No Security Guards shouldn’t be given the power of cops!



Should security guards be able to detain people committing crimes?

Security guards need legal powers to detain offenders while committing a crime, an industry group says.

No. No. No.

We all feel angry and righteously aggrieved that some dick head gang member coming off a week long meth bender killed an innocent person on Ponsonby Rd, but the solution here isn’t giving bouncers, security guards or supermarket staff the power to arrest people for Christ’s sake!

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Arresting another human being is a specialised job given to the Police with all the necessary legal rights and safeguards attached.

Are you seriously suggesting we get the kind of security staff we see at supermarkets, Bars and Gigs engage in physical arrests?

That is a recipe for someone having their head smashed on the bloody ground and killed you muppets!

Why are you so easy to emotionally manipulate NZ and you who do you always choose the dumbest solutions because you are frightened?


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  1. Again why is it allowed for security guards to crash tackle someone running across a sports field but they can’t lay a finger on someone in a mall? Or is it not okay but the person being driven into the ground never takes action?

  2. Every single one of us has the right to make a citizen’s arrest. Few exercise it. Expecting security guards to routinely, puts the guards at risk.Many are new immigrants from a very different culture or maybe young grads, hoping that it will lead to better work. Without the rigorous training or basic intelligence which police officers have, the potential to exacerbate situations is enormous.

    Just look at what Trevor Mallard did at the Parliament grounds occupation. That resulted in widespread injuries and big tax payer costs. But Trevor was safe up on a balcony, not on the ground where the action was and at risk of getting bopped himself. That sort of havoc played out around malls, banks, pubs, or WINZ offices, would put too many innocent people’s well being at risk. It’s bad enough having Paula in charge of Pharmac.

    Bouncers look like people chosen for their brawn rather than their brains and extending power to them, especially in dealing with inebriates, is foolhardy, and makes their own jobs too dangerous. Better to pay the police properly and perhaps deter them from leaving for better places.

  3. As someone who used to work as a door man in inner city clubs… this is as stupid a idea you could have. What happens when someone who is in an arm lock breaks their own arm or wrist? What happens if they grab the wrong person?

    Legalising vigilantism is a libertarian answer to crime, and it is fucking idiotic.

  4. Security guards can just make a citizen arrest, or if they really really can’t live without the sirens and flashing lights then join the police academy. If they will have them.

  5. The Security guards are thugs they can be part of the problem. They parade around like inmates walking around in a prison yard especially the Mealamu security org. Most are PI have a particular distaste for Maori. There has always existed in Auckland an anti-Maori sentiment within the PI community and that still persist today. The PI communities have adopted a pakeha mentality when addressing maori concerns even though Maori protest groups (Nga Tamatoa) in the 1970s supported them against mass dawn raids.

    Free Aotearoa

    • Stephen They can be anti- Asian too, according to an employment lawyer referencing either Chinese or Indian, I don’t recall which. The really big guys who waddle, may have status in their own communities for being so big, but most are likely to develop health problems, and be a burden of cost to the New Zealand tax payer.

      It’s not a “Pakeha” mentality, but most likely their own cultural mores; second and third generation pacific islanders can be lovely kind people like everybody else.

  6. Based on the lack of professionalism I have encountered from the NZ Police Force, I would gladly support private entities being given the same legal rights to not only detain and arrest person but also carry and utilize the full spectrum of Police tools from batons, peper spray, tasers and firearms.

    And I would be willing to pay directly for this service for guaranteed response times which the NZ Police have failed to control.

  7. what a fucken joke .We cat retain trained police and correction staff so we will the next plane load of Indians that arrive to start arresting people next week, because they have a work permit and are easy targets that can be shipped back home if they fuck up .

  8. “Security guards need legal powers to detain offenders while committing a crime, an industry group says. ”

    How very neo liberal !

    This is what the constabulary on minimum wage and conditions will look like.

    ” That is a recipe for someone having their head smashed on the bloody ground and killed you muppets! ”

    Expecting security to inflame an already volatile situation by trying to enforce an arrest without the additional powers of the police is farcical.

    The idea is utterly stupid that the current government might seriously consider it.

  9. Sounds like a good idea, we should try this first with Tiny Deane’s security company in Rotorua that the government have let him get away with keeping running despite telling him he has to sell because he can’t employ patched gang members as security guards for more than two yeras.

  10. Yes, we have and are, wearing patch policy, its budget sensitive, and will be around July, we will implement. The other day all these bike riding patch wearing gansters attended a deranged killers members funeral. What we, hard on crime get, four BBBBBikes confiscated and arrest of few, for outstanding not attendance warrants that the court declared.He!, Joe, ninties yous you and your battery power is running out of control.

  11. nope nope and NOPE we don’t need uneducated, ignorant of the law, meatheads roaming around living their cop fantasies…just to repeat NOPE

    • yep – the police are already bad enough for over-reach, let alone some jumped up on steroids muscle bound wannabe.


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