Beyond the Headlines + into the fine print: Tax ‘cuts’, Waters ‘savings’, Corrections ‘rehab’ and ‘Free’ School Food questions


This Government excels at saying one thing but meaning something entirely different.

Every time you go beyond the headline and into the fine print, it never looks good.

Take the Tax ‘cuts’ – beyond the $250 a fortnight tax cut headline is the fine print that the poorest 800,000 taxpayers will get nothing from the Budget tax cuts while the richest landlords will get a $2.9billion tax break.

Take the water ‘savings’ from disbanding 3 Waters. National claim they ‘saved’ Aucklanders with a 7.2% rise in water rates when 3 Waters was only going to cost 2%!

Take the Corrections ‘rehab’ budget that Mark and Chris screwed up so bad. The $1.9billion announced is to build a Mega Prison, but this nonsense claim of rehab to justify that spend is a joke. We are talking less than 5% of the entire spend going on rehab!

As for the ‘free’ lunches.

David Seymour started the week attacking ‘Woke Food’ so that no one would notice he was cheapening the free food in schools program to annihilate the 3000 jobs created by making hot food so that he could hand the contract over to one of the bullshit private poverty contractors.

It will be less nutritious food served by a private contractor who gets a sweetheart deal.

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Rymans is involved FFS and they are a special kind of evil.

The sweetheart deal David has cut these poverty pirates will also see 10 000 kids at ECE get covered as well, which is fascinating because none of those ECE parents will be getting cheaper early child education  fees, he’s just handed an enormous corporate welfare cheque to private education providers and called that a social policy win!

Let’s be clear, Seymour hates feeding kids at school, his libertarian pretensions despise allowing Parents off the hook for feeding their kids, he has been forced into this position because the optics of taking food out of kids mouths while he gives the richest Landlords a $2.9billion tax break is too much for even ZB listeners.

He is downgrading a food system and destabilising it enough to hand the lot over to a private contractors like Rymans.

ACTs Free Food in Schools policy

To gloss over the fact they hadn’t culled the program, ACT felt the need to shit on woke sushi as some sort of petty culture war sick burn on their awfully childish Twitter feed.

The moment you go beyond the headlines, the fine print is grim.

This hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government is on the side of the rich, the polluters and the bigoted.

Don’t trust their propaganda, they never engaged in good faith on anything and the manner in which they will turn the 27 000 submissions against their law for trans national mining interests into a lucky dip proves that.

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  1. The New Zealand state provided School meals at cost from the people to the people; Rymans will provide with profit added on on top and probably an inferior product. The whole Neoliberal abortion is to deny that us the New Zealand people have the power to help ourselves but must rely on privatised for profit exploitation. We allow since 1984 these criminal privateers to screw us every which way. End result child poverty with in your face billionaires.

  2. Meanwhile we meander about spitting sparks of meh while hoping that by doing the same things we’ll experience different outcomes. Same ol-same ol aye Kiwi’s?
    Write to the Crown and Cc in The Governor General and demand a very public royal commission of inquiry up and into the last 100 years of our politics in relation to our economy.
    If we don’t, we’ll look like fuckwits when the truth does come out and it will come out.

  3. It’s now, if it wasn’t before, pretty obvious, that there is ‘room for dancing upstairs’ when you talk about Seymour, Luxon et al.

    Seymour is not the big intellectual ,font of all knowledge, giant, that his massive, unwarranted ego, believes
    it is.
    He is a dangerous, deluded, sociopathic narcissist.

    You can see,for example, when someone like Chloe Swarbrick is on a panel with him, that she gets stunned by the sheer stupidity of his
    lying answers.
    He will always come away believing, in his own pea-brained mind, that he showed ’em what’s what, such is the extent of his delusion.

    Luxon has the same problem, not being so much the sociopath, but more the, likes to be liked, by the not so very high IQ, back slapping crowd who he loves to associate with and, in turn, fuel his massive unwarranted ego. In short, like Seymore, he’s not the sharpest knife in the draw, but.. he believes he is….sad in a way!

    I shudder to think how they would have coped with Covid!
    It doesn’t even bare thinking about. A bumbling clusterfuck of incoherent deathly decisions would have been the result, with them slapping each other’s backs believing that they had done a ‘great job’.

    Winston Peters states something to the effect that Willie Jackson should ‘recognise his limitations’.

    Peters would be better off directing that line to Luxon and Seymour .

    They are way in over their deluded little heads, operating on a non-evidence based format, making things up as they go along using their own ‘reckons’ as a reason to change already operating, sound, well thought through policies, only serves to highlight, on a daily basis, what a parlous state N.Z is now in.

    • So you are saying someone who can earn millions both overseas and here is not smart and does not know which way is up .It is you who is deluded that just because he does not see the world your way you are superior .What million dollar jobs didany of the Labour Party have in their fold .

        • Worked pretty well in NZ between 1930 and the early 1960’s
          Even though capitalism has worked well everywhere – except is hasn’t for the vast majority – yeah it’s that damned democracy getting in the way of right wing twats – too bad

      • a society is about people not money .Just because someone is overpaid does not mean they are superiour to you or me .
        In the long run we are the ones paying way to much for the products these people sell .If he was earning a wage 8x what the lowest paid in the company he would be still earning good money and prices would be 20% cheaper so there would be more sales and less poverty resulting in a real society not a slum of 90% of the population and 10% of ego maniacs .
        After all we all cant be CEOS can we as we all no an army runs on grunts and team work

      • Hmmm dollar terms thinking syndrome…Oh dear…that is a very narrow shallow view of looking at the world and judging one’s ability to carry out a given task.

        When i think of the smartest
        people that i know i’m not thinking about how much money they have or earn.That is irrelevant.

        The people who you are talking about operate in a very narrow band of knowledge and have more then likely licked a lot of arse and made a lot of fake

        ‘friends’ in their quest for the big money.
        This of course has requried them to have no intellectual firepower other than having a sonar for moving in the right circles with the single objective of making more money.

        None of this is critera for running a country.

        Norman Kirk was not rich and single handedly built his own house piecemeal after a full days work but was one of N.Z.’s best greatest leaders .

        He would make Luxon look like a schoolboy by comparison.

        Money is meaningless.
        Knowledge is power.
        Money does not equal knowledge… or intellectual firepower.

    • Well put Grant, however I don’t think those personalities are coincidental.

      All the petty distractions dropped deliberately every week.. toilets, sushi, mega prison, demotion of MPs , kids with phones, social investment aka have a turd ya peasant- poverty is just your own mental issue, … all while the CoC slithers on.

      NZ is ranking high on personal and economic freedoms globally but the NACTZis push another picture, all for the sake of keeping Power.

      It’s all the ‘Just Pretend’ government stealing the future and fiddling while Earth burns.
      Not our problem, strategies of look over there squirrel chasers, here’s $5 a week..
      AND we’re largely dumb and compliant !

      A cup of tea and a biscuit for the end of the world….

      ( PS. Those PISA scores… NZ is NOT dumb. PISA is just one of many testing regimes that doesn’t test real life skills, creativity or adaptability but makes mega- millions charging countries who think it’s the real deal on intelligence. )

  4. “This Government excels at saying one thing but meaning something entirely different.”

    Well at least they’re not claiming to be “kind”.

  5. You forgot hiking fees and basically saying that doesn’t take money out of your pocket like tax. It’s magic.

  6. ” Take the water ‘savings’ from disbanding 3 Waters. National claim they ‘saved’ Aucklanders with a 7.2% rise in water rates when 3 Waters was only going to cost 2%! ”

    The same result in the Far North Bomber, You were spot on in your earlier posts regarding what the end result would be.

    ” While Auckland’s water provider (which would have merged with Northland water entities) has found a way forward with a deal signed on Sunday, Far North Mayor Moko Tepania said 6200 of the region’s 30,000 ratepayers had been unable to pay rates. ”

    ” Under the previous government’s plans, the Far North would have been wrapped into a much larger entity with other local governments – including Auckland – to leverage scale in securing funding and getting work done. ”

    “I’m not seeing anything that is going to help the people of the Far North. Whether it’s on the council’s books or whether it’s on a CCOs books, the people of the Far North themselves still can’t afford the level of investment required to bring our schemes up to a safe standard.”

  7. Some of the parents of these ‘ lunch ‘ schools drive around in very flash cars. Surely they can afford a honey or Vegemite sandwich.

    • Yes Marcot +Battler the same could be said about some of our wealthy pensioners many benefited from prosperous times but we the taxpayer are still expected to pay for their bums to be wiped. Intergenerational inequity is very much alive in good old NZ.


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