Posie Parker Puncher gets mercy but victim ultimately wins politically


Man discharged without conviction after punching 71-year-old at Posie Parker event

A man who admitted punching a 71-year-old woman during a protest against Posie Parker, has been discharged without conviction.

The protester, who was granted permanent name suppression, appeared at the Auckland District Court on Monday where his lawyer Emma Priest sought for him to be discharged without conviction.

The 21-year-old was charged after activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, was set to speak at Auckland’s Albert Park in March.

I’m glad that the Posie Parker Puncher got mercy, because my default position is that we should always attempt to show mercy.

The passion on the day exploded the moment Posie turned up, it was like every single kid who had ever been bullied for their sexual identity arrived to confront their bully!

That ‘bully’ turned out to be about 100 old School 70s feminist dykes who wanted to hear Posie Parker talk about feminism that they had been banned from discussing.

The victim who was punched is angry and upset but she also needs to know that ultimately her side won because the Posie Parker fiasco and the way the woke media attempted to cover it cost the Left the 2023 election.

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Here’s how The Spinoff seriously attempted to cover the protest…

it’s was very important for the woke narrative to tell you the aggression you saw with your own eyes was joyful and loving…

…in a weird Orwellian 1984 torture session, the Woke are holding up 4 penises and asking you how many penis there are, and you say 4 and they scream ‘They aren’t penises they are vaginas’!

1984 – how many fingers am I holding up Winston?

The images of Posie being attacked and cancelled did far more damage to the Left than getting punched in the head!

I’m no fan of Parker, as far as I am concerned she is a Toxic Trans Troll fear grifter who loves this reaction and attention.

I believe Tim Selwyn, managed to do a devastating critique of the intellectual infrastructure of Posie Parker and highlight what a grifter she is.

However Parker is a manifestation of a cancel culture where these issues can’t be debated because of woke social media lynchings.

Because the woke activists rely on echo bunkers and cancel culture, they have lost the ability to persuade and because the Left is overrun by the woke that inability to win over people is rife throughout the movement.

I have many self declaring feminist women who privately tell me they have real misgivings with some of the Trans woke dogma but are terrified of saying anything because the Fourth Wave Feminists, non-binary activists and trans ally vegan mommy bloggers rip them to pieces on social media.

Posie Parker is what happens when we censor and the mob attack on her weakens the Left’s moral high ground.

The Left should be championing free speech, not limiting it and when we do protest, it should be to win over people, not beat them up.

In the end it wasn’t the Trans community who were in danger, it was Posie Parker and that’s exactly what she wanted.

The victim of being punched by a Trans Activist is angry that person has been shown mercy, but the victim must also know the disproportionate response by the Woke that day damaged the Left and cost us the election.

Ultimately Posie Parker won.

Could the woke please stop giving culture war ammunition to our political enemies?

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  1. The Labour Party cost itself the election, while they did a few good things they turned into an ongoing train wreck of self-inflicted problems & did not have a credible leader.

    • Yes it’s a bridge too far to blame the trans lobby or an aggressive idiot throwing a punch…a dildo woulda been better. However PP reconsidered coming back due to to violence she incited and free speech doesn’t include hate speech to forment trouble and strife and division. If she wanted a platform she shoulda paid for a private one and all her supporters could go hear her there.
      The blame lies with Hipkins, Captains calls and no wealth tax as the reasons for Labour’s loss. Disillusioned voters, not transformational government when they were given the mandate to transform.

  2. We are all the looser’s in this fiasco:
    – New Zealanders can see once again the legal system failing to provide justice.
    – Woman can see that they are still second class citizens in this country with out freedom of speech, freedom of assembly or even freedom of violence.

    The Judge and Police should take a long hard look at themselves and ask themselves are they fulfilling their duty to our Country.

    • 100%. But it’s more pernicious than that because yet again young children are being victimised and damaged with the transgender ideology being forced upon them through the education system and concerned parents of under-age kids potentially criminalised. I party voted NZ First expecting Peters to address this.

      • Trans ideology is not being forced on kids. They are merely being told its OK to be LGBT. Something which bible bashers like you have tried to stop for hundreds of years.

        Christianity has been forced on people for over a century via the legal system, and not a peep from you,.

        • It’s forced on teachers though, most of whom would prefer Trans to have to make their case to adults, rather than grooming their pupils.

          • Its not ‘grooming’. Its about letting kids know, that, hey some people are trans and its OK. When I was a kid, I knew that there were women out there that ‘used to be men’ and I just thought it was just something that some people did. Now today, people get triggered blue bloody murder over it, thinking that its a ‘sin’ and all that garbage.

            • It’s grooming. Teachers aren’t happy about heterosexual grooming either. Trans are not being treated exceptionally, and should gtfo of schools.

              But they are such entitled bullies they will instead ruin the career of any teacher that stands against them. Trans have lost my support forever.

  3. Discarge without conviction shouldn’t be an option for crimes of violence, this could easily have been a homicide. Cops should appeal the decision.

  4. There will always be nuts in the fruit cake of humanity until we renounce all religions and embrace good drugs.
    The Guardian.
    CIA experiments, Mormon ravers and reformed racists: the untold history of MDMA
    Posie Parker will likely be a closet fuzz nuzzler in denial and will be confused by her own emotional false narratives and dream-state desires. Ignoring the Posies is the best option unless you can slip her an E in her muesli. Warning! Then stand well back!
    Holy Water AKA Hard Times.
    I particularly liked the scene where the vicar’s giving his sermon.
    Holy Water (later renamed Hard Times) is a 2009 Irish comedy film directed by Tom Reeve and starring John Lynch, Linda Hamilton, Cornelius Clarke and Lochlainn O’Mearain. It tells the story of a group of men in a rural Irish village who hijack a truck containing Viagra with the intention of selling the drug in Amsterdam.
    WARNING! To my knowledge there’s no good E in AO/NZ. Don’t take anything if you don’t know for sure, and I mean medically verifiably certain of what it is. If you don’t, you might have to take up harp lessons.
    I hear the national party are going to decriminalise all drugs and establish a unit to specifically identify the ingredients of your little disco biscuits. No, it’s true.
    They’re also going to initiate a commission of inquiry into how there are 14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires each with a minimum of $50 mil net and they’re banning foreign banking [interests] here until the banks can prove the banks are operating in a manner that best benefits us rather than their faceless, off-shore ‘investors’ who’ve lobbied their way into our homes, hearts and pockets. Seriously! They are. Look it up?
    What’s more, and yes, there is more, they’re going to remove GST and increase the high-earner tax rates to fund the homeless into homes and food into the hungry. The rich might have to sell one of their Teslas but hey! It’s a start isn’t it? Good ol National aye? There for us. Not for [them].

  5. One of the reasons the judge gave for that leniency was the perps “nurodiversity”… WTF does that even mean? If it’s about their gender doesn’t that mean they are, rather ironically, being treated differently because of it. Therefore proving posies point.

  6. ACT and Cam Slater are both spitting the dummy over this with Slater calling the judge woke and David Seymour calling the sentencing “A tragedy for women”.

      • Lol you got your name wrong. Anyway, ACT is a bit rich going on about tradgies when it repealed the Fair Pay Agreements, which would improved the lot of low paid women such as cleaners, and bus drivers, or when it goes to cut state houses, meaning women are going to have to live with abusive husbands, or put up with abusive bosses. As I said before, you are a traitor to the working class and always will be

  7. These 70’s old school feminists dykes have moved to the right, and completely oppose LGBT rights and social progress.

    Anyway, Transwomen have been attacked and murdered all the time, and their killers have gotten off.

    The bible bashing filth deserved it.

    • LGB have had equal rights for decades, there is no discrimination. The T+ however are usurping and hijacking other protected categories rights.

    • Amen, it’s depressing that after making so much progress in gay rights we basically have to start from square one with trans rights…

  8. We don’t need nasty Poms coming here spreading their rubbish we already have Trev on this site and the Uk is in the shite they have so many inequalities its biting them.

  9. We don’t need nasty Poms coming here spreading their rubbish we already have Trev on this site and the Uk is in the shite they have so many inequalities its biting them.

  10. Rugby players get away with assault, so their careers are not affected and their ability to travel overseas is not affected.

    • Is that so? Can you provide the name, or a link? This will expose the foolishness of judges who think they can act with impunity within their own fiefdom. There’s a lot — a lot! — wrong with the internet, but this isn’t an example.
      Letting someone off for punching an elderly woman . . . . .

        • Yep. Half of these TERF’s are in lock step with the Christian right at the moment. Phyllis Schafly without the makeup and high heels.

            • Those are weird timelines. I don’t agree that woman were more unhappy and beat up and broken back then simply because there’s 4 billion of them right now complaining oh it’s all terrible this place men built. The greatest infrastructure projects this world has ever seen and you fembots still find things to complain about.

    • But you think it’s OK for LGBT people to be harrased and threatened by people like yourself. A trans person was murdered in a US school last week. I don’t see you condemning that. I guess you just like you stick it to the sodomites.

  11. derisory sentence how can the judge actually justify it when the person actually confessed how can that lead to a discharge without conviction and as usual in nz name suppression is applied to protect the guilty not the victim…..suppression really need a THROUGH review

  12. There should be a rule where somebody can’t randomly punch someone on the street (three times) unless they are twice your size (not half your size), half your age (not more three times your age) and of the same sex (no hitting women you knuckle dragging gutless cowards). Then again, make it only permissible to attack cops, who can legally defend themselves with deadly force and shoot you in the big man face.

  13. I think everytime the Trans rights activists expose themselves in this way they lose. But the elderly woman didn’t win. Still suffering the consequences of the assaults.

    The good thing is most of NZ can see through the bullshit of trans ideolgy that has hooked itself to the gay and lesbian cause. Many of them are very unhappy about this.

    But yes, I think us gender critical feminist are definitely winning.
    Meanwhile so tra are trying to shut down Graham Lineham (The IT Crowd , FAther Ted) talks in Wellington. The fools clearly don’t know about the Streisand Effect

    • Lineham is on record as wanting trans people imprisoned and even murdered,, but that shows your mentality. You have always had a blinding hatred for LGBT people and I promise to call you out every single day. How long before you start calling for homosexuality to be recrimialised?

      • You can make all the claims you like no one is going to enforce your crazy conspiracy not the police or the courts in fact they’ll probably beat them up before putting murderers in jail we don’t hate trans people at all not nearly as much as your crazy brain thinks. What we don’t like is sterilising young people and telling everyone who disagrees they murderers.

  14. I supported the Posie Parker protest and still do, I’m not going to let a few instances of violence take away from the protest as a whole as if that’s your standard then you’d also have to condemn the women’s sufferage movement and the civil rights movement in the US for example as any large protest movement is inevitably going to have violent elements.
    That said I won’t condone the violent instances themselves (aside from the tomato juicing which gave me a good chuckle) I would have no problem with this person being charged as assaulting an elderly woman is going way too far.
    Final point however: trans and gender non-conforming people are subject to hate crimes constantly… Two names I’d like everyone to look up are Nex Benedict and Brianna Ghey, both 16 year old gender non-conforming people who were killed during or shortly following a vicious hate crime.
    If we wanna talk about violence the TERF movement has infinitely more blood on their hands than the trans movement!

    • Brianna Ghey was not a hate crime. An appalling tragedy for sure.

      The murderous psychopaths who killed Briana had a list of people they wanted to kill and a young man was top of their list. They couldn’t get access to him so they killed Briana.

      I hope those two are locked away forever.

      Are you trying to scare trans people by claiming it’s a hate crime?

        • You can’t make gun control into a trans issue it doesn’t work like that. No one cared about drag queens roaming New Zealand when I was growing up all of a sudden it’s this huge issue beginning with men competing against woman in sports. It’s okay for men to think that they are girl but no ones going to want there daughters losing out to men. Your constant insinuating that every issue is a trans issue has killed the movement.

          We had a chance to create a first world trans policy when the Olympic Committee first brought it in back in 2006 I believe but you fucked it up by forcing everyone to transition way to fast no one believes that trans people are being targeted because they weren’t the higher ups was trying to bring them in it’s people like you that fucked it all up.

  15. People afraid of the ‘woke’ and the stirred-up followers and disaffected angries. Aren’t these people too close for comfort to the ‘brownshirts’ of pre-Hitler times in Germany? And the weird approach of making up punishments regardless of precedent, as the systems that served fail without sensible, intelligent and enlightened revision and improvement.

    All stirred-up and dressed up with nowhere to go; so what do they do? It’s dangerous to have idle minds and bodies around and about talking up their disaffection with everything. How to trump this situation? Soon the State will be clamping down and we will have both the hue-shirts and the authorities to worry about.

  16. Janis Ian thoughtful beautiful singer from the uSA talking about things that affect us all. She was turned down by the ‘lecherous’ Bill Cosby (said to be) from being on his show when she was a teenager because she was apparently a lesbian. She has thought about being a person in our witless societies around the world! And seems to have some good words and made music about it.
    ‘I hoped those issues would be gone,’ Janis Ian is saddened by how relevant her songs still are

  17. You know what, as someone who is over seventy themselves, I really don’t think you should be punching seventy-one-year-olds. I don’t care how worked up you are about something. And while her “side” might have won, seventy-one-year-olds can be dammed fragile and the stupid bugger is lucky not be facing manslaughter charges.
    Discharge without conviction I regard as a mockery. Perhaps due to my age.

  18. Btw just to reiterate my stance on Millsy. What he says is in the realm of fantasy. He’s not a good faith commentator. I ignore him and smile at his attempts to provoke me

    • You are the one who bitches and whines about how women are stripped of their rights, but votes for a party that wants to rip the guts out of wages and conditions that will affect way more woman than a bunch of old ladies worried about a few trans people.

  19. This identitarian crap is death to the Left, which is what it was created to be.

    The Sweetbaby fisaco has blown the lid off the villains behind what gets called ‘woke’. Rainbow communities? Diverse community support grioups? Nope. Black Rock.

    So why does Black Rock love identitarianism? Why indeed.

  20. It’s a little odd that there’s no link to a transcript of the decision in question, so we could factually assess why the young man was acquitted. I think part of the problem with the old school seventies lesbian feminist TERFs is that they probably feel that they were left behind by the advent of intersectional feminism, neoliberalism, the ascendancy of socialist feminism within womens politics, LGBTQI+ coalition politics and living in a more politically complex world. Much the same thing happened to a particular older generation of gay men after 1986. Resultantly, the old school seventies lesbian feminists dusted off the old Janice Raymond seventies TERF volume “The Transsexual Empire” and used its tabloid jeremiad content to attack the trans community as it evolved and developed.

    The consequence is that much of the rest of present day feminism and LGBTQI+ communities loathes and detests them. Younger lesbians are infuriated at TERFs condoning NZ First’s attacks on the Relationship and Sexuality Curriculum, LGBTQI+ communities are aghast that these elderly lesbians are backing someone with known neofascist associations like Posie Parker and the pro-choice movement is disgusted at them for ignoring the attacks on womens reproductive freedom overseas because the TERFs are so myopic.

    As for the standard tiresome fundamentalist marxoid crap about identity politics, read some Gramsci, guys. Remember hegemony theory?

  21. And frankly, those who throw their hands up at this incident have both selective memories and equally selective morality. What about the motorcyclist who rode directly at Marama Davidson, the Green coleader, and injured her during the same protest? I have yet to see any of the free speech/anti-trans brigade condemn that disgusting event.


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