NZDF will train with Israeli Defence Force in 2 weeks time! Our Mana will be stained with dishonour! 


It is outrageous in the extreme that the NZ Defence Force will train with the Israeli Defence Force on June 26th as part of the US-led (RIMPAC) naval drills!

Our Military’s  honour and mana is stained by rubbing shoulders with an Army that is currently accused of genocide and conducting a real time ethnic cleansing war crime.

It’s like playing paintball with the Russian Army while they are invading the Ukraine.

No one in NZ is even aware that the NZDF will be training with the IDF in 2 weeks time because no one in NZ knows what RIMPAC is or why we are involved.

We have 2 weeks to demand this Government pull out of training alongside an army willing to massacre 274 Palestinians to rescue 4 hostages.

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That’s not eye for an eye, that’s an eye for a nose, a chin, half the face, most of the jaw and all 4 limbs!

Let me be clear – there’s no excuse for October 7th, but equally there can be no defence for a disproportionate response that sees 37 000 dead, 10 000 under the rubble and almost 85 000 injured.

If we train alongside the IDF we condone their war crime and we are stained with their dishonour.


  1. RIMPAC, practicing for war.
    Rival imperialists are itching for a military showdown.
    Ever since President Kennedy made his famous remarks that the taste of victory in a nuclear war will be like ashes in our mouths, military leaders have been exploring ways to fight a global war without going nuclear.
    All those who try to convince us that RIMPAC and other similar practice exercises for the coming war are about deterrence will pretend to act surprised when the war they are preparing for actually does break out.

    • The IDF is not the best, and certainly isn’t the most moral, army in the world. I suppose they are “moral” if you don’t subscribe to a universal moral framework and instead your moral judgments are based on whether or not an act advances Jewish interests, but Israel would collapse in about a week if they didn’t have the United States’ backing (and you can thank the Israel Lobby in DC for that). Very rarely do they even fight their own fights, much preferring to manipulate and leech off the blood and treasure of the American taxpayer.

      • Which army would you say is moral then Neckboard Radical? And let me know if you think the Hamas Charter that underpins the Hamas leadership which Palestinians voted for is part of your universal moral framework. Or if there is even such a thing? Is this the framework that enables the Palestinian leadership to leach off the guilt of EU countries and scam their taxpayer treasure to make themselves billionaires while giving paltry assistance to their people?

        • Ann lying E, who gives a fuck about the Hamas charter that stage of the conversation is long ova and the next stage is when are the settler Israeli gonna start buying their plane tickets and immigrating to their ancestors homelands. The end is near for your apartheid state and the indigenous population are gonna reclaim their lands!! This is a fact!

          • If you’re going to be prescient instead of a numpty stephen perhaps a date for your state ending? Arabs have got so tired of their repeated promises failing to materialise they are now prepared to pressure Palestinians into a return to the negotiating table. It’s in the best interest of Palestinians and good to see.

    • Scaby, what privileges do we gain by rubbing shoulders with a state that is currently being decimated by an under resource military gorilla outfit on one end (Hamas) and a well equipped military force on the North of Israel (Hezbollah) and if Egypt turns on the zionist state with their 100 million population how does that make our country look siding with the loser? You can’t breed dumb unless you’re a zionist troll.

    • I used to think your posts were serious.
      But I have come to realize that they are an amazing bullshit mistake.
      Well done!

        • Sadly all countries harbour some of their own and others’ pedophiles. It’s shameful that Britain doesn’t deport all their Pakistani traffickers of young, white working class girls and America gives shelter to Afghan bacha bazi-abuser men and old codgers with their child brides. But they too live free.

    • The IDF the most Moral army in the world?

      That claim, if it were true, would make every army in the world, including the NZDF, less moral than the IDF
      I think that most members of the NZDF would be insulted to be told that. they are less moral than an army that has killed 15,000 children, that regularly shoots unarmed civilians under a white flag, (even killing their own civilian hostages waving a white flag, mistaking them for unarmed Palestinian civilians)
      An army that has been indicted and is facing trial in the World Court for committing genocide.
      An army that parades women’s underwear as a trophy of war.

    • No Gaby, the IDF is full of racist arseholes. They are also either grossly incompetent or murderers. The supposed collateral damage is off the charts.

  2. Unacceptable in all senses. The IDF butchers are dirty filthy bastards that a decent human being would not want to be anywhere near. Their mangled American accents, arrogance and rising kill and destruction tallies rank them right up there with Nazis and other fascists of history.

        • “Palestinian” al-Husseini lived in splendour courtesy of the Nazis during his lengthy sojourn in Berlin, checking out the concentration camps, setting up the SS Handschar division, passing on his expertise in genocide (gained at the expense of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians) and broadcasting his antisemitic propaganda around the Middle East. Quite beholden to Hitler and Himmler he was. Couldn’t wait to apply the same mass extermination to the Jews of Palestine. Didn’t you know? Dear, dear – and you such a well-read historian.

        • “Palestinian” al-Husseini lived in splendour courtesy of the Nazis during his lengthy sojourn in Berlin, checking out the concentration camps, setting up the SS Handschar division, passing on his expertise in genocide (gained at the expense of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians) and broadcasting his antisemitic propaganda around the Middle East. Quite beholden to Hitler and Himmler he was. Couldn’t wait to apply the same mass extermination to the Jews of Palestine. Didn’t you know? Dear, dear – and you such a learned historian.

  3. Remember Apartheid Israel like New Zealand is a colonial state. These coloniser stick together thick and thin. Our little country thinks that it can help change the trajectory on the ground where the apartheid state is coming to its end. Those nukes in the Negev desert need to be dismantled and shifted back to France or the US or taken control of by Russia or China etc..

    Winston Peters has played his last card he’s no stateman on NZ foreign affairs it maybe not his first rodeo but its gonna be his last with detrimental effects on our country especially since we wrongly pride ourselves on egalitarianism and fairness. This govt needs to go now!!

    Free Palestine

    • Remember Apartheid Israel like New Zealand is a colonial state.
      And it follows that the likes of “Stephen” want to pull Hamas-type stuff here also. I hope the GCSB and SIS are keeping tabs on him and others here.

      • The only type of people that have done ISIS types of attacks in out country are ‘pakeha’ The Al Noor Mosque in August 2019 Christchurch, 1994 Aaron Howie murdered Maori rugby player Hemi Hutley because of his race, The murder of retired miner Joe Kum Yung by white supremacist Lionel Terry in Wellington’s Haining Street highlighted the hatred some felt towards New Zealand’s small but long-established Chinese community, Rangiaowhia in 1864 pakeha set fire to a church burning Maori woman children alive, Irishman major Trevor Chute 1870s travelled the Taranaki murdering any Maori insight, Half Irish-English Gov George Grey ordered the massacre of wellington Maori so he could steal their lands for pakeha settlements etc… Historically illiterate Xenon

  4. Given the AZOV/Banderite/nazi elements we are ALLIED with in the failing NATO war in Donbas; we should show no surprise our idiot leadership would participate with the genocidal Zionist forces anywhere in the world. It’s what we do. We lie out of both sides of our mouth and call it whatever we want. Our real enemy is naZionism, and we can’t even see it.

      • Hezbollah, the army of Lebanon, is doing great against this supposedly technically advanced s**thole country, despite a budget outnumbered by ‘israel’s more than a 100 to 1.

        Seems like a country with no fighter or attack aircraft, very deficient artillery including no surface-to-surface missile forces and not any effective SAMs could learn a lot from one of the parties in that conflict. And it isn’t from ‘israel’.

  5. I’m pretty sure Russia is liberating the Donbass (Russian) people from the fascist Ukraine regime, a regime who has the same indifference to civilian life as the Israelis. Ergo the surrounding of the Russian homeland by these rabid hyenas and terrorism of it’s population is similar to the struggle of the Palestinians.

  6. AoNz dabbled with our military killing civilians ( and telling lies about it ) in Afghanistan ….

    Now we are going ‘full monty’ and learning from the most immoral baby butchers and civilian starvers on our planet ,,,,

    Presumably Israel will give us advanced tips on how to ‘rape the truth’ ( just like they do ) as well ….

  7. “It’s like playing paintball with the Russian Army while they are invading the Ukraine.”

    I don’t recall Russia carrying out a genocide in Ukraine. In fact, they have made a point of not harming civilians as much as possible, whereas the Ukranian army to this day continues to shell civilians in the Donbas.

  8. I put down Israel as a future failed state that in a few short years will be the pariah of the Middle east. No longer will the West have a foothold in the Middle east causing mayhem and destruction in the name of the almighty US dollar. When that happens the US will be flooded with copious amount of debt and inflation they have foisted on the rest of the world because they are/were the global currency. The chickens will come home to roost.
    The biggest mistake or calculated policy of Israel after the Holocaust was to enable Generational trauma as a weapon against Palestinians and other people.
    Israeli children are indoctrinated at an early stage that people hate the Jews and they have effectively set up a military state with an inflated sense of superiority, for every superior being there is an inferior one.
    It’s now beyond critical mass where Israel sees itself as above international law or has any sense of morality and human decency.
    (Antisemitism they cry, anyone?)
    It’s interesting how the West offers tacit approval by its explicit silence after the recent massacre where as over 1000 Palestinians where either killed or wounded to save just 4 Israeli Hostages lives, apparently the slogan “All lives matter” is conditional if you are Israeli or Palestinian.
    With regards to the NZDF training with the IDF it’s hardly surprising, the far right NZ government knows whats coming as they are fully complicit in the massacres in Gaza, as someone who follows the ebbs and flows of history I’m convince we are in the early stages of a new World war, the bankers need it to wipe out the 33 trillion in US debt and to try to stop the new multi-polar world emerging.
    If you want to know what the future holds imagine a world flipped on its axis and sent back 500 years, the east is rising and the west is now fast becoming morally and financially bankrupt, soon there will be societal unrest it’s already building in NZ one only has to look at the snap elections called in the West to see the far right and anti immigration parties are rising because people are hurting. By my count over the last month alone there has been the death of the Iranian President, the death of a African vice president, the assassination attempt on a east European President and the brutal assault on a European Politician. Franz Ferdinand anyone?

  9. NZDF, what the fuck are these Morons doing running exercises with this genocidal, murdering, Zionist scumbag Nation called Israel? Who authorised this idiocy, whoever it was needs to be sacked & removed from the Army, this is braindead incompetence & a lack of self awareness that defies belief, don’t these idiots realise that Israel is being charged with Genocide & War crimes by the ICC & ICJ & any Nation who sides with Israel is guilty by association & share in their War crimes, they become complicit as well! Pathetic!

  10. The significance of the Israeli involvement in RIMPAC is that Israel sets the precedent on how war is fought.

    Does New Zealand want to be involved in wars in which civilian deaths are not counted or considered important?

    Does New Zealand want to fight wars in which the destruction of civilian housing, water treatment plants, electricity infrastructure are considered legitimate military targets?

    Does the NZDF accept withholding the means of existence from millions of civilians an acceptable tactic of warfare?

  11. The day the West defined ‘success’ as a massacre of 270 Palestinians
    Israel hasn’t just crossed the Biden administration’s pretend “red lines” in Gaza. With its massacre at Nuseirat refugee camp at the weekend, Israel drove a bulldozer through them.

    On Saturday, an Israeli military operation to free four Israelis held captive by Hamas since its 7 October attack on Israel resulted in the killing of more than 270 Palestinians, many of them women and children.

    The true death toll may never be known. Untold numbers of men, women and children are still under rubble from the bombardment, crushed to death, or trapped and suffocating, or expiring slowly from dehydration if they cannot be dug out in time.

    Many hundreds more are suffering agonising injuries – should their wounds not kill them – in a situation where there are almost no medical facilities left after Israel’s destruction of hospitals and its mass kidnap of Palestinian medical personnel. Further, there are no drugs to treat the victims, given Israel’s months-long imposition of an aid blockade.

  12. I for one have no problem whatsoever with the NZDF training alongside the IDF – just as I completely support how Israel have responded to the Hamas terrorist attacks on October 7th.
    If Hamas and the Gazans who voted for Hamas to administer them are serious about ending the war they should release those hostages that are still alive for a start (but they won’t because when it comes down it they clearly see the civilian population in Gaza as little more than useful pawns who know no better).

    • The Israelis have said that they will continue their war against the Palestinians in Gaza even if Hamas release all the prisoners.

    • Oh dear James read the history, understand why Hamas did this, 75 years of occupation. What about the Palestinians being arrested daily without charge in the West Bank, does this concern you,do you think for the hostages taken it is necessary to murder 34,000 people a figure growing every day.

      Everyone knows that both on the West Bank and in Gaza if a vote was held tomorrow that Hamas would get in in both places because the Palestinian Authority is known to be corrupt often working for Israel and frankly beating up Palestinians. From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.

      • I am well aware of the history of the region from the Israelite kingdom’s of Israel and Judah period through to the modern day (with a particular interest in the Crusader States period) but thanks for the patronizing tone all the same.

  13. Coming to a regional hemisphere near you.

    The IDF involvement in military exercises with other Western powers is normalising the kind of warfare the IDF engage in.

    In the coming war between China and the Western powers in the Pacific region the attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure will be the norm.

    “Resist the Normalisation of Evil” Israeli Reporter Amira Hass

  14. ” No one in NZ is even aware that the NZDF will be training with the IDF in 2 weeks time because no one in NZ knows what RIMPAC is or why we are involved. ”

    That means this should have been a cover up. To be training or providing the IDF support is the same as if our soldiers fought along side the Nazis to allow them to continue their extermination of the minorities they believed were inferior and needed to be wiped out in the second world war that my grandfather and many other Kiwis Maori and Pakeha fought together to stop this threat from spreading all the way to our own peaceful Islands.

    It has not taken long for us to sell our sovereignty and support of universal human rights ( that we deny economically to our own people ) when we signed up to the American backed conflicts like the current extermination in Palestine by the Nazis of the dessert.

    When you realise that our country has moved so far from those famous independent days of 1985 with our nuclear free stance and Lange despite his as he later said aberration in allowing unregulated capitalism a free entry to destroy the people he represented , he was proud of standing against tyranny and never going to Washington to grovel and maintaining our sovereignty and true independence and never capitulate.

    I don’t recognise this country I have lived in all my life.


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