PODCAST: A View from Afar – Is a second Trump Presidency Possible?

Selwyn Manning and Paul G Buchanan. A View from Afar.

This episode of A View from Afar podcast was recorded live from 12:45pm May 20, 2024 (NZST).

Political scientist Paul Buchanan and Selwyn Manning examine: The United States and how the world is engaging with it geopolitically.

Specifically, Paul and Selwyn analyse what has changed in this regard in 2024, and consider whether some leaders of global, regional, and even small powers are preparing for the possibility of a second Donald Trump presidency.

And, importantly, at this juncture, they assess whether some leaders who are central to conflict in the world today, regard the Biden Administration as having entered a lame-duck period.


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  1. A democracy that can’t deliver to the people is not a democracy. Good fun for middle-class me reducting my old money, but not the poor Maori among which I live.

    By the way, Selwyn, the fascist Musk has just blocked me from Twitter. I regard it as a medal, but very sorry about the loss of that community.

  2. Why is anybody referring to the US as a democracy? It is quite plainly an oligarchy that allows the citizens to vote for either of the oligarchs chosen candidates. No candidate for political office who is of the people and for the people gets elected. Trump is no different.

  3. Not only possible, but probable judging by polls.
    Blacks and Hispanics are turning away from the Democrat Party in their millions. At long last they’re realizing they’ve been played for decades by a party that wants their vote but is intellectually still rooted in the Jim Crow South.

  4. A win for Biden is a win for Genocide Joe.

    A defeat for Biden is a defeat for Genocide Joe.

    Genocide must be made into the third rail of US politics that no candidate for high office can touch.

    Only Biden’s defeat can achieve that.

    “Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Genocide Joe has got to go!”

    Trump supporters echo pro-Palestinian ‘genocide Joe’ chant
    By Marianne LeVine and Yasmeen Abutaleb
    April 14, 2024 at 11:00 a.m. EDT


    • When the big flatence Trump explodes (dies), what solidity will be left for the Yank Right? His ridiculous ego determines all their views. But he broke up the oligarchy, if only for the Fascism it was destined for. Fascism has a people (white) quotient.

      You’ve persuaded me, Pat, though Trump is the death knell of our species. Genocide is the foundation of my post-WW ll moral code. I can’t vote for a supporter of genocide nor recommend it for the Yanks. Up until now I thought of Biden as the least worst.

  5. Adding this post Daipher Don’s conviction. For any of those MAGA zombie cult followers in NZ, here’s a wake up call.
    Two years ago, and periodically since, US polls and surveys have been taken, particularly among registered Republicans and MAGA zombies.
    Among Americans, about half of voting aged adults vote. About half of those are “registered” as supporting either one side or another or as independents.
    So ignoring the half who don’t vote and the quarter who aren’t “registered supporters”, the last quarter breaks down roughly 40% Democrat, 40% Republican and 20% independent. The unregistered voters break down into roughly the same numbers.
    Here’s where it gets interesting.
    Because of Daipher Don’s controversial nature, none of the Democrats will vote for him. Additionally, after the first indictment was handed down, 80/90% of independents said they’d vote against him. PLUS half of the registered Republicans said they’d either not vote or would vote Democrat. Further, when polled, another two thirds of registered Republicans said they’d do the same upon first conviction.
    Do the math; Daipher Don is down to a tiny 12% of support among registered Republicans.
    Even among MAGA zombies, his support halved on first indictment with another half saying they’ll drop him on first conviction.
    Summary, he and his Party are going to get dumped big time in Nov.

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