win the next election.

Why the Nats are in panic mode; why they’re hanging onto to Parasitic Lifeforms (Alien Species Banksie and Dunneboy); and why slimeballs like Farrar and Slater are attacking well known bloggers like Martyn Bradbury.

The House of  National is imploding.  Pictures at 11.

Impractical and Undesirable: How New Zealanders were taught to despise public housing by Chris Trotter, who writes,

The theory behind Labour’s housing programme of the late-1930s was simple. Stop thinking of residential property as some sort of cultural fetish and think of it, instead, as a human right. Writing about the First Labour Government’s approach in 1949, Colin Firth and Gordon Wilson, the authors of State Housing in New Zealand, observed:

“Housing was to become a Public Utility, the right to live in a decent dwelling being regarded as on the same level as the right to education, sanitation, to good and abundant water, to an adequate road system and to a certain amount of medical care. Probably it would be true to say that this premise has now gained fairly wide acceptance.”

You’ll have to read more to get Chris’ point. As always, well worth it for his insights.

5AA Australia: Selwyn Manning & Peter Godfrey On A Battle for NZ’s Political
Centre    by  Selwyn Manning,

Across The Ditch: This week Selwyn Manning & Peter Godfrey talk about the battle for NZ’s Political Centre now that Winston Peters has United Future’s Peter Dunne in his sights.

Like Citizen  A – this is must see/hear! You won’t get this on MSM (except maybe on Native Affairs on Maori TV)

And speaking of which,
TV Review: Native Affairs by  Martyn Bradbury,

Respects to Native Affairs and Mihingarangi Forbes for setting such an
incredibly high standard of questions. Standing ovation stuff. If I was in
charge of the hate crime against public broadcasting that is Seven Sharp, I
would strap all 3 hosts into chairs and force them to watch Native Affairs on
loop for a month.

‘Tis true, boys and girls. Native Affairs treats the viewer like an adult. How refreshing.


Blogpost of the Day

Check out Julie’s post on The Hand MirrorBeing on the ballot with blokes. Not only does Julie look at the myriad facets of being an elected representative – but also looks at the realities of why women don’t stand for public office as much as men.

It’s a hell of an insight, and one that really affects us all, if we want a fuunctioning, fair democracy.


Action of the Week

Our clean green delusion:
New Zealand’s untold environmental reality

Who: Mike Joy
What: Guest speaker, EHEA AGM
When: Monday, June 10, 8PM
Where: St Albans Church Hall, Eastbourne (Lower Hutt)
Mike is speaking as a guest of the East Harbour Environmental Association at their annual general meeting. He will give the facts on New Zealand’s stark environmental and biodiversity reality – the facts that are hidden from most New Zealanders.  He will discuss the reasons for this and what the declines will cost us if we don’t change.   Finally, he addresses the solutions – what we all can do help.

Dr Mike Joy is a Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Environmental Science at the Ecology group-Institute of Natural Resources Massey University Palmerston North.  He is an outspoken advocate for environmental protection in New Zealand and has received a number of awards including “ecology in action” award from the NZ ecological Society, and an “old blue” award from the Royal Forest and Bird protection Society, environmental New Zealander of the year from North and South magazine and this year he was voted person of the year by the Manawatu Evening Standard.


Right Wing Nuttery of the Day

All of them.

Though Farrar’s devious dishonest blogpost of Martyn Bradbury was perhaps the slimiest.

Is that Farrar’s new Low Standard?  One thing DPF may have forgotten; if you throw shit – some of it sticks on you.


Thought for the Day

help me understand this


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