Can we all please thank John Key, Corporate Farmers and the Banks for addicting us to our Chinese Economic Overlords?


Why didn’t New Zealand impose sanctions on China?

Politicians, journalists and critics of Beijing were among those targeted by cyber-attacks run by groups backed by China, western intelligence services said this week.

The separate cyber-attacks hit the US, UK and New Zealand – all members of the Five Eyes alliance. The network of five countries, which also includes Canada and Australia, share security related intelligence.

While Beijing rejected claims of its involvement, the US and UK chose to take further steps against those entities they said were involved, but New Zealand took a different tack.

Can we please all thank National and their Farmer mates for putting all our cows in one Beijing Paddock and placing us all in a position where China can hack us and get away with it because we are so beholden to our Chinese Economic overlords now!

NZ Dairy farms were forced to take on huge debt for Dairy intensification that our environment couldn’t sustain WHILE enslaving us to our new Chinese Economic Overlords.

We are pissed off at Corporate Farmers over how John Key sold 49% of our Hydro Assets to create a $400million irrigation slush fund that was used to intensify dairy farming while polluting our water and generating climate changing gasses!

We are sick to death at the way the entire economy is forced to bend over backwards for a sunset industry that will crash the millisecond the fast food industry can create a synthetic milk powder.

By the way claiming that NZs emissions mean nothing in comparison to China and India isn’t a justification to do nothing, it’s an acknowledgement that radical adaptation is the only move left because those Goliath economies have already doomed us to a dangerous climate change future!

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Shouldn’t the Corporate Farmer Quislings be apologising to us?

The Corporate Farmer Quislings tell us the $20billion in trade they get from John Key’s ‘all our cows in one Beijing paddock’ strategy is beneficial for us.


We don’t see any of that fucking money!

We pay a price for NZ dairy and NZ meat that is set by an international market, so we are competing with the 400million others wanting that product!

So we don’t see no price benefit from those quisling corporate farmers getting richer.

A cow shits the same as 14 humans, we have 10 million cows, that’s the equivalent of 140million humans pissing and shitting into our rivers.

We don’t see no environmental benefit from these quisling corporate farmers getting richer.

We are now utterly addicted to Chinese money and can’t disentangle ourselves from their influence and power, especially with 200 000 Chinese NZers now living in Auckland, a city of 1.2million.

We don’t see no sovereignty benefit from these quisling corporate farmers getting richer.

The quisling corporate farmers claim they are generating jobs, yet they import cheap foreign labour to do those jobs!

Look at the fuss kicked up by Farmers at the mere suggestion they pay for their pollution!

This money generated by trade with China comes with so many fish hooks there’s more hook than fish.

We have been betrayed by the quisling corporate farmers and their National Party patsies. THEY are getting rich, we aren’t.

Can we all please thank John Key, Corporate Farmers and the Banks for addicting us to our Chinese Economic Overlords?

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  1. New Zealand as an exporter of agricultural products has changed markets as required in a very successful manner and we will do so again.
    At one stage around 90% of sheep meats went to the UK and around 75% of beef to the USA.

    • So you do have at least one functioning brain cell. You should go to Portugal and dip it in LSD and Ecstasy. You never know, you might find another one and then they could have babies?

        • ” by an countryboy”

          Appalling grammar and the most hypocritical post seen on this site for many years.

          • You are a funny fellow NSC but I agree a slip of the finger gave an when it should have been a.
            Most people would have worked that out but I will make an excuse for you old chap.

  2. Note the graph of exports to China takes off especially during Labours last tenure from 2017, and remember the NZ- China free trade deal was inked by Helen Clark’s government.

    Granted Key is an obvious Chinese patsy, but Labour sold us out in the trade deal well and truly.

    • Well the graph actually shows the take off under way in 2016. Given the years these deals take its clearly more to do with Clarke and Key.

    • No it wasn’t. helen clarke was there but only in the same capacity as this current lot of neo-liberal escapee organ grinders monkeys.
      It was that neo-liberalism what done it and if you don’t yet comprehend the inner workings of that particular disaster for the many but a massive pay day for the few then you should probably go off and study your history before you stumble over your stupid again.
      Clarke needed to hide the truth by selling us to the Chinese markets because that was what she was paid and coached to do. We needed to trade and shit needed to be kept hidden, fundamentally.
      Prior to that, roger douglas was a two term finance minister within Labour and a liar and a cheat and a faux friend of David Lange’s and who, as history clearly shows, was Lange’s undoing.
      It should be remembered that douglas was the dawn of ACT in cahoots with quigly and a few others who’s names are too emetic for me to mention.
      Since douglas and his deliberate destruction of Labour for their foreseeable profits of himself and others we’ve had no, and I mean zero, politic. For the last 40 years we have, in good faith, voted and hoped and prayed for and invested our trust and money in our politics but instead we’ve had a simple and frankly fucking ugly political mafia organisation who’s sole purpose was the exploitation us for their private and personal wealth creation. What you reckon about that @ graeme hart? Alan Gibb? Got an opinion? Any of you other rich multi-billion and multi-millionaires and four foreign owned bankster fuckers care to comment? I wonder? Do those who must watch their whanau suffer needlessly in a country heaving in wealth understand the needs of you poor multi-billionaires and multi-millionaires blow-jobbing the four foreign owned banks to scam our politics into pretending that the Chinese are our only fucking market for our foods and wool and fishes and wood and fucking everything only vital and essential so nothing important! Aye, you Kunning Kriminal Kiwi Mother Fuckers?
      Rage Against the Machine.
      YouTube has blocked me because I won’t buy their commercials so that’s why this.

      • scam our politics into pretending that “the Chinese are our only fucking market for our foods and wool and fishes and wood and fucking everything only vital and essential ”

        So if it’s so obvious there are other markets out there that will buy at the volume of China you don’t think any government would have gone for it?
        Where are these other markets?

  3. The thing is, unlike the attack on the Rainbow Warrior, where the physical evidence was there in front of us, when it comes to a cyber attack, all we have to go on is the government’s word, or, worse, that of our recently compromised spy agency and when propaganda is the very stuff that cements political allegiances, isn’t that very dangerous?
    As to the question of trade with China – if all those bleating about it would kindly send their list of alternative countries willing to match what China takes, I’m sure the Government would be most appreciative,

    • Agreed on the last statemnet Malcolm. Notwithstanding the need to diversify…we have become dependent on China, because that has been the ‘easy’ growing market over the last decade. And BTW, to all those who bleat about “corporate” farmers – 91% of sheep and beef farms are family farmers,

  4. Since Douglas, NZ has been cut up and sold like a pig-butchering scam – largely offshore, because the moribund economy created by our self-styled elite isn’t generating enough cashflow for anyone local to pay for anything.

    Where are our economically competent leaders? Where are the ones who will put NZ interests ahead of private gain? Our political selection processes are selecting for histrionic assholes on the so-called left, and corrupt failed businessfolk on the right.

    • You seem to ignore that the reigns of power were held by Labour for 6 years so how can you say it was Keys fault when Labour did not to change things. On balance they changed very little re trade despite a lot of talk.
      We are a small trading nation and cannot afford to make enemies.

  5. Farmers would happily export more dairy to the 5eyes allies but those countries don’t operate a free market.

    The big problem for NZ is that when Britain joined the European Union it was identified that major export diversification was required. Douglas destroyed the protected manufacturing industry before it could mature. Muldoons think big projects were sold off by Labour so they never benefited the taxpayers long term. Then the Greens closed it down. The finance, wide-boys were going to create a Switzerland of the South Pacific but only ran Cook Island tax scams or manipulated and shorted the NZ dollar. The software and gaming industry doesn’t scale because the founders always exit with an overseas sale. The bums-on-seats education industry seems to have degraded the quality of education. A tourist industry that relies on overseas backpackers to staff will be heavily hit by Carbon taxes in the coming years. The nation’s R&D investment is always about a quarter of what it should be.

    Meanwhile, farmers did diversify away from wool to forestry, irrigated dairy, kiwifruit, avocados, venison, value-added meat processing, super fine wools, wine and latterly a new crop, cannabis. The rest of the society is not holding up their end on generating export income.

    • The sabotage of Think Big was one of NZ’s greatest crimes of the 20th century. Of course, now the ‘National’ party is committed to thinking as small and stupidly as possible.

  6. It is stretching things to call China New Zealand’s “overlord”. The United Kingdom, United States and Australia would all be well ahead of the PRC in the queue to wear that particular title. China is simply New Zealand’s most important trading partner, for which we have to thank the UK (for going into the EC), the US (for refusing to buy New Zealand produce) as well as China (for paying top dollar for everything from milk powder to radiata pine logs, and selling us manufactured consumer and capital items at rock-bottom prices). The fact that New Zealand is a colonial society dependent on the export of primary produce and raw materials is not China’s fault, and neither is it exclusively the fault of John Key and corporate farmers. It was a Labour government which decided to dismantle New Zealand’s “inefficient” secondary industries and make the country totally dependent on overseas trade and foreign capital. The real problem is that for the past two centuries politicians of every stripe have believed that New Zealand can do very nicely as a colonial state with a colonialist economy to match. That might no longer be true, but fuming and pointing the finger at “the other side” will not change the reality which has been created by the colonial regime as a whole.

    • Perhaps that’s because a free market operating in a western liberal democracy has proven to be the most effective and stable society in human history.

      All this blather about Colonial – racist much?

  7. Martyn wrote: “We are now utterly addicted to Chinese money and can’t disentangle ourselves from their influence and power, especially with 200 000 Chinese NZers now living in Auckland, a city of 1.2million.”
    The implication being that “200,000 Chinese New Zealanders” somehow constitute a threat to the national interest.
    Actually, in a colonialist state such as the Realm of New Zealand, it is nationalism which is perceived as a real and present threat to the state, rather than loyalty to any given country of origin. New Zealand’s “British overlords” set the scene by ensuring that all New Zealand political institutions mimic those of Britain, that New Zealand’s flag is an adaptation of the British flag, that New Zealand law follows British law, that British nationals have unrestricted access to New Zealand military and intelligence services and that all New Zealand parliamentarians must swear an oath of allegiance to the British sovereign.
    Can anyone imagine a New Zealand in which China had such “influence and power”? We are nowhere near such a point, and never will be.
    It may be true that New Zealand’s non-British migrant populations – whether British, Dutch, Chinese, Indian, Jewish, South African or whatever – have an enduring attachment to their country of origin, which is actively encouraged by the New Zealand state (under the cloak of “diversity” or “super-diversity”) which fears nothing so much as the growth and expression of a genuine nationalism in this country. It is also fostered by New Zealand’s practice of allowing its citizens to hold citizenship in one or more other jurisdictions, and it would be frankly ridiculous to insist that non-British migrants should sever all connections with their homelands while allowing our “British overlords” to act as though every square metre of our land, and every single one of our people should be subject to the “influence and power” of the United Kingdom and the United States.
    Having said that, there is no evidence at all that “200,000 Chinese New Zealanders” are less loyal to our country than people of any other ethnicity and it is scurrilous to imply that they might be.

    • Actually, pound for pound these “200,000 Chinese New Zealanders” are pobably the most productive segment of the population, less likely to use social and health services, and certainly the most law-abiding by a country mile.

  8. Well is not New Zealand part of an alliance that spies relentlessly on China and now has troops right on China’s doorstep in Kinmen and Penghu islands.

    The Chinese are the top trading partner of 120 countries in the world including Australia, so New Zealand is hardly in a unique position .

    They are not our overlords because they don’t force is to sell milk powder, we can choose to stop selling at any point in time,. It’s a case of willing seller and willing buyer

  9. I said bloody years ago we shouldn’t be doing this, and was essentially laughed at by conservatives. I also said that once China puts the same amount of effort into RMD as it does into making things, the rest of the industrial world is going to be in trouble. And guess who’s far ahead with regard to electric cars now. Mind you, it’s not much fun being right if nobody bloodiy remembers.

  10. enquiry for countryboy and I personally have no idea, an informed opinion would help

    how many nz farms are family owned and how many are owned by agribusiness?

    we have a national myth centred around a farmer and his wife getting up at sparrows fart to go to this myth still valid?


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