Luxon gets police wage wrong and responds by calling Stuff tabloid


‘It incites rage’ – Police verdict on Luxon interview

Soon after our interview with the Prime Minister for the Tovapodcast, the messages started coming in from Police and from their partners.

Some described what they called his “arrogance”, another said “tone deaf”.


This is just extraordinary.

After giving rich landlords a $2.9b tax break, Luxon can’t offer Police decent wages and when asked by Tova how much he thinks Police wages start, he says $90 000 when it’s $50,834.

It’s less than the $52 000 he was claiming for accommodation.

When he gets caught out not knowing this, he marches off and is caught on mic attacking Tova and saying, “Classic tabloid stuff from Stuff”.

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Couple of things here.

1 – He’s giving his Real Estate Pimp Donors a $2.9billion tax break while Police get a pittance.

2 – He’s so rich thinks $90 000 is a starting wage.

3 – When his privilege and arrogance gets busted, he attacks the media as ‘tabloid’.

 He is out of touch and he is a condescending arsehole at the same time!

He is incapable of acknowledging he is wrong!

Meanwhile the cops aren’t properly funded so Luxon can give his Real Estate Donor Class an obscene tax break.

At some point National voters who hated Jacinda for saving 20 000 lives are going to have to wake up to what they have actually elected here.

This is what you have elected:

This is what you have elected:

This is what you have elected:

This is what you have elected:

This is what you have elected:


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  1. He (Luxon) would have received the topic of the interview in advance – so at the very least should have become acquainted with a few facts!
    That he didn’t suggests
    a) that he can’t be bothers or is too lazy
    b) that he can’t retain facts
    c) that he can only speak in clichés!
    NZers are becoming more and more aware we’ve elected a lemon!

    • Tony Veitch
      7) that he’s coming unstuck
      8). that he’s a liar
      9). that he is unstuck
      10 that Nicola gave him the wrong figures
      11. that Bill gave him the wrong figures
      12. that he is unstuck
      13 that he plays the person just like John did
      14. that he ‘s an ordinary old misogynist
      15. that he thinks the punters are as dumb as he is
      16. that he thinks the police aren’t worth bothering about
      17. that Mark mumbled the wrong figures
      18. that he only cares about the “haves”
      19. that his ears need dewaxing more than his dome does
      20. that Morticia left the cake out in the rain
      21. Other

      • Don’t worry.. Be certain that this “middle management toady” not only doesn’t make an effort to know his job parameters, he doesn’t care if he knows or not..
        His confidence in what passes for a fourth estate in NZ that will cover for him is seamless.. Uncle John has told him that he is “covered”, so why should he worry about us when his real job doesn’t start until he’s left parliament for the sinecures he’s been promised for restarting the attack on our social fabric, and economic security..
        We were supposed to have been utterly beaten down by now, and they are getting impatient..

    • Give me a break. She’s a hell of a lot closer than someone who is supposed to have a clue. I don’t see 90k anywhere in your numbers.

      • I didn’t put 90k in my numbers because I wasn’t trying to prove Luxon right.

        I merely pointed out that it also isn’t 50k as said above and that it changes significantly after 20 weeks. You could get really pedantic and say that while they were in college they weren’t even on the job as such in which case $75k is closer to $90 then $50.

        But I don’t really care because I’m not trying to defend any one, I’m just pointing out that the facts don’t support either “50” or “90”. I have as much time for Christopher Luxon as I have for Tova O’Brien

    • America is borrowing 90,000 dollars a second. A lot of police officers are going to get there feelings hurt. There’s to much cash in the system and not enough people spending it tgat it’s locked in virtual reality vaults of the minds of people who believe in fighting a war against Palestinians. That’s The National Party turning New Zealand into a Zimbabwe.

    • It’s because they are taking the annual salary figure, not the figure with the superannuation added. The former is the correct way to do it.

      That part is the employer contribution to kiwisaver, not the employee contribution, and is not included in wage calculations in NZ (such as PAYE).

      So Tova/Martyn is correct, their annual salary at the start of their process is $50,784.

  2. You get what you vote for and too many dumb NZers fell for the same old bullshite now we all have to suffer accept the landlords and the rich

    • Dickier?, that would be Bob the moron first, seems like he’s feeling himself in front of a poster of Lex Luther.

    • I votes for National not Luxon.I voted for the party that is going to face off the gangs after 6 years of softly softly.I voted for the party that will throw out state tenants that make life he’ll for innocent neighbors. I voted for a party that will reduce wasteful spending and cut public servants.
      Voting for a person and not a party lead to the Jacinda disaster who cut and ran when her popularity dropped leaving the Labour Party in a mess .

  3. To be fair, he’s been the CEO of a company – is not used to having people asking awkward questions and push for answers.

    • Especially when it’s a Government backed monopoly.

      There’s no way this turkey has the complexity of thinking and broad knowledge required to run a country.

      There is nothing on his C.V. that demonstrates this. He should never have been considered.

      Key didn’t have it either, but a certain personality trait, big money, and a compliant groomed media, allowed him to hang around for awhile till the heat in the kitchen got too much.

      Fundamentally though, he was hopeless. Just like Boris. Just like Trump. Just like Bolsonaro. Corrupt and hopeless!

  4. It will be a headline the day Luxon does something right. Until that long awaited day the evidence is clear that he is the worst PM since Key.


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