Comedy Fest an important canary in the economic coal mine


I haven’t gone to much NZ comedy over the last 5 years.

I used to go a lot to local comedy, but the excruciating wokeness of the Auckland Comedy Scene and Feminist Comedy Guild purges made the whole thing a drag when I just wanted to laugh.

I watch my stand up on Netflix now where I can haha without getting cancelled.

Comedy Fest has been on hold over Covid but returns this month and I think it will be a very important canary in the economic coal mine of the country.

Splore shutting down after plummeting sales highlighted how much it had become a symbol for the boujee middle class dollar.

55% of the boujee middle class are walking off low mortgage rates onto much higher ones and the entire hospitality, real estate and retail economy is built upon that boujee middle class  disposable dollar.

The alienating culture wars inside comedy aside, the economics of all types of events is an open question right now and if Comedy Fest can succeed, it will actually propel a lot of other events because of the confidence it generates.

If it fails however, the laughter dies and we are all a poorer more culturally devoid people for it.

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I’m going to try and get out to some gigs this year to check out what can be laughed at and what can’t be.


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  1. Maybe we live in a post-comedy epoch where laughter is seen as a privilege and indicates a inflated sense of self worth and entitlement.

    Anyway 2 lesbian frogs were in bed one night and one rolls over and says it’s true what they say. We do taste like chicken.BoomBoom tish.

  2. Are you proposing a comedy index to measure middle-class economic well-being? Calculated on, number of laughs? volume of black humour? gig price? festival profit?

    Comedy Index

    Hamburger Index

    Crack Index

    Crane Index


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