Māori Strike on Budget Day: Shane Jones and Luxon enflame and goad protest

A Māori Strike on Budget day should terrify the Right, they've managed to generate a solidarity the middle class Unions could never spark.


By branding the Maori strike on budget day as ‘illegal’ Luxon has managed to throw petrol on a fire he started!

He keeps thinking he has to compete with Winston and Seymour’s rhetoric rather than show actual leadership

He’s not very good at this is he?

New Zealand First Minister Shane Jones has slammed Budget Day protest action as a ‘lunatic fringe militia of scallywags’.

Seeing as his Party is drafting law for gender toilet police and not joining the W.H.O because of Covid conspiracies, where he gets off lecturing anyone is beyond me.

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I think anyone tone policing Māori posters after the Right made Māori a political punching bag and are actively turning the State against the Treaty is as pathetic as Israeli apologists justifying the latest bombing of civilians.

I also think claiming the protests on budget day are illegal is driven by an enormous fear inside National that the culture war race baiting is generating a level of social unrest that could become an economic weapon if Māōri really did consider Budget day a Māori strike.

The entire political agenda of National is to underfund public services so they can privatise them while ensuring Unionism never grows.

What National have done is unify Māori so that Māori can simply stop working and the system grinds to a halt.

As the Census proves, 20% of NZ is Māori and 1 in 3 are under 25. The age of the Redneck Settler Boomers is coming to an end, the future is young and brown and that future will not be told they are second class citizens in their own country.

A Māori Strike on Budget day should terrify the Right, they’ve managed to generate a solidarity the middle class Unions could never spark.


  1. “The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.” James Baldwin

    *crickets chirping*

  2. What if “the system” doesn’t grind to a halt?
    Maori in the public sector will have identified themselves as non-essential for the next round of redundancies…

    • Wrong. Maori in the public service is a pathway to success. The IRD aren’t allowed to sack Maori. But the secretive te Pua Pua agenda of the previous government did more to ignite culture wars than this lot.

    • I just came here for the hyperbolic rantings of the left wing. Nobody is scared. Nobody cares for these lunatics. (Comment from Maori family of six). PS – get a job and pay the rent.

  3. The mask slipped for Luxon. This “get back to work you scum” revealed exactly where this so-called christian’s heart really lies.

    Let’s get things crystal clear here.

    This Govt has broken the social contract. Well and truly. Workers and the environment are being thrown to the wolves. There’s no dispute here – they’re even boasting about it.
    Therefore, it is the right of every worker in NZ to lay down their tools, and not participate in this madness. We don’t owe these traitors anything, other than contempt.
    To even talk about ‘legality’, in light of what is being perpetrated by our demonstrably corrupt government, is laughable.
    We are heading for civil unrest amidst an increasingly threatening and fascistic administration. This should frighten the bejesus out of us all, because that never ends well.

  4. TPM calling for a strike is a bit like asking turtles not to fly.
    How many TPM supporters are there, and how many of them actually have a job?

  5. There are plenty of Maori who want nothing to do with the racist TPM approach . How can you protest something when you are only guessing the outcome.My all means protest as is your right but make it worthwhile as it is the workers that loose pay not the MPs that ensiight it

    • Trev
      They interviewed a few of the protesters this morning and asked them if they knew what they are protesting against. They couldn’t answer it. Had no clue. They were “just following the leader” they said. They swallowed the ‘extermination’ cool aid peddled by TPM. Obviously they liked the gun logo too…you know, guns, shoot the colonist and all that good stuff. The camera framed the shots tight to make it look like a ‘crowd’. Meanwhile the other 1 million odd kiwis identifying as maori, (just like those identifying as asian, african, european, you know, just people..) they were on their way to work or school, stuck in traffic caused by their so-called ‘representatives’. Clearly TPM represent any maori wanting to be like ‘aggressive redneck texan racist cowboys’….what with that big USA hat and that Vegas suit their leader dresses in, instead of proudly wearing traditional maori attire.

    • Face it Trevor there probably would not be protests today if some little wanker whose party won only 9% of the vote wasn’t race baiting. Remember Luxon wasn’t going to support Seymour’s grandstanding yet somehow here we are. Why? Because Luxon is gutless.

    • Trevor. “ There are plenty of Maori who want nothing to do with the racist TPM approach.” Correct. They’re clueless show-offs, albeit better-heeled show-offs than their conscientious compatriots out in the real world.

    • And who do you love NMG, I hope you have quit work, living off grid, paying no taxes as that would be a valid ‘not my government ‘ approach. But I suspect you still drive your 4WD and pay your subsidised rent, buy your smokes and booze on welfare pay day?

      • Some huge assumptions there mate, you have absolutely no idea who I am what I do or don’t do, if I work or not work, if I smoke or not smoke ,if I pay tax or not pay tax if I am on welfare or not if I buy booze or not. However from your personal comments I know you are a right wing redneck.

  6. Awesome turnout this morning in Hastings young and old even children whose mothers can’t afford child care and some had to work as cleaners after attending taking their children to work just show how tough many people are coping with the rising cost of living.

    • There is no shame in working as a cleaner.I did it for 3 years as a second job so we could save for a house . It has never been easy for people to get ahead without working hard which is the stumbling block for so many.

  7. These two want to inflame the situation to take away coverage of their failed budget that will mearly give more to every rich prick and take away from the increasing number of bottom feeders.

  8. An abiding fear of the NZ ruling class has always been political unity between working class Māori and Pākehā and other non Māori.

    Well it happened today to varying degrees around the country thanks to Rte Pāti Māori. Time for organised labour to step up and provide some leadership to fight this CoC Govt. too.

  9. The Maori seats should be abolished,they cause nothing but disruption,they are racist and serve no useful purpose.

    • The Maori seats should not be abolished, they cause no disruption, they are not racist and serve a very useful purpose.

      FIFY Bob the Troll

    • Ahh yes, there it is, just as Hitler did to the jews you are showing your true colour’s now Bob. Off to the showers with all Maori eh Bob.

      Fuck you are retarded.

    • The most compelling argument for abolishing Maori seats is that they were a “colonialist” construct…
      Maori can, and do, stand for Parliament and other public bodies, and there are good ones in the mainstream parties, so it’s unclear why those seats still stand.

    • Disrupting ‘Friends of Tim Jago’ like David Seymour is good, sir. We shouldn’t get rid of the age of consent legislation and legalize child pornography per ACT Party policy.

    • Yes. The sky fell in at the bottom of my street. A fine upstanding ( well, tall & skinny with better biceps than Morticia Luxon) wearing a high vis jacket, stepped valiantly forward to hold it up for all to pass beneath and continue on their way to reluctant school, weary work, or high-end shoplifting of designer apparel. One old gander was hovering around the bus hub hoping that somebody like Thomas Coughlan would come and interview him, and as far as I know, he’s still there. It can be cold at a bus stop, damn cold.

      Down by the Sally Gardens two kids on scooters knocked an old lady over and gosh, that was funny, especially when she turned out to be a bloke in a frock and kicked them in in their tender parts with her spikey shoes and the splendid young man with Morticia biceps forgot, in shock, to uphold the sky, but nothing dropped except for Granny’s bosom and the raindrops which kept falling upon bald heads, but not upon the cowboy hat of Tamihere’s s-i-law, the bravest bloke of all parading cultural appropriation to show how history is responsible for rainbow pedestrian crossings, Bill English being short all around, and Paula Bennett being indisposed towards cancer drugs and hair dressers. Apart from that, BAU, give or take a few sausage rolls.


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