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    Is one allowed to make critical remarks about anything that others might object to?
    David and Barbara Yzendoorn installed the container – dressed as a house and complete with furniture, fence and a letterbox – last June after neighbours objected to their resource consent application to build an eight-metre-high housing duplex.*. Eight metres – 26 feet, does that include to high point of roof height?

    (Would also point out that I lived in Hamilton when young and they would object to anything then that was a bit unusual, made them think – normal NZs! I remember Greer Twiss sculpture from that time; he is still around.

    I have the belief, from looking at the surname of these people, that they come from the USA or overseas anyway, and are looking for something to invest in so as to comply with some requirement made by our overseas-investment taxation-replacement relevant NZ authority. (It’s not just people with Chinese names that are notable amongst the entrepreneurs. Our gummint likes monetarily febrile as a prerequisite.)

    Now another POV – we need to be building more duplex housing – doesn’t mean crowded on a small section though. It is how the Council planners choose to do it and they seem to have wide discretion. In Nelson they have posited housing so close it can block sunlight most or all of the day to neighbours (so historic, so bad early 20th century), and we have had to fight their steely resolve – note seems to be led by women planners.

    Not to mention going higher than is reasonable in established areas and in others building encouraging high boxes that seem likely to produce social unease as is known from social research. But why bother to pick up on facts and findings in past studies by others, the future is now!!! How come women seem to get these positions that enable them to be rigid, all-knowing, RIGHT?; it’s not a good look, one had hoped from women practicality, sense and sensibility.

    Duplex house design has a common central wall and consists of two living units, either side-by-side or on two floors, with separate entries. While there are two floors in duplex houses, it is sold together and owned by an individual. It may have separate entry points for both floors.30 Hān 2024
    Duplex house meaning, types, pros and cons › Home › Property Trends

    Actually in Australia I lived in a two-storey building with four 2 bedroom apartments – two facing front and two back. And parking and a bit of room at side and front, and point out it needs fire escapes and good soundproofing in building – can’t do much about sound from below which drifts up from outside socialisation and open doors/windows. Good design for position needed.

  2. you
    All you people who voted for the Coalition, all or any one of it, you voted to make suffering peoples lives miserable you uncaring stupid s…ts.
    Personal life
    Seymour is of Ngāpuhi Māori descent on his mother’s side,[139][140] with his Māori ancestors coming from the Tauwhara marae of the Ngāti Rēhia hapū near Waimate North


    .David Seymour’s second act: ‘I’d be the perfect husband!’
    NZ Herald › …
    Whakamāoritia tēnei whārangi
    21 Jan 2021 — But David Seymour says he’d give up politics in a heartbeat for the love of a good woman and the chance to start a family. “We all hope to find …
    (His mother Victoria now deceased) in this item has blond hair and blue eyes. I’m not sure where the Maori heritage stands.)

    David Seymour opens up about love and loss – and his … › .. Whakamāoritia tēnei whārangi
    6 Pēp 2016 — For a start there is a new love interest in Seymour’s life, he’s understood to be dating former TV3 reporter Rachel Morton, now a senior …
    [Blank page for stuff]
    David Seymour has been selected as ACT’s candidate for Whangarei for the
    2020 General Election.
    “I’m not the ACT Leader, but I am a strong advocate for End of Life Choice.
    “After a successful career in real estate, I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2017.
    “I’ve lived a full and active life, but I believe that when my time comes, I should have a choice about how I go. It’s my life and my choice.
    “The reason I’m standing for ACT in Whangarei is to highlight the importance of providing compassion and choice for terminally ill New Zealanders.
    “I’ll be asking the people of Whangarei to Party Vote ACT.
    Mr Seymour is an experienced businessman, a devoted family man, and a vocal advocate for End of Life Choice.
    Born and raised in Whangarei, he lives there with his wife, Rachael.
    After a career in insurance, building, and real estate, David was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2017.
    Since his diagnosis, he has mentored a variety of business people, organised an annual event for car enthusiasts, and remained involved in his community. page c2022.

    His personal life seems fraught and healthwise he must take care.)

    He went to Auckland Uni. Did Electrical engineering and Philosophy.
    …Seymour joined ACT as a student at the University of Auckland. Following his graduation, he worked in the engineering industry. Subsequently working for conservative think tanks in Canada during the 2000s,[1][2] before returning to New Zealand and standing unsuccessfully for election to Parliament in 2005 and 2011….

    Left uni, engineered electrically then engineered himself five years in Canada at a Conservative think tank. They fryed his brain!
    Seymour seems to have got the Engineering association to put in a plug for him – how a politician’s day goes when he has been an engineer at some time somewhere.

    There is an interview with CANTA but it is undated and probably out of date now.

    Seems trivial.

    Metro and Bob Harvey interviews Seymour but apparently is afraid of seeming dated. So when? Good caricature.

    Not an encouraging picture of someone with a ruling passion or a passion for ruling. Does he plug in every night before bedtime?


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