Winston’s attack on Willie over Oxford Debate pure jealousy


Willie Jackson to become first Māori MP to debate at Oxford, following in David Lange’s footsteps

Willie Jackson will become the first Māori to speak at an Oxford Union debate, following in the footsteps of Labour leader David Lange.

Jackson has been invited by the Oxford Union to debate the motion “This House believes British museums are not very British” on May 23.

“I am very honoured to have been asked to participate in such a prestigious debate,” Jackson, Labour’s Māori development spokesman, said.

Rather than Celebrate an extraordinary invitation like this, what does Winston do?

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Why Winston does what Winston can only do, shit on everything…

…what an arsehole!

The reason Winston is acting so bitter is because Winston is jealous.

The Oxford Debates are the greatest debate series in the world where Winston’s great hero, Churchill spoke at. To be invited to speak is a prized honour that clearly Winston always wanted and his naked jealousy that Willie was invited and not Winston is the reason Winston is acting with such Trump level malevolence.

Willie will be the first Māori to speak at the Oxford Debates and the second Kiwi after David Lange, we should all congratulate Willie for being selected and we all look forward to how he is going to to debate that the British Museum is Very British.

Good luck Willie, and what poor form by Winston.


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  1. Museums and universities are a white colonial construct so Jackson would have to be debating a lie.

        • If the northern hemisphere never came here you would know what real barbarism feels like. You would also be pulling sleds.

        • What? and leave you behind to dismantle universities and museums?
          Who is the barbarian?

    • It wasn’t intellectual, cultural or technological superiority that the British Empire used to subjugate and rule over its empire it was better at organising violence.

      The British Empire didn’t show up with better ways of doing things they just extracted resources and used gun boat diplomacy. All the great classical musicians and scientists was mostly European.

      The saying goes if you want to learn about law and order go to France. If you want to lesrn about engineering then go to Germany and if you want to learn about how to rip people off then go to London.

      • Sam. Belgium and Holland were the worst colonisers. Britain lead the way in the abolition of the slave trade. Germany produced the best engineers, scientists, musicians, philosophers and theologians, though Italians were good engineers; I think their tunnellers did the tunnelling for our Manapouri project and they can’t be beaten for their romantic operas. France resisted horrible sky high building, nurtured Debussy, buggered up farming, and have excellent cuisine. De Gaulle was a giant of a man.

        That literary giant of the English language, Wm Shakespeare, was a Brit, and I daresay that a good shrink could explain why hundreds of years along the track the New Zealand Arts Council and various tangata whenua hate him so much. He was also a good philosopher, astute social commentator, and a bit of a shrink himself.

        Greece is the cradle of western philosophy and civilisation, but the origins of societal law and order stretch back to Rome and the mighty Roman Empire, itself as brutal as Belgium and, unfortunately, the Netherlands. I say unfortunately, because the Dutch are hard workers, and their first immigrants to New Zealand were resented by the locals for their strong work ethic.

        All of continental Europe has probably benefitted as much as it has been damaged by constant warfare, but New Zealand leads the way in being the biggest bunch of miserable whingers and moaners on earth, although Prince Harry now seems determined to grab that particular title with greater greed than the scramble for Africa.

        • You shouldn’t be so proud of your heritage with the cook straight ferry looking the way that it is. Not your best moment.

        • Snow white… the term is whinging pome for a reason. If you work with enough of them you’ll understand why. Most of the whingers are kiwi pomes.

          • Corrupt Gnat I know. Half them are losers who think they’ll be big pebbles in a small pond down under, then they get here and find that they are still nothing much. But having lived and worked in the UK, I have big respect for working class Brits – over there. They’re a good breed.

    • Universities are long established places of learning and scholarship, originally associated with philosophers and the church, who zealously guarded their workings, well before colonialism came into being. And rightly so, when one looks at the crappy places which call themselves universities nowadays, and worse, are money making ventures for the materialistic consumerism which governs western society.

      It was Thomas Aquinas who described the raison d’être of the university as the intellect for the intellect’s sake, which would have him run out of this country if he dared say it to the ignorami who rule here.

      Museums, ah. Without them we would have little knowledge of the great heights to which humankind can rise, and hopefully will continue to do do.

  2. Oh dear, poor Winston. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
    Everyone is still failing to see how brilliant he is.

    Envious and resentful of others’ success.

  3. Unfortunately Winston Peters is showing his true self day after day. He is not as loved and funny as he thinks he is. He’s becoming a sad little man with much to much power for his own good . It will be interesting to see how long he can keep up the pretense of solidarity in this awful government.

  4. So glad that Oxford can see Willy Jackson’s potential. Why can’t NZ, and more pointedly, the Labour party. I hope this great honor will wake them up, get rid of Hopkins and replace him with Willy. I saw David on the Working Group, he’d be bloody useless leader too, tho better than Hopkins who is worse than useless. Willy is the one person who can save Labour before the next election. I hope to God they come to their sences and do it.

    • “So glad that Oxford can see Willy Jackson’s potential. Why can’t NZ”- Same reason that Jacinda was ‘lauded’ overseas but increasingly less so at home . .

      • It could be a set-up. Peters is one of the most articulate persons in Parliament and we need them as much as all parties would benefit from the wisdom and experience of elder statesmen instead of kids with zilch real life experience.

      • Prior to the middle class arrival, all spelling was as you like it. Elizabethans use to enjoy the game of inventing new ways to spell a word. Make of that what you will but auto correct seems to taking back time. Live with it, if you understand it pendants one and all.

        • Always cracks me up with the Johnny come latelys who fink da intawebs and blogs are fuckin 5th form English class. It shows succinctly, the level of comprehension they maintain.

  5. Winnie da Pooh hates himself so what his problem? I’m a bit perplexed having an inarticulate babblings political fool who cant put a coherent sentence together when he opens his mouth debating at Oxford. Wish him luck even though I’m a pessimist when it comes to Willie debating skills.

    • Kia ora Stephen, maybe you should have waited until Willie had completed his debate, seems others don’t agree with your assessment.

  6. Winston’s major aspiration at the moment is possibly a dry fart. He has become a nasty egotistical chap indeed.

    Willie is articulate and will likely do us proud at Oxford.

  7. More tall poppy syndrome shit from stephen and the likes we are bad for this in our cuntry. If you’re really worried about public speaking you might want to start at the top and help our PM.

  8. I would care if they were debating UK’s murdering of poor brown people around the world.

  9. I want to spare a thought for David Lange, the prime minister that roger douglas and his dirty little coven of witches stabbed in the front.
    David Lange resigns.
    I will say one thing about winston peters however. That photograph of him doing tea with don brash who was ,at that time, the governor of the reserve bankster then ACT leader has disappeared from the internet or at least as far as I can ascertain.

  10. Correct Martyn, Winston has no ability to debate, he’s a lawyer so he is right and everyone else is wrong. It is pure jealousy.

  11. I wonder who is on Winstons’ spin team.
    They are even worse than Luxons.
    But if you are writing for a fuckwit you may as well be one too.

  12. The Winston First Party
    Party program:
    The Winston First Leader must hold the horse racing portfolio in every administration the WFP enters, and installed as a permanent fixture wined and dined and invited to every racing industry glittering event and race day party.

  13. Nah CP just speaking my truth listening to Willie lately talking shit out of his rear-end. Don’t get me wrong I love our people who are successful in high places and be critical aswell an example “National tough on gangs” which I dislike the rhetoric but agree with the substance because I personally understand (generalizing) that maori commit more crimes against Maori and gangs play an integral part in that victimization.

  14. Some things in life clearly have a “used by” date permanently engraved on them, because it’s abundantly clear to everyone that it’s an anachronism, and belongs in a museum.
    Does this sound familiar to everyone?
    Perhaps Willie should invite Winston along as walking, talking proof for his argument.

  15. Hold your horses everyone, and see how this debate pans out. Willie isn’t exactly the most erudite person in Parliament, and possibly not a natural frequenter of repositories of ancient history, learning, scholarship and culture, although a natural on talkback radio, so I’m told. Bit naughty Winston, but at least he didn’t laugh.

  16. Good on Willie, he’s not as radical as me but good to see a Maori voice in Oxford
    Winston is just an angry bitter old man destroying his own legacy out of spite

    • Winston’s just pissed that he hasn’t got a knighthood and Sir Ponytail puller has. Or just maybe he sold his sole to Luxon to get one?

  17. ” Remember a year ago when Luxon claimed NZ had turned into a “negative, wet, whiny and inward looking country.”

    Will Luxon have a word with his deputy prime minister ?

    Probably not.

  18. Always cracks me up with the Johnny come latelys who fink da intawebs and blogs are fuckin 5th form English class. It shows succinctly, the level of comprehension they maintain. Although, if I prefer Chipkins to Hopkinsville.

  19. What will Winston Peters be remembered for when this pinsuited, whiskey laden, cigar breath, 78 yr old living cadaver finally shuffles off this mortal coil, what will this contemptible & vain man be remembered for, what accomplishments can he show for his over 50 yrs in NZ Politics? NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING! This constantly triggered, augmentative, negative & ludicrous Brownflake has no achievements to hang his hat on & has contributed nothing of any value to this Country, he is a vain, despicable, self centred Narcissist who NZers will remember for those qualities & NOTHING ELSE, he won’t be remembered with fondness & honoured like David Lange & Norm Kirk are, he’ll be remembered as a failed Muldoon disciple but even Rob Muldoon had redeeming features & was held in regard by even his Political enemies & NZers, Muldoon for all his faults was a NZ Patriot & was mourned when he died just as Lange & Kirk were? Winston Peters will not be remembered like this, he’ll be remembered with contempt & derision when he departs the scene, the name Peters will be a anagram for someone who was a quisler, a sellout & a selfish, self centred narcissist who only thought of himself, not his fellow Countrymen or this Nation! Congratulations Willie, you earned your Oxford debate & that’s why Winston Peters will never be asked to participate in this honour for all the reasons I have given here!

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