ACT politicise hungry children with campaign against woke food

ACT Party Free Lunch in School Policy

It’s more important for ACT to virtue signal over ‘woke’ food than feed hungry children…

…like all right wing promises let’s see the actual fine print here – feeding kids cheap food isn’t the solution. Convenience without conscience isn’t social policy.

ACTs twitter feed comes across like the frenetic reckons of a 19 year old Incel who hasn’t masturbated for 48 hours.

If we can feed children cheaper, good for David, but if the food is garbage then we are simply lying to ourselves that it’s a solution.

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ACT claim to have saved $107m from feeding hungry kids at school so that the richest landlords can enjoy a $2.9billion tax break.



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    • ….on white bread that has all the nutritional benefits and taste of a piece of tissue paper…

      That’ll reeeeaally get the kids wanting to come to school…

      Seymour is so stupid …
      Your classic ignorant wanker …

      I’ve met many of his type…. A puffed up dweeb peacocking around, constantly talking themselves and their perceived abilities up, when in actual fact, any fool can do what they’re doing.

      What’s the old saying…’Self praise is no recommendation’..

      He’s a destructive narcissistic egomaniac who should never have been able to buy his way in to power and needs to be completely gone from N.Z. politics!!

      • Have heard a few anecdotes from people who have had the displeasure of meeting him, describe him as a self-inflated rude prick who talks down to people.

  1. Seymour is older than 19, and he probably doesn’t last 48 minutes, before switching on “dancing with the stars” reruns.

    • Remember the days when you could buy a house with 3 years average income, when rent was only a fraction of peoples income, when good unprocessed food was virtually free or people had enough land in their house section to grow a garden? There are irresponsible parents but the blame mostly belongs to the alcohol & entertainment industries that have fed people a false vision of utopia which has made the sellers rich but left a big chunk of the population destitute.

      • We are talking about parents providing lunch. Unbelievable that some parents cannot comply with their basic duty without the taxpayer. I’d be ashamed.

      • The low wage economy plays a big part here,with both parents out working, and sometimes working three or more jobs between them, and still struggling with the cost of living crisis, exorbitant rents, rapacious energy costs, and the worst supermarkets in the western world.

    • @ Ennius, verbal anus-rectum.
      Remember the days before multi-billionaires, multi-millionaires and the four foreign owned banksters stealing our money at the behest of corrupted, slavish politicians when parents could afford to feed their kids?
      Now go back to 239 BC and secure your head up your anus.

    • When were those days Ennuis or are you not NZ born. Do you remember the days when Maoir owned the land, and we fed the poor pakehas who were eating rabbits, no you don’t because you don’t know our fucken history.

      • Was that when Maori were constantly at war with one another and had slaves which they traded and sometimes ate .
        We have all moved on and history is a lesson to learn from .What was good we build on what was bad we try not to repeat.
        Most parents are good and feed and look after their children .When these parents fall on hard times there is a government agency that helps them which is as it should be .
        Some parents should not be parents and these are these children that need watching

      • Nothing wrong with eating rabbits, although Central Otago-it’s and Sthn Cantabrians find them a terrible plague. Bought one from a halal butcher to make a rabbit stew for my poor old mum, but it wasn’t a patch on those of yesteryear. Bought goat meat from the same butcher. I can’t remember what I did with it; it was cheap and curries well, but my dinner guests weren’t overly keen to try it. M-I-L said people used to cook their rabbits and present them as chicken without anybody knowing.

        • Did they serve them (the rabbits) to people who had never eaten chicken before?

          • I don’t think so. Supermarket chickens only became widely available maybe about mid 20th C, so most people’s chook eating experience would be back yard fowls. 1960’s bought chickens were mainly from butcher shops, and still relatively special, but Bluff oysters were sold by the jarful, and cost about half a crown a dozen individually.

            Scrag end of lamb made a good stew, and a shilling’s worth of cat’s meat from the butcher provided good quality fresh meat for home mincing.

  2. Now the sandwich, muesli and apple has become rubbish food, and our kids need hummus and sushi!
    If you can afford to buy sushi and hummus, maybe your kids don’t need free food at school.

    • How the f’k do you know what is being spent on hummus? It doesn’t mean they are going to a supermarket and buying it. It’s just chick peas. It’s probably cheaper than bread. Like wise I don’t think it’s St Pierre sushi FFS. The real savings are probably coming from dumping everything on the teachers again. That’s why the incel is saying inflammatory things. So people don’t think.

      Perhaps a shit load of kids don’t eat bread because of the gluten.

      • You are correct about dumping on teachers. Schools can buy in bulk but have to provide storage and distribution systems out of their operating budget. Slippery Seymour will be hoping they opt out because of this. I wonder if Education Erica has realised this.

    • Plenty of 500gr packs of hummus for sale , cheaper than cheese or butter. Probably healthier as well.

  3. Where does it say that kids are being fed garbage? And havent they extended it to feeding other kids?

    • Feeding garbage is a better attention grabber. Having owned food businesses and now cooking a meal at the chch city mission good healthy food does not have to be expensive but it has to be prepared properly.

      • Trevor My best cookbook was bought eons ago when visiting Ireland. Everything was cooked from scratch, as I do now, and generally mouth-wateringly delicious. They had to be economical, and they were. As an aside, probably fewer choices of herbs as we know them, but still nutritious and substantial.

        Decent offal isn’t easily available in New Zealand. NWS said that they only make S1.00 per kilo profit on lambs fry, so they rarely sell it. Things like sweetbreads get exported to the continent as gourmet food, but once upon a time were thought poor people’s rubbish. Ox Tongue would grace a London dinner party, but we can’t get that either. Dunno about the lambs’. Asked a supermarket manager about canned tongue and he said he’d never heard of it.

        However many folk now use jars and packets of processed stuff for just about everything, even to make a curry, or sausage casserole, assuming that one can find a decent sausage. I’ve previously mentioned recipients of food packages complaining about being given flour, because they didn’t know what it was for.

        My first hummus was homemade in the 90’s in a student flat by a fairly poor offspring, and I’m flummoxed that it’s now been politicised by some idiot politician. Thirty years ago someone gave me a bag of chick peas for child-minding, so I must have been unknowingly woked. Bugger.

      • and locally trev rather than shipped in in pallets and nuked by a multinational slop peddler

  4. All this pretentious posturing around so-called woke food … WTAF! It is just a different type of food. So now food that is different to what you may have had or would prefer, is woke – fuck off already.
    One of Rimmer’s big issues around the lunches (apart from “that wasn’t around when I was a kid”) is wastage. In all his dim brilliance he can’t see that skimping on food via bulk buying will lead to more waste. *Shakes head yet again to ACT garbage and walks into the abyss*

  5. I volunteer at a primary school in the ‘garden to table’ program where each week we have kids doing gardening tasks and cooking a simple snack that they then eat. It’s great fun and gives the kids an introduction to numerous fields of study.

    Surprisingly one of the bigger challenges we face is persuading some of the kids to try the food they’ve cooked. The recipes we prepare often don’t look like the food that mum gives them to the point where some are in tears at the thought. So, based on our experience, if the objective is to get the kids to eat the food provided maybe a sandwich and a piece of fruit is the way to go.

    • Well done Andrew I bet many of those who condemn our pro National government stance do not do much for their community.

      • FOS again Trev.
        “:49.8% of the population volunteering with an organisation or directly in their communities. The economic value of volunteering is estimated at $4 billion a year. ”
        NACTZi ideology to balance the books relies on leeching off charity.

        Hope the fire service and SAR for one are still available for the next disaster.
        Will you need a hospice, or kind relatives, a meals on wheels…

      • Oh poor Trevor always the peace maker philanthropist . Andrew many children will not eat new food straight away, does that mean they are condemned to sandwiches because of it. From garden to table is totally different from mass produced highly processed food from where, is this part of the government’s fast tracking preferred suppliers, another example of jobs for the boys when these jobs used to be community based

      • Don’t forget the government recently ‘let go’ of 14 yes FOURTEEN nutritionists employed by the Ministry of Education. One wonder what they were doing to keep themselves busy.

    • The fruit/sandwich thing is probably what most schools do already. Making lots of sandwiches is time consuming but if they’re well organized it’s easy.
      The sushi schools are possibly very unusual but Seymour makes it sound like it’s everywhere. Thus inferring that a simple sandwich/fruit lunch isn’t acceptable to children these days.

  6. Just watch .

    The food waste will go through the roof with the crap they intend to feed the kids with.

    Remember a large chunk their parents cant even afford to feed the kids because of Rapacious landlords jacking rents for starters.
    Ennius Benny And P carran you are showing your middle class ignorance.

    The crap they intend to feed the kids with i HATED EVERYDAY GOING TO SCHOOL BACK IN THE 1960S.

    This is the 21st century not the 19th or 20th .

    • Marmite sandwiches and Jam Sandwiches with a bruised apple on the side–the kids will love it!

    • Yes this is 21st century so get with the times,what David Seymour is proposing is sensible.

      • It is rarely worth responding to such despicable trolling–but really…–denying school kids food is “sensible”? Bob can go lower it seems.

        • I respond to Bob’s despicable trolling regularly and what was lost on Bob tf was when Simple Seymour put a finger to his own head and said it was about being smarter whilst in the same sentence calling sushi woke! My wife and I nearly fell out of our chairs with fits of laughter.
          I understand why Bob tf thinks it’s sensible, it’s because he’s a complete fucking idiot like Seymour.

        • There is no denying children meals what Seymour is proposing is sensible.
          My school provided meals which whilst dreadful I ate.The masters ate with us to teach us tables manners.

      • ‘Sensible’ ?…
        Food knowledge has come along way since the ’60s and 70s.
        Seymour was obviously fed an inadequate diet with some major food groups and nutrients missing….Hence the stupidity of his arguments..

        As one small example…had he eaten more mushrooms,
        to up his zinc intake, thus aiding full frontal lobe development , he would never have joined the Act Party and we would never have had to endure his idiocy.

        Trump has the same problem.

        • Yes, Grant and do you remember when we went to kindergarten and made to sit on the mat with our legs crossed now, they reckon its bad for you a bit late though aye!

      • Turning the teachers into warehouse logistics and catering staff is sensible? Good one Bob

    • waste is a massive red herring….look round the back of your fave restaurant…when I was whippet ‘waste’ from our school dinners was collected for pig swill….or you could compost it…it’s only waste because we choose it to be waste.

  7. Seymour is juvenile, pathetic, and culturally insensitive, insulting healthy cuisine of Sth East Asia by dubbing it “woke.” David’s into damage control, but he is not very good at that either.

  8. Feed the Kids! as Hone Harawira said.

    What kind of sicko would seek to deny nutritious food to school children? Even in wealthier than NZ Scandinavia there are hot meals in schools. There are education and health benefits–that is why they do it, and so should we.

    Sushi is mainstream these days not “woke”. We have an incredible range of food styles from different ethnicities in NZ compared to many other nations and that should be appreciated not denigrated. Seymour is going to get his arse kicked over this. What do Sushi purveyors in Epsom think of his remarks?

  9. Hungry AO/NZ kids are a valuable educational tool. They teach us that our politics has become a crime wave feeding our money to the already rich because they’re the ones who steal it.
    Did you know… I’ve bumped into The Queen. I’ve bumped into David Lange. I’ve bumped into jim bolger. I’ve bumped into jenny shipley. I’ve bumped into helen clark. One day, little david seymour, I really hope to bump into you.

    • Were you on drugs when you ‘bumped’ into all those people CB?
      Was it actually real….

      • @ Im Right. You, more than anyone I’m sure could do with a good E and some cuddling. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not volunteering so be still your beating little heart.
        AO/NZ’s economy is agriculture. And agriculture, for fear of generalising, is a grumpy old, low testosterone male loner profession who are determinedly wrong about everything while they’d determinedly argue they’re right about everything.
        All the Natzo’s have to do is understand those nuances then exploit them, which they do to great effect.
        The dire and sobering reality therefore is this. We have an ageing and flatulent fascism born of breakfast porridge then a sausage, cabbage and potato dinner scoffed down by those who work tirelessly at being their own worst enemies.
        Our old dope farmers have been exploited for so long they’ve forgotten what it’s like to be more than a cheap minion to urban, well educated narcissistic sociopaths who themselves have grown accustomed to free money and the hi-end urban lifestyles they’re convinced they’re earned and deserve as any sociopathic narcissist would.
        When you’re down and out and exhausted in a bland house in the middle of a paddock in the middle of nowhere you can’t exactly groove to the vibe so to speak. All you can do is groove to the pro natzo, pro neo-liberal, pro growth, pro debt, pro all ya need is three feeds a day logical fallacy bullshit on broadcast Tee Vee so just keep working and just maybe we beautiful urban people might just let you have enough money this decade to buy yourself a nice second hand flat deck truck. No promises mind.
        Everything about AO/NZ is farming. Every politic, every hedge row and high fashion. Every sport, every dead beat and every high flyer. Every urban kid and rural red neck is farming. Our educational infrastructure, our towns, cities and transportation. Everything actually is, one way or another, a rural bi-product of gumption and ignorance pretending to be enlightened knowledge. Farmers? More people would tell you but your ignorance is just so profitable and entertaining. Just ask Fred Dagg when you get there, if you know what I mean.

  10. When were those days Ennuis or are you not NZ born. Do you remember the days when Maori owned the land, and we fed the poor pakehas who were eating rabbits and weeds, no you don’t because you don’t know our fucken history.

    • Feeding children you brought into the world is a basic parental duty. Expecting the taxpayer to fund school lunches is bizarre. Seymour is weak.

  11. When were those days Ennuis or are you not NZ born. Do you remember the days when Maori owned the land, and we fed the poor pakehas who were eating rabbits and weeds, no you don’t because you don’t know our fucken history.

    • Fucken history says the early settlers brought the rabbits with them, and what’s more, the “ weeds” were mighty nutritious and are foraged for now by the woke, but don’t tell David. Dandelion leaves, chickweed, rose hips, dock, nettles, thistles, puha, watercress, all good foods, go down nicely with kawakawa tea or other.

      • lol. … my ancestors sold cooked human flesh in the markets of London not too long before, so get off your high horse before someone slaughters it.

  12. ACT cutting food for hungry kids while NZ Billionaire Graeme Hart’s New Yacht Named/Sighted

    Where did he get his billion$ from? Is the question.

    5 months ago
    I liked the look of his previous yachts more than his new one.

    Could something be askew here in financially screwed Nu Zilunt?!

  13. It’s just Acts first step in privatizing school lunches. Centralizing buying will very quickly turn into centralizing manufacturing. Pretty soon it will be a juice box, a muesli bar and a jam sandwich packaged by immigrants on min wage less room, board and fed rejected or passed use by dated food. Sounds just like something Act would approve of doesn’t it?

  14. Yes, I’d like to bump into Atlas Dave too! I did actually meet his predecessor Epsom beneficiary Rodney one time–he had no bottle when pressed.

    • It shows the strength of Seymour that he went on Dancing with the no stars instead of fight for life.
      Was he scared or was it that he doesn’t think a life’s worth fighting for?
      It seems self adulation is high on his agenda.

  15. So included in the school lunch scheme will now be 10,000 pre-school kids.

    If 3/4 of ECE centres are privately owned AND parents already pay for food that IS supplied in their daycare fees, is this like the Landlords’ welfare scheme?

  16. Following Clown Seymour’s “food in schools” program, ACT has just announced that NZ needs to become less woke and PC. Consequently, as the Minister responsible for anti-wokeness, he has instructed the Ministry of Transport to change NZ traffic signals. Instead of red, amber and green, lights will from the 1st of June, be coloured blue, black and purple.

  17. We can’t afford to feed the kids but we can afford guys like this:

    Graeme Hart
    Born 1955 (age 68–69)
    New Zealand
    Education Mount Roskill Grammar School
    Alma mater University of Otago
    Occupation Businessman
    Years active 1985–present
    Spouse Robyn Jessie Hart
    Children 2

    Graeme Richard Hart (born 1955) is a New Zealand billionaire businessman and the country’s wealthiest person.[1] He prefers to stay out of the media and makes few public appearances. As of March 2022, his net worth was estimated at US$9.7 billion.[2]

    Much like other leveraged buyout (LBO) private equity investors, Hart has a preference for buying underperforming and undervalued companies with steady cash flows which can be turned around through better cash management, cost-cutting and restructuring with other businesses. Since his 2006 purchase of Carter Holt Harvey he has focused his acquisitions on the paper packaging sector. His largest acquisition to-date was for Alcoa’s Packaging & Consumer group in 2008 for US$2.7bn, later renamed Reynolds Packaging Group.[3] He does not directly manage his businesses, and is focused mostly on the financing related to re-capitalization of the companies.

    Forbes stated that Hart was the 274th richest person in the world as of March 2022.[2] In 2022, Hart was inducted into the New Zealand Business Hall of Fame.


  18. bet symp-kins has a mate who owns a frozen pizza factory….say hello to ‘ketchup is a veggie’ us style pig slop

  19. Nothing wrong with quinoa and sushi. Not my main diet but hey pies have had thumbs down from some, fish and chips are too fatty. Why bother with all this contested food, just hand out pills so easily portable and pre-prepared and sterile.

    • Grey Warbler. Fish’n’chips are my comfort food, and I’m far from fat. But I salute the wokesters making sushi. It’s fiddly time consuming work, and has to be eaten fresh. I’m not averse to limp lettuces sandwiches, they remind me of our idyllic old school picnics, and jam sandwiches are a big part of history. During the war they used various substitutes for so-called raspberry jam, and put wooden pips in for authenticity. Wokesters are authentic. Bob their heads up and down in Parliament like Enid Blyton’s Noddy, to show that they are authentic.

      Sushi though is really healthy stuff. Could open up a new industry of utilising seaweed on the seashore which I used to gather for my vegetable plot. Pies are pretty ok and Cornish pasties even better, but they could be a bit colonial, except for samosas which are hard to get pointy. Macaroni cheese is also good fuel; we have the cheese, just need to plant out the macaroni trees.

  20. The fuck missing, our rent so high, power electric, always rising winter, as these corporations, need to be told no more, we are going back to our control, our ownership, of one if not one, our important, state control of our electric control, as it was and worked, our growing up and school meals, NOT EVER, LOOK, we had proper wage knowing, with Union, care testing he boss, our tama!s and mortgage rent has to our productivity afford a wage for that.

  21. tHE QUESTION is which one of davids mates is going to supply the valueless sandwiches .We all no that white bread has no value as a food because it is over processed and stripped of all nutrition .Clearly he does not shop ed for food $3 for a lunch is a fucken joke .I bet he spends 4 times that amount at least

  22. As knowing, te Ewi,March, is the marches coming, as the debt controlled pakea what can i do.

  23. The real thing is that it is more important to ACT to sabotage this initiative, than it is that children – our country’s children – succeed at school.

    Seymour should be driven from office, since he lacks the commitment to our people to resign for this despicable piece of garbage ‘policy’.

  24. Is that really from ACT that little piece with bon appetit at the end.
    If so how insulting to everyone what can’t dine WITH PRETENSIONS. THIS ATTITUDE CAUSES TENSIONS. LAY OFF YOU SNOBBY JERKS.

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