New Curia Poll – Right Wing meltdown but Labour still failing


Greens surge, Act down in new poll, Chris Bishop now more liked than Christopher Luxon

The Green Party has surged by 3.3 points in the latest Taxpayers’ Union-Curia poll, scoring 14.6 per cent – a very high poll rating for the party.

The party’s friends on the left, Te Pāti Māori, have also enjoyed a good bump, rising 2.1 points to 4.6 per cent, in what was generally a good poll for the left wing parties. Labour was also up, but only by 0.4 points to 25.7 per cent.

Act was the biggest loser on the right, falling 2.8 points to 7.2 per cent, NZ First fell 1.1 point to 6.3 per cent. National was also down, but by just 0.3 points to 37.1 per cent.

When Chris Bishop is the more liked than the PM, you know you have a cult of personality with no personality.

The very predictable is happening now and we are seeing the backlash building against this hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government with the latest Curia Poll following hard win the heels of the Roy Morgan Poll which showed a massive collapse in confidence of right track/wrong track numbers which are always the precursor to a sudden earthquake in voter intentions.

The hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing agenda of this new Government is simply too extreme for Kiwis.

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We are not a conflict driven people, most voted for National in the hope their house price would go up 10%, they sure as Christ weren’t buying into culture war revenge fantasies masquerading as social policy.

Any one of the extreme things this Government is trying on would be problematic, a cavalcade of them feels like a Goose stepping march through the cultural ruins of a broken country.

If people are angry and upset at the first 100 days, wait until National try to flesh the lobbyist talking points into actual policy and see how nakedly venal they are for the Rights Donor mates.

The Greens and Māori Party are having a field day while Labour still has no idea what it stands for.

Labour are too intellectually insecure to host an Opposition Summit in response to this hard right 100 day romper stomper and believe they just have to wait the Government out and voters will come back to them, which is fine but misses the extremism of the first 100 days of this Government and allows them off the hook for a visionless election campaign that had zero to offer voters.

Labour will continue to sit on their hands meaning the CTU needs to step up alongside Greenpeace, Auckland Action Against Poverty, Child Poverty Action Group to host an Opposition Summit with a far wider focus than Labour would have given it.

Yes Labour need to take from soft National voters, but they also need to appeal to their actual progressive base as well!

Labour are staring down a generational loss of the Auckland vote and if you can’t win Auckland, you can’t win the election.

If Labour are gong to sit on their hands, at least rearrange the talent pool to win those soft National voters WHILE appealing to the base.

Put Greg O’Connor into Police ffs he’s far more credible than Ginny and you know it!

Babs can keep Finance but give Parker the Economy and allow him to make the argument for a Capital Gains Tax AND a Wealth Tax AND a Ghost House Tax AND a Financial Transaction Tax AND a Sugar Tax! He’s the only one with the brains to manage this!

Make Arena Williams spokesperson on Auckland (she’s an incredible talent and Auckland needs a voice!) and make Damien O’Connor the spokesperson for rural economy and rural environment.

Will the quick Green Chloe leap over the lazy Red log?

The other main problem with Labour’s decision to sit on their hands and wait it out is that other political actors won’t do that!

Chloe is a unique candidate and allowing her to become the de facto Leader of the Opposition in terms of passion and vision is that you will get an demographic and class collapse in the Labour vote.

Without meaningful progressive policy, Labour lose the working class vote to apathy in Auckland and they lose the middle class vote to the Greens in Auckland.

Why would anyone under 40 vote Labour?

By sitting on their hands, Labour risk permanently losing that demographic to the Greens.

If the Māori Party and the Greens agreed to on Opposition Summit, Labour would have no  choice but to attend.

The Political Left have to understand they are in danger from this Government because National/ACT and NZ First intend to damage us permanently!

If we don’t start fighting back now, there won’t be anything left to Govern if we do win in 2026!

Is Labour going to stand with us and resist or are they going to wait the fight out and pretend to turn up later?

This is the Government’s motto:

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  1. While I agree with your assessment, Martyn, a left conference may have the unconsidered effect of uniting the CoC in a fight for survival.
    There’s something to be said for the saying – “Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.”
    The CoC are making enough f***ups to last a generation of right wing politicians.

  2. David Parker is by far the best politician in parliament by a long way .Sadly he has been fucked over for the last ten years by weak leaders who should have adopted his policy in those 10 years .Had they done so we would not have the fuck witts we have now as a government .
    Team parker up with Rennie and the Greens and TPM and NZ would boom for decades .Time is now for a major shift in thinking .
    The current government will be toast by 2026 so now is the time to get cracking and get a super party going .

    • That his policy was never adopted surely shows he wasn’t a very good politician as, by definition a good politician would be able to achieve this. Also, the legendary ‘Waitakere Man’ would never vote for someone as bookish as Parker.

      • Shows how fucking useless Key was as he couldn’t get his flag referendum across the line. The one thing he said he was most disappointed in. Not child poverty or homelessness.

        • Actually, I thought he said the one thing he was most disappointed in was failing to get the Kermadec Marine sanctuary in place. The fact it failed was his flawed way of going about doing it. However at least this puts him a rung above Lex Luther.

    • Yes, he would make a good PM, very intelligent but some of our younger people might find him a bit boring.
      There will also be others its all about opportunity.

    • @ G.W.
      ” David Parker is by far the best politician in parliament by a long way . ”
      Bullshit. He’s got roger douglas’s finger prints all over him, as has the whole of neo-labour in fact. Roger’s neo-liberalism dragged us down to this point and Labour was the bus he caught to get there AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Neo-liberalism still has us in its grasp. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THAT.
      That’s why the natzo’s and labor both suck in the polls. It’s because they’re both the same fucking thing and people are coming to understand that. We people aren’t stupid. We may be ignorant, but that’s a whole other thing. Ignorance come’s before enlightenment. Ignorance isn’t a bad thing unless one chooses to remain within it’s dull-fart grasp. Fawning over neo-labour and it’s denizens is choosing to remain ignorant and that’s how we become manipulated then downtrodden. Sound familiar? That’s like walking about with a bulls eye painted on your back for the abusive privateer wealth manipulators with the smell of free money in their nostrils and with our politicians in their pockets. ‘Lobbying’? Heard of? Those billionaires and multi-millionaires and the foreign owned banks making all that money? That’s our fucking money. We earned that. Not them! What hourly rate was graeme hart on to make 12 to 14 billion dollars? And he’s just one of the other kiwi multi-billionaires sucking on a modest agrarian economy, for fucks sake. Labour launched roger douglas now of ACT infamy which is now that fucking creepy bloody seymour to go after our taxes paid for assets and cash, we shouldn’t forget that, and we certainly shouldn’t choose ignorance over harsh realities either or we’re never going to get out of this horrible, terrible fucking mess.
      Chloe Swarbrick? You are the last political AO/NZ Mohican. Go get ’em. Let the truth be your sword and your guiding light and pack an atom bomb on you while you’re at it and don’t be afraid to drop it.
      And never turn your back on your drink at a Club. If you do, however momentarily? Tip it out and order another.
      ( The Mohicans are an Eastern Algonquian Native American tribe that historically spoke an Algonquian language. As part of the Eastern Algonquian family of tribes, they are related to the neighboring Lenape, whose indigenous territory was to the south as far as the Atlantic coast.)

    • That will not happen with Hipkins as leader. Let’s not forget he is the guy that caused labour to lose and lose by so much. He his STILL refusing to admit the even tho the word cloud that describes him said so plainly: flaky and weak trump’s good and honest. However I don’t think he is honest, not with himself anyway. Deluded at best. Get rid of him.

  3. Running the country should not become a popularity competition for the leaders .Ardern was popular and rose to the occasion a couple of times but ultimately was a bad leader and the country suffered . I can understand why Luxon does not have the same appeal but I believe we will be better off at the end of the day as he will get thinks done .

    • The trouble with Luxon getting things done is that the targets he sets are irrelevant to actually making us better off & are mostly a selection of talking points that can be achieved sometimes by simply changing the reporting method.

    • Getting things done does not equate to thing getting better. Already this government are making things worse by ” getting things done”. Gun policy, smoking legislation and some public redundancies but to name a few.
      Labour did plenty of good things, but the tribal right supporters just can’t admit that, as many of those supporters on this site are extremely immature.
      Which things that this government has done has benefitted New Zealanders?

      • yes and please note the first 100 days of these fuckers was apent undoing that good work .If ,as Luxon kept spouting , they failed to deliver ,why did it take 100 days to undo non delivery

        • Good point but Labour failed to deliver the really transformational stuff when they got that majority. They fucked up big time and National are chortleing over that. Hipkins must go!!! His Captain Calls killed the party and public trust.

  4. Totally agree with Martyn on this. Tony’s point is good for a while, let Baldrick and co show their colours, but sooner rather than later a fight back will have to be run and that requires organisation.

    A summit is a good idea including more than the parliamentary parties, because this is a serious situation such is the vandalism COC has already begun and plans.

    Labour has to finally abandon Rogernomics with Parker at the helm, Greens and TPM are the main opposition at the moment.

    State Unions need to abandon the bs political neutrality stance and fight for their lives. Some sacked public servants are in for a shock when they encounter WINZ/MSD.

    • Yes, but Chris Bishop promised us the world in the Hutt Valley/Wgtn region, and he is already backtracking he has a tendency to tell porkies and he has no conscience.

  5. It’s almost like the neoliberal ‘left’- whether ‘labour’ in name only, or the banker-subverted, German Green style ‘Green’ party, is completely uninspiring.

    You just need to look at Green darling Tory Whanau supporting the WCC selling out the remaining stake the council has in Wellington Airport to know how far these people can be trusted.

    • I’m ashamed to say I ranked her on the ballot paper. It turns out her only life experience is that of a self-entitled doncha-know-who-I-am party gal who really has NFI how many people are struggling. Possibly the lotto win wot dunnit.
      Hopefully you’ve signed the petition re the airport – not that many councilors and the administration will care what their ratepayers think.

    • @ MK
      I’ve met Chloe Swarbrick. She’s as genuine as one could wish for. More so, in fact.
      The Green Party is teetering on the very edge of extraordinary things now that HSBC banker james shaw is dog tucker. ( I might be wrong about james shaw. But I don’t think so.)
      AO/ NZ is an agrarian economy. On top of that, our only Earth is melting, in some cases literally. That means starvation is beginning to rise up amongst first world economies which will mean all farmers to the pumps.
      The national party are merely mealy mouthed crooks and always have been. The Labour Party are neo-liberal for good reason. They’re were castrated by roger douglas so his mates could feast on our taxes paid for stuff and things by stealth nut those stuffs and things have been stolen and banked. graeme hart and the other 3 multi-billionaires could explain that better than me. The Maori Party is a logical fallacy to destabilise our work-force solidarity. The ACT party is that ball of snot you sometimes get stuck up your nose. It’s sticky and even once it’s gone you’ll be left with the memory of it.
      NZ First is a side show to distract from reality and is related to national and ACT and the Kiwi criminal underworld who spends your money as I write.
      I’d go so far as to demand an urgent election for Christmas of this year. It should be tomorrow but I think we should leave them for a little while longer to make sure their goose is properly cooked.

  6. Who cares if Labour are failing, they are not in government people should be concerned with our current PM who is only minus one more favorable than Chippy, now what does that say, not good. Being a Labour voter
    I know they are doing the mahi to do there best to get back into power it won’t be easy, but they need to be ready to go at the next election. Luxon will be gone he is simply not good enough to be our leader, our countries reputation is failing in all facets, and I also think some NZers are embarrassed as they voted for the clown. He needs to go and the sooner we get rid of him the better for our country. He is not ruling for all that is load of bullshit. Winstone will be lucky to go another round and no Winstone no NZF.

  7. Who cares if Labour are failing, they are not in government people should be concerned with our current PM who is only minus one more favorable than Chippy, now what does that say, not good. Being a Labour voter
    I know they are doing the mahi to do there best to get back into power it won’t be easy, but they need to be ready to go at the next election. Luxon will be gone he is simply not good enough to be our leader, our countries reputation is failing in all facets, and I also think some NZers are embarrassed as they voted for the clown. He needs to go and the sooner we get rid of him the better for our country. He is not ruling for all that is load of bullshit. Winstone will be lucky to go another round and no Winstone no NZF.

    • I travel abroad extensively as part of my business interests and I can assure you Luxon is seen as a responsible,capable Prime Minister.The Chipster is considered a fool along with the rest of the Ministers in the late Labour Government.

      • I travel abroad also in a diplomatic role and you’re so full of shit Bob, you’re a compost heap.

      • I travel abroad extensively as part of my business interests yet somehow always find time to make pro-National bullshit comments on The Daily Blog.


        • Yeah funny Bob can do that. For someone so egotistic and places himself on a pedestal Bob has all the time in the world for his pro National anti left bullshit.
          Self adulation is akin to calling out your own name during orgasm. Bob is good at that in the shower.

          • Actually not only egotistical is our Bob he is a narcissist…see below…

            Common traits of a narcissist are easy to define. Yet identifying and managing one in real life isn’t.

            Narcissists have an overblown sense of self-importance.
            They fantasise about glory and being held in high esteem.
            They believe they are owed something.
            They exaggerate their abilities, crave admiration, lack empathy, and exploit others when it suits them.

            Definitely Bob the first.

  8. There is an old saying “ give them enough rope” . The government is a bunch of really awful smug people. The women are bitches, Willis, Upston Tama Potaka was an absolute disgrace in parliament yesterday, his attitude leaves a lot to be desired he was downright nasty. I can see what the Labour party is doing and after all they are probably closer to the action. Gerry Brownlee is a joke and he is sitting on the very seat that threatens our democracy. He allows the government carte blanche in their long winded non answers which are not answers but attacks. We are now 6 months down the track best he learns how to be a speaker fast. Even the bloody website is now a disaster.

    • Yes, Not My Government Tama Potaka is horrid, but he is in the nasty party he puts on a good act when he IS amongst our people but let see if he has any nuts when it comes to job cuts, he has already planted the seed.
      He said Māori broadcasting would have to stand on its own FEET. So, let’s wait and see because the shit will hit the fan soon and he can’t hide and pretend he is all tatou tatou when he puts the boot in.

  9. A Maori Party, Green Party called summit with Labour invited to attend is a great idea.
    If Labour refuse to attend, just leave an empty seat for them on the stage.

    Not only would an empty seat be a symbol of Labour’s unwillingness to form a united front against this hard right, racist, genocide complicit government, an empty chair would also be a signal of Labour’s similar empty lack of vision.

    My final bit of advice is to Labour MPs, especially those that want to do something, other than sit on their hands through another election cycle.
    ‘If your party is unwilling to work with the other left parties to oust this punishing hard right government from the treasury benches, then join the other left opposition parties.’

    • Yes back this 100 percent. If the collective Left don’t have a summit, need to ask: why not? I hope petty party politics don’t prevent a united left block.

  10. No Peter they (Labour) don’t need to fight yet we are still a long way from the next election as much as I wanted Chippy to be our PM somehow, I think it will be someone else. But Chippy is doing his bit by staying there to keep the ship steady and we need him there with all his experience. This coalition is going to leave a huge fucken mess it will take years to clean up their shit as it always has.

  11. Hipkins needs to piss off and have another sausage roll – we need a clear strategic path to this fascist Government and not more neo liberal bullshit from Labour – hopefully the new Greens leader will provide the true leadership needed. Sadly I don’t see it coming from the CTU so progressive unions need to get active.

  12. Fully agree, CIP. Bishop promised me a reply to query I asked him about 10 years ago. He took all my contact details.
    I’m still waiting. He is totally untrustworthy.

  13. Infighting for sure but their dilemma is they don’t have the skilled people required to form a credible opposition.The Chipster will however be replaced before the next election.

    • If the chipster is replaced, this corrupt dictatorship Government will be history sooner than the next election. Looking forward to seeing how many line up(again) to knife Luxon to be National party leader.

  14. Greg O’Connor doesn’t want Police, he’s sitting on his hands and sucking from the teat as long as he can. If there had been a credible candidate from outside the purple reign he probably wouldn’t have held Ohairu


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