7pm live tonight: Waatea Budget Night Special hosted by Shane Te Pou with Barbara Edmonds + John Tamihere + Chloe Swarbrick + Matthew Tukaki + Claudette Hauiti + Julian Wilcox + Craig Renney + Cameron Baggerie + David Letele


The Waatea Budget Special live from the Waatea Marae and studios in South Auckland.

Hosted by Shane Te Pou with the country’s leading Political, Economic and Community voices to unpack what is in the 2024 budget for Māori and the wider direction of our country while protests erupt throughout the Motu against this Government.

Joining us to provide insight and oversight tonight will be:

Labour Party Finance Spokesperson Barbara Edmonds

Māori Party President John Tamihere

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Green Party Leader Chloe Swarbrick

Chair of the National Māori Authority Matthew Tukaki

Waatea Senior Political Journalist Claudette Hauiti

Broadcaster Julian Wilcox

CTU Economist Craig Renney

Economist Cameron Baggerie

Community leader David Letele

and our political panel tonight of Tim Selwyn, Jamie Dally and Bomber Bradbury will be providing their thoughts throughout the evening as well.

Waatea Budget Special 2024 live 7pm-9pm tonight


  1. Oh My God ! You must read this in The Guardian by George Monbiot and Peter Hutchison.
    ‘The Invisible Doctrine by George Monbiot and Peter Hutchison review – neoliberalism’s ascent’
    ” Fisher went on to found the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), the outfit widely credited, among other things, with incubating Liz Truss’s disastrous premiership. Fisher later moved to the US, where he set up the Atlas Network, an umbrella organisation that now covers more than 450 thinktanks, including influential groups such as the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation. Many are charities. Few name their donors.”
    ACT are deeply affiliated with Atlas Group. Atlas are “The Mother of all Right Wing Think tanks”. They are solidly anti-climate and have campaigned racist campaigns against Indigenous peoples in Canada, Australia, the USA& NZ. They were also behind Brexit & Voice. Sources herein
    I’ve just told you far more information and vitally important information too regarding our enduring safety and security than Chipkins has in his entire tenure as a half arsed leader of a faux leftie cluster fuck AKA The Labour Party and I don’t even get paid six figures plus entitlements. We’re sitting chickens under Fox admin.
    Our politicians? They’re not ours. We’re in deep shit.

  2. Barbara Edmonds is switched on and has solid creds, more so than most. Tamihere is a rich dimwit who refers to women as “front-bums”; not a good male role model, and I won’t waste time on him.

    • Yes Snow White plus the Willie Jackson,John Tamihere “roast busters.”
      Yet another podcast that will strengthen the resolve of those on the political right.

  3. Thanks for this link, listening to JT, when did he become such a deluded idiot, fucking out of his mind, in a fantasy land.


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