Te Pāti Māori Calls On Universities To Stand By Marginalised Tauira Placed Under Threat – Maori Party


Te Pāti Māori’s is calling on tertiary providers to protect the spaces placed under target by an Act Party who is persistently misrepresenting tangata whenua.

“What we are seeing from the Act Party is only another attempt to misrepresent tangata whenua and perpetuate a false narrative that Māori get preferential treatment. That is nothing but rubbish,” said Te Pāti Māori Education spokesperson and former Pou Tikanga at Massey University, Tākuta Ferris.

“The assertion is damaging and inflammatory to this governments divide and conquer rhetoric that they have built the foundation of their fragility on.

“Safe spaces for minority groups in university aren’t new. They have long existed for tauira with rural backgrounds, migrant students, Māori, Pacific and our disabilities whānau.

“What we see here is another targeted attack on those who whakapapa Māori and Pasifika,” said the Te Tai Tonga MP.

“Universities are supposed to be the critic and conscience of society. So what’s the message being sent across the nation when they are coerced to remove the spaces of our minorities.

“Creating safe spaces to empower minority communities to thrive and achieve whilst creating a sense of interconnectedness should be celebrated.

“We are demanding that the universities stand-up for their marginalised groups and particularly Māori tauira. To take any action to demean these groups is irresponsible. Its weak, lacks vision and shows no commitment.

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“Our message to our tauira Māori who may be feeling particularly vulnerable at university today is to stay the course. Be proud of who you are and your whakapapa. Because you belong,” said Ferris.



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