Christopher Luxon condemns the mosque killings but excuses the wholesale slaughter of Palestinians


Needless to say protests continue around the country today against Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza and the government’s ongoing complicity of silence with the most appalling of all war crimes.

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon spoke eloquently yesterday about the murder of 51 Muslims in Christchurch five years ago – six of whom were Palestinian New Zealanders – but has provided only meaningless mumbles of concern for the wholesale slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza.  

Details of the protests against the government and its racist anti-Palestinian policies are on our Facebook event page here 

North Island


Opononi – Gathering for Palestine
Sunday 17 March
5:00 pm
Outside the Four Square, Opononi

Kerikeri, Bay of Islands – Rally
Saturday 16 March
9:00 – 11:00 am
Kerikeri roundabout, State highway 10

Whangarei – Rally
Saturday 16 March
10:00 am
Whangārei Town Basin in front of Hundertwasser Building

TDB Recommends

Auckland – Picket at MFAT
Friday 15 March
12:00 am – 1:00 pm
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Complicity in Apartheid
139 Quay Street, Auckland Central

Auckland – Rally
Sunday 17 March
11:00 am
Te Komititanga Square – Britomart

Auckland – Banners over Bridges
Saturday 16 or Sunday 17 March
Wind speed dependant
1:30 pm
Text Steve on 021 256 511 For details

Tauranga – Rally
Sunday 17 March
11:00 am
Coronation Park, Mount Maunganui

Hamilton – Walled Off Talk
Thursday 14 March
6:30 – 7:30 pm
Waikato University
Please register –

Hamilton – Rally
Saturday 16 March
1:00 pm
End of Wairere Drive and Naylor Street, Hillcrest

Rotorua – Flag Waving for Todd McClay
Thursday 15 March
4:00 pm
National MP Todd McClay’s Office – 1301 Amohau St, Rotorua

Napier Rally
Saturday 16 March
11:30 am
Marine Parade Soundshell Roundabout

Hastings Rally
Sunday 17 March
2:00 pm
Hastings Town Clock – Hastings CBD

Palmerston North
Sunday 17 March
2:00 pm
The Square, Palmerston North

New Plymouth – Stand at WOMAD
Friday 15 March
4:00 pm
Entrance A and B of WOMAD

New Plymouth – Rally
Saturday 16 March
11:00 am
The Landing, 1 Ariki Street, New Plymouth

Whanganui – Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage
Saturday 16 March
5:00 am start – 5:00 pm end
Gather at St Luke’s, 34 Manuka St, Castlecliff, Whanganui
Round trip from St Lukes, Pākaitore Te Ao Hou marae, St Mary’s Upokongaro, Te Ao Hou marae back to St Lukes. Join in along the way
See event details here –

Whanganui – Rally
Saturday 16 March
11:00 am
Riverside Market, Whanganui

Martinborough – Gathering for Palestine
Every Wednesday
11:00 am
The square at the top of Kitchener St, Martinborough

South Island

Nelson – Rally

Check out the Te Tau Ihu Palestine Solidarity Facebook page

Saturday 16 March
11:00 am
Blenheim Railway Station

Christchurch – Rally
Saturday 16 March
1:00 pm
Bridge of Remembrance, Cashel Street, Christchurch

Check out the PSNA Facebook page later in the week
And –

Friday 15 March
5:30 pm
Wachner place Invercargill




  1. Very true John, really makes you think- especially when we recognize that Brenton Tarrant did not exist in a vacuum. His hateful actions, like those of the Israel Institute of New Zealand and similar groups, were rooted in the zionist ‘counterjihad’ ideology of hatred and murder towards Muslims.

    Indeed, Tarrant was directly inspired by the zionist Baruch Goldstein, who after moving from America to ‘israel’ to illegally invade Palestinian land murdered 29 worshippers and injured 125 more at the al-Ibrahimi mosque. Goldstein is very widely celebrated by zionists like Tarrant. The zionist regime in occupied Palestine massacred even more Palestinians protesting Goldstein’s actions, and has since stolen large parts of the mosque to use for a fake jewish temple.

    Luxon is completely fine with all that, of course.

    • Muslims kill more Muslims than non Muslims do.
      So the world doesn’t really take notice of collateral damage by Israel as they know Hamas need to be crushed and the tunnels mined and flooded, Israel is doing good work.

      • More NZers kill NZers than non NZers do.
        Your argument is so stupid, that I suspect that you have to concentrate fulltime on keeping a rhythmic breathing cycle and a regular heartbeat.

  2. Islam is only considered a race because of critical race theory and i reject both. Islam is a religion and as an atheist, I will not stand with it.

    • You can’t logically expect anyone to respect your right not to believe in any religion if you do not recognise their right to believe in a religion. When whatever belief that is held causes harm to others then that needs to be condemned & subject to suitable laws however true freedom has to include faith or it is not really freedom. While I disagree with many mainstream Christian ideas taught, I still respect people’s right to believe them provided they respect my right to share what I believe is true with its evidence.
      I disagree even more with Islam etc but still respect people’s right to choose it.


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