$200k to quell protests on US Campus + why Macklemore’s Hind’s Hall is a turning point in Israel’s ethnic cleansing war crime


They spent $200k to paramilitarise their response to free speech breaking out on American Campuses..


Mayor Eric Adams has calledfor Columbia to foot some of the bill, but New York City residents are, for now, the ones paying for that violent evening. Based on estimates of the size of the police force and the cost per officer, New York spent at least $200,000 on overtime alone for the four-hour raid to clear Hamilton Hall, according to an analysis by The Intercept.

“Every dollar that we spend on policing, especially policing that is suppressing our constitutional rights in a democracy, is an affront against so many New Yorkers who are in desperate need for economic and social support,” said Jawanza Williams, director of organizing at VOCAL-NY, a community activist group. “The administration has a totally flipped, upside-down perspective when it comes to what should be a priority in the city’s spending and the city’s budget.”

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…as America responds to free speech breaking out on campus like this…

…Macklemoore of all people has dropped a song so raw and so powerful it jolts and reminds everyone that anti-Zionism is not anti-semitism and that Palestinian human rights are mainstream despite everything the Israeli Apologists have thrown at it

The people, they won’t leave
What is threatenin’ about divesting and wanting peace?
The problem isn’t the protests, it’s what they’re protesting
It goes against what our country is funding
(Hey) Block the barricade until Palestine is free
(Hey) Block the barricade until Palestine is free
When I was seven, I learned a lesson from Cube and Eazy-E
What was it again? Oh yeah, f**k the police

Actors in badges protecting property
And a system that was designed by white supremacy (Brrt)
But the people are in the streets
You can pay off Meta, you can’t pay off me
Politicians who serve by any means
AIPAC, CUFI, and all the companies
You see, we sell fear around the land of the free
But this generation here is about to cut the strings
You can ban TikTok, take us out the algorithm
But it’s too late, we’ve seen the truth, we bear witness
Seen the rubble, the buildings, the mothers and the children
And all the men that you murdered, and then we see how you spin it
Who gets the right to defend and who gets the right of resistance
Has always been about dollars and the color of your pigment, but
White supremacy is finally on blast
Screaming “Free Palestine” ’til they’re home at last

We see the lies in ’em
Claimin’ it’s antisemitic to be anti-Zionist
I’ve seen Jewish brothers and sisters out there and riding in
Solidarity and screaming “Free Palestine” with them
Organizing, unlearnin’ and finally cutting ties with
A state that’s gotta rely on an apartheid system
To uphold an occupying violent
History been repeating for the last seventy-five
The Nakba never ended, the colonizer lied (Woo)
If students in tents posted on the lawn
Occupying the quad is really against the law
And a reason to call in the police and their squad
Where does genocide land in your definition, huh? (Hey, hey)
Destroying every college in Gaza and every mosque
Pushing everyone into Rafah and dropping bombs
The blood is on your hands, Biden, we can see it all
And f**k no, I’m not voting for you in the fall (Woo)
You can’t twist the truth, the people out here united
Never be defeated when freedom’s on the horizon
Yet the music industry’s quiet
Complicit in their platform of silence

What happened to the artist? What d’you got to say?
If I was on a label, you could drop me today
I’d be fine with it ’cause the heart fed my page
I want a ceasefire, f**k a response from Drake (Woo)
What you willing to risk? What you willing to give?
What if you were in Gaza? What if those were your kids?
If the West was pretending that you didn’t exist
You’d want the world to stand up and the students finally did
Let’s get it

The lyrics are incredible, Macklemore manages to shake us from our apathy and fear of being called anti-semitic and reminds us of the obscenity of this real time ethnic cleansing war crime being committed by Israel.
Respects to Macklemore.
When America is with holding bombs to Israel, you know shit just got real.
When your military pimp is saying, ‘slow down bro’, it’s time to slow down.

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  1. I’m pretty sure this is the only song that my daughters have been listening too for the last 24 hours.

  2. Martyn – The children of the ruling elite at those universities, are showing easy it is to manipulate people with half truths, and emotions.

    • So are you denying that Palestinians are being killed? While you might be unwilling to let mass murder by government forces of innocent people move you (unless it was the holocaust) anyone with any decency can see the evil being practiced by Israel and want to protest.

    • Yeah bro… it’s the ruling ‘elite’ who’re conspiring to slaughter the legitimate human population of Palestine, not the other way round. Pull the other one.

  3. the question isn’t how much the police spent BUT WHY they stood aside and let pro-isreal goons attack the students


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