Will this hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government last the full 3 years?


If you think you are angry with the Government, trust me, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Their first 100 days of romper stomper culture war revenge fantasies are nothing compared to the legislation required to flesh out their donor lobbyists  election talking points.

If you were angry and all the stuff they just tore down, wait till you see the venal interest of the legislation they intend to pass in the next 90 days.

The law will align with Donor interests with such seamlessness and grotesque pork barrelling that the recent IPSOS poll showing a bare majority of Kiwis believe the system is run for rich people manages to look undercooked.

Voters will feel repugnance at such self interest for the greedy.

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The Budget won’t be able to hide National’s acquiescence to the donor class and the market will decide with Liz Truss level ruthlessness if borrowing $15Billion for tax cuts is the dumbest thing Nicola Willis has done that week.

If the market decides borrowing for Tax Cuts is a dangerously unstable right wing myth, it will cause a run on our markets shortly after it is released, so we will know pretty quickly if this right wing experiment of borrowing for Tax Cuts but pretending you aren’t is going to work.

I suspect it won’t work because the economy is actually in enormous trouble and any little thing like a Right Wing Government not seeing the wood for the trees could trigger it.

Insurance is skyrocketing because of more and more extreme weather events, 55% of those with a mortgage walk off low rates onto high rates this year and every dollar slashed from the State won’t get replaced by the private sector.

All these pressures alongside the Government’s very biased agenda towards their donors will enrage voters and this Government could easily become deeply unpopular and as the real deep cuts start kicking in, Winston will be stepping down as Deputy PM.

Will he stay for the ride or will he take that moment to undermine David Seymour?

There is also the emotional state of Luxon which looks more fragile by the passing month.

The reason the Left have to be ready is because this omnishambles of a Government could skid off the road uncontrollably in a months time as they present their budget.



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  1. “Will this hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government last…”
    Martyn Bradbury – May 5, 2024

    Martin, you forgot to add genocide complicit Government.
    This government is helping commit genocide by withholding funding from UNWRA at Israel’s request based on unsubstantiated allegations. UNWRA is the only UN agency in Gaza with the ability and organisation to get aid into Gaza in scale enough to avert a man made famine. Realising this reality Commonwealth countries Canada and Australia, have renewed their funding support for UNWRA. New Zealand following the US lead, hasn’t.

    in answering whether this government will last or not the question of their complicity in genocide must come up. In the US which like New Zealand is also helping Israel commit genocide by starving the people of Gaza, is having a presidential election in November, the Biden government’s complicity in genocide could well be the deciding issue.


    We have got a long way to go to our next election, our collective complicity in this genocide will become more evident as time passes.

  2. We live under a dictatorship government, that is undeniable…

    Len Brown on Auckland transport…

    “So the Minister for Transport in Auckland, Simeon Brown, who I’m getting on quite well with, has agreed that we will be put back in charge of the Regional Land Transport Plan.

    “I’m negotiating that with him and at his request, he said AT are going to have nothing to do with this negotiation.”

    Simeon Brown and his dictatorship Government.

  3. If they’re up against people like Julie-Anne Gender, Tory Whanau, and Peeni Henare – yes, I think they will go the full three years, and more. LINO, the Greens and TMP will score plenty of own goals.

  4. No, Winston will not cope with not being the deputy PM and will throw his toys out of the cot if he doesn’t die of lung cancer before then.

  5. As long as we get the sensible firearms laws we’ve been promised, who cares how long it lasts.

    • As long as the Far Right get the sensible firearms they’ve been promised, they don’t care how long it lasts.

      There you go Nordy, Fixed it for ya.

      • Nice, we get modern civilian firearms again & criminals with guns get the punishment they deserve.

        • So, again: what will you use your inanimate, modern, civilian firearm for, Herr Nordmeyer?

      • Oh? Let’s think about it… A bunch of retarded lefty communist losers who have stuffed this country and once misled by the most useless, divisive and horrendous leader ever (Stabcinder Heartburn).. or …. a bunch of Kiwis, voted in by the majority,, and slowly clearing up the shit!

        • Oh? Let’s think about it… A bunch of well regarded (@2020) centrist capitalist landslide winners who saved this country from the worst of a global pandemic and once led by the most empathetic leader ever (Jacinda Ardern).. or …. a bunch of grifters, who sucked in the majority, and are rapidly steering us into the shit!

          FIFY. Must have been the vaccine that caused you to mistype perhaps? Pesky nanobots.

        • Our darkest days 2017/23,excluding two wars and a depression, are now behind us. We now take our first steps on a journey of prosperity.

        • Bobby the first, same shit different day, National are destroying our once great country. Changing your name to Bobby or John is hilariously retarded right wing buffoonery.

        • bobby I don’t think it’s quite fair to call our current govt ‘retarded lefty commies’ bobby

  6. Martyn – But who in their right mind will vote for the current Labour Party, or the Greens…?

    • Very true . The benefits of a National government will take time after 6 years of treading water by a Labour government

      • National are in for a rude awakening with their anti Maori rhetoric, don’t worry about treading water, National will see blood spilt.

      • Benefits???????…

        What ‘benefits’ might they be???

        Unless you’re talking about the ‘benefits’ that the tax dodging landlords and property ‘investors’ are going to receive at everyone else’s expense!!

    • They’ve learned a lot of their recent defeat & have totally reformed. It will be completely different this time.

  7. It’s probably just wishful thinking Martyn. Won’t happen. And now that snowflake Tory Whanau announced her intention to run for parliament, the right will be safe for 100 years.

    • Where did you get that little snippet from.
      I see she has rejoined the Green party not surprisingly.
      You must be colour blind, I think snow flakes are white.

      • Uncle Tom
        I got that snippet from my trusted news source, TDB. See the article on Tory posted today. But why would you even question it? Of course she’s gonna have a go at being an MP. Who else would employ her and pay her 200K? Nobody!

        • Yes, the writer mentioned something about nomination problems. It did not say she had indicated she was going to seek the nomination.
          Another of the articles poorly written or slanted to the opinion of the writer with not supporting facts.

  8. We deserve a Government competent to govern,Labour demonstrated that’s not them whilst the imploding Greens and the dress up pantomime Maori party are not to be taken seriously.
    The Coalition lead by Prime Minister Luxon is the way forward.

    • We also deserve a real Prime Minister who is not afraid to make decisions in the interest of NZ not his coalition cohorts. I personally do not like being governed by a party with only 6% and 8% of the vote. Both these parties are making huge decisions affecting me and my whanau and the wider community’s all over NZ . What’s making it worse is said PM is afraid to upset these two cohorts and one of these days he is GOING to have to make a decision for the good of NZ not for the good of his 2 mates, then my friends the s**t will really hit the fan

      • I think there is much more harmony in the Coalition than their opponents realise.

        • In your very small pea sized brain Bob. The polls show the opposite to your pathetic comment .

      • Like Stabcinder or Chumpkins..

        What did they do exactly?…

        “LET’S SCREW THIS” ✔️

        NZ has gone to shit in 6 years.

    • The way forward….. yeah…over the cliff and into the abyss of vacuous nothingness…

      They should call their coalition ‘The Know Nothing Do Nothings’….

      Repealing stuff is not running a country….it’s just repealing stuff…

      Any fool can do that!!

      • Grant I don’t know if putting dreadful Paula B in charge of Pharmac can be described as doing “ nothing.” To my way of thinking, it’s doing something downright destructive, and deliberately so. Equally bad is deciding not to rein in cowboy property managers, and lying implying that this will magically improve the availability of homes for the homeless. In the middle of this messy potage, Luxon or some other ape also prattled that exorbitant rents will come down without providing one iota of evidence as to how, or importantly, why, this will happen. Nothing ? I don’t think so.

  9. “Will this hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government last the full 3 years?”
    Well, stunted dougie’s neo-liberalism of which the above are the foul flowers of has lasted 40 years so I don’t see why not. We dumb mopes live for a bit of torment. Reminds us of bible class and primary school whackings. Awww…. misty eyes… Thinking about that fat, ugly, frog mouthed, blond waddler who used to strap my wee 6 year old hands until her face went pink. Never mind. Moving on. I wonder what judith collins is up to?

  10. “Heather du Plessis-Allan: Why Luxon should have acted like Ardern in pay rise saga”

    When a hard right radio jock say’s this, that’s all the evidence we need to know about the corruption of this government.

  11. Do, does polls matter, well maybe. All the social bashing from our welfare, Taupo, slasher, slasher, in the house last week sounding like Diana, of the barricades, protection of humanitarian care, almost, am i, in the right control party.

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