MEDIAWATCH: Fringe Reality Check Radio – Go Bloke, Go Broke

Reality Check Radio: A panel of lepers judging a beauty contest


Look at that.

There is a God…

Fringe station Reality Check Radio off air – Peter Williams PR video calls for donations

Fringe radio station Reality Check Radio (RCR) is off air, with pleas for donations to help it broadcast again.

A 14-minute professionally shot PR video, hosted by RCR host and former TVNZ star Peter Williams, outlines dire consequences to New Zealand society if the station can’t return to the airwaves.

Reality Check Radio launched a little over a year ago, born from the anti-vaccine movement and anger over the way New Zealanders were treated by the previous Labour Government during the Covid pandemic.

It has also built a support base on the back of criticism of mainstream media.

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Over time, RCR has faced its own media critics, including from the likes of other new broadcasting entrants such as The Platform’s Sean Plunket.

…Peter William’s message on loop reads like the Jim Jones mass suicide tape.

This lunatic antivaxx fringe media outlet imploding shouldn’t be read as some great collapse of the toxic political polarisation we have seen spread like Covid on a Cruise Ship, unfortunately I fear it’s the exact opposite.

The problem for Reality Check Radio is that they ended up being less fringe than their insane listeners.

This is the same danger NZ First faces, you can flirt with this unhinged feral antivaxx conspiracy swamp kingdom electorate, but their radicalisation has sprinted ahead of the acceptable faces of the movement.

Nothing short of a Nuremberg Trial where Jacinda and the entire front bench of the Labour Party are hanged in public will satisfy the revenge lust of the anti vixx grievance crowd.

Sure, Reality Check Radio is unhinged, but their Sovereign Sherif followers are even more batshit crazy than the hosts.

The collapse of Reality Check Radio doesn’t signify a peak of the feral antivaxxers, it’s a horrifying canary in the coal mine of just how polarised the fringes on the Right now are in NZ.


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  1. “polarised the fringes on the Right now are in NZ.”
    And as climate change bites them on the bum (though it’ll take a while for some of them to notice) they’ll become even more polarised!

      • Oh-why-the-Jugoslavs
        I thought Jugoslavs were proud people. Your sneering sniping comments don’t reflect well on them. Perhaps some cooler head could advise a different name for a pseudonym. Something suitably right-wing that’s Really You!

        • Like a true socialist, now you know what jugoslavs think. Go to the dalmatian club and tell them your utoptian ideas, see how far you get.

          • Totally agree Jugoslavs.I spent some time in Eastern Europe and it was most unpleasant,because of the socialist system of Government.
            The left leaning in New Zealand,a naive bunch,believe the propaganda,gullible.

            • When I think of Bob I think to myself , why do we spend so much time looking for intelligent life on other planets? I’d be happy to find intelligent life here on Earth first.

            • That’s the trouble, you spend so much time overseas you neglect to see that your own country is run by corrupt right wing governments, history has once again proven this.
              Why do you even post comments on this site? Oh it’s the narcissist in you, I should have known.

              Studies show corruption is more likely to prevail when right-wing parties are in power, which is a question that shows government ideology and corruption relies on the observation that right-wing governments maintain closer ties to representatives of the private sector.

            • so bob in your estimation serbs croats and bosnians massacreing each other was better than tito and probably the most liberal (not eastern bloc) communist country…

              read a book mate the internet is not your friend

  2. Now all we need is to get rid of that horrid right wing bias Newstalk ZB in exchange for music from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

    • You can’t mean it Squeaky! Dropping One minute Mike, the Blowup doll, wotsername, Barely Sober and his Childbride would have such an effect on our rednecks and frothing boomers that will require scheduled Barry Manilow sessions to keep them sedated.

      • Barry’s Child bride, sounds like the radio days of children’s stories on a Sunday am.
        It’s about Bob the first’s maturity level.

      • Out of two radio stations that’s quite an achievement. Also popular for telling lies and having the most complaints laid against Mike Hosking and wife, costing the company thousands in reparations.
        Being popular does not equate to being good. Of course Hosking is popular with non thinkers, that’s why you always put him on a pedestal Bob, you can’t think for yourself.

  3. Unsurprising, anti vax messaging is not going to get mainstream support.

    But other media are well down a slippery slope by calling each other “fringe”.
    Look at the results of the media trust survey, NZ doesn’t believe anyone’s bullshit and RNZ is no longer the most trusted brand after the actions of some of their “fringe” activist journos.

    • Wow. People voted for this coalition so I think NZ very much believes anyone’s bullshit. We have now followed incompetent and gutless moments from the last government to straight out backwards, and highly questionable (let’s face Costello and Jones reek of something way more sinister) moments. Nicole McKee has started prove she’s next.

    • Or the anti vax/ fringe religious right wing fruit cakes telling us that other media are well down a slippery slope by calling each other “fringe”.
      KCCO or are you really Brian Tamaki…

      Destiny Church leader, Tamaki, spoke to media outside the Auckland District Court ahead of O’Connor’s appearance on Monday morning saying he was proud of what the accused had done.

      Proud, you should be proud Keepcalmcarryon

  4. They should be able to apply for NZ on air funding. It’s good for democracy to hear the views of the swamp kingdom.

    • Why, it was set up as a private radio station. Like Charter schools why should any private company be given public funds? Do they give the government a return on investment.
      And why when the government is hell bent on gutting the public sector for savings should they then gift money to private enterprises?
      It’s good for democracy not to gut the television news media. Our government seems to want to control the narrative and that is not democratic.

    • There is no way I would want my taxpayer dollars going towards this drivel.
      And in any case, they loudly proclaim they are “independent of any government” so to take public funding to stay running would go completely against that ethos.

  5. Of MSM need to be funded for a range of views and the Spinoff is being funded for the left why not fund rabbit hole radio for the right?

  6. To think that, that foul four were as a direct result of the glorious act of sex. We should at least make use of them by regarding them as a reminder that we must be ever vigilant about what we do with our genitals.
    Don’t leave them lying around for some random to take advantage of, clearly.

    • Out there in rural land I guess they are pretty down to earth about procreation – after all that’s the name of the game.   The wheatgerm of life etc.   So they make sure they have a varied off-work time  and put it into learning guitar, banjo etc.   A very worthy and joyful occupation.

      Even 10 year olds can play.
      Could you have a community evening if you still have a hall, countryboy and have a chat with local rural families, have some music, a laugh a beer, and fruit juice.   Maybe you can sort things out faster than the people on plush seats at the Roundhouse!

    • “What would it be like if RCR was no longer on air?”

      I imagine it’d be pretty much like not being able to Bring Our Birds Home.
      And there’ll be a shitload of people that are now not going to contribute to that project.

      It’d have to be Brennan that did the video Yea? Amazing to see how people end up going down the rabbit hole.
      They’re all over the place. There’s another crystal clutching lot in Featherston pretending holistic approaches to health and wellbeing in the Wairarapa (‘cos they done their research and know betterin the medically trained). She/It should thank Her crystals that Her partner has a Catholic approach to the sanctity of marriage.

      A fair few on the Kapiti Coast as well – even a Sheriff if he hasn’t already had the smarts to catch the next stage out of town.

      • LOL, Paul Brennan. Left a cushy job at RNZ to work for Plunket at The Platform, then left to go to this thing. Barely a few days ago he was gleefully cheering on the so-called “demise of the mainstream media”…only for this to happen.
        I must say, the irony is delicious 🙂

  7. Could we have the names of the various people being roasted? I don’t watch tv, am trying not to get addicted to my de-vice, keep away from facebook and have cut out most newspapers. That way I can think more about the main is-sues., ie ‘Is you is, or is you ain’t my baby!’ Hah. But don’t know all the star stirrers. So names please.

  8. I’m here for the shooting fish in a barrel.

    These media people can’t make it, nor can their supporters in elections.
    Viva NZ democracy!

    Know the loons too personally — all up for some bullshit dictatorship. Dumb as dogcrap, betraying the WW ll generation.

  9. What wonderful news! Thank you, Martyn. As someone who tries not to indulge the algorithms that propped/prop up outlets like the late unlamented Reality Challenged Radio and the Pratform, I kept well away from clicking on such outlets.

    Which only leaves one target, namely the Pratform. Might I suggest an organised boycott campaign against its funder’s businesses and the benighted advertisers on that station until it gives up the ghost? It only exists because the radio audience is unwilling to accept the swill previously served up by extremist demagogues who abused the talkback format and killed it as a viable market segment.


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