RNZ Review – Kim Hill vs Posie Parker

Where else on the dial but RNZ National will you find two middle-aged British women competing as to who hates men and their yucky penises the most? You won't find that anywhere else.


It’s 11min55sec and tops the RNZ audio playback list this weekend. I heard it while making coffee live as it aired just after the 8am news bulletin on Friday. It seemed long, unhurried; and untypically amicable. You know what I mean. Here we go.

Hill, phraseology constrained, faking normality for an unsuspecting guest. Rundown of the legal action so far.
Hill: Kia ora.
PP: (inaudible – was it good morning?)

A can-you-hear-me back and forth. Normalising or heightening the tension, not sure. As soon as PP confirms the line is clear Hill is in instantly with a can you confirm this uncomfortable fact scenario but she has an uncharacteristicly cheery tone. The security contractor pulled out and she’s out $10k. The poor Pommy poppet. Hill’s irregular rising inflection on the question was smirking sarcasm, ah, of course, it wasn’t going to be anything else. PP was laughing under the end of the question.

She starts on her mandatory must’n grumble English grumble, but surprises by taking it straight into a ‘this is what you get when’ scenario bringing it right back to her own talking point: ‘it’s staggering that people won’t protect women.’  Bang – the key message, or is that camoflage – deployed within the first few seconds of the exchange. Parries the gloat into a cloak of victimhood. She appears savvy.

Hill not happy to let the competition have the point by just breezely conceding, no, she doesn’t want to let that rest, it was the trump card to be played so worth a double down. Hill attempts to draw a dire picture of our collective imagination – oh you mean you’ve lost $10k to the security company? Said in hope. PP continues to half laugh it off, no, she doesn’t intend to play that game. No, she hasn’t lost any money, and they pulled out because of hateful media coverage in Australia. She is serving them straight back each time.

The impression from the outset is a projection of a calm perseverance as a set upon person, as the voice of reason who will not and cannot be silenced, relentlessly on message. At this point I am wondering if PP is a ‘feminist’ or not. Is her message simply her own Blonde accented shit takes on high rotate as an ego wank or is she or was she ever a bone fide feminist crusader? These are genuine questions. I don’t choose to follow what this person does nor have I been exposed to her existence before seeing her rally with the black shirted neo-nazis in Melbourne last week parading and saluting on the steps of the Victorian Parliament Buildings as police held crowds back to allow them to do so. It was surreal. I bet most of the RNZ audience hadn’t a clue about the genitally obsessed grift influencer before this fascist outbreak. Is any of this feminism?

So ten more minutes of a passive aggressive female verbal tango: an interview between a feminist who is an outright man-hating misandarist on the one hand and Posie Parker on the other. Joy. How’s that coffee coming along – I’m going to put a bit of Hazelnut in the plunger for that gourmet flavour, you know. Where else on the dial but RNZ National will you find two middle-aged British women competing as to who hates men and their yucky penises the most? You won’t find that anywhere else.

Hill still on about the money. PP sighs, verbal shrug, ok lets go there, Hill clearly won’t leave it alone, so she explains it will cost exponentially more to hire security, then sharply turns it back to outrage that poor women will have to pay more just to have free speech. Hard on that message and a more explicit appeal to victimhood. Hill being the other cat in the sack has another swipe.
Hill: what lies? Why did you leave Australia?
PP: who I have connections with.
And she shifts seemlessly into: this always happens to women who speak out. Victim overdrive. Hill interrupts: you are referring to the last rally and the Nazi salutes. She is pouting as she draws out the last word no doubt, creating a linger where the audience is forced to relive the fascist spectre. PP into a denial, a horrendous lie, a horrendous, horrible, shameful this and that. Every adjective is superlative. She is sounding awfully thin-skinned for someone whose last romp before Pauline Hanson had been with the Nazi Party of Victoria.

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PP:…and especially when we speak about our rights. Men in dresses, particularly men in dresses…
Hill interrupts: I’ve never seen Nazi men at a feminist rally except to oppose it.
Hill asks why were they supporting her, and a to and fro until we get down to what ‘the debate’ is supposedly about if we treat the Nazis as a clown side-show.

Hill: You are an opponent of trans men!?
PP: I oppose men in womens’ spaces.
And as soon as she said that the real debate began. We were almost four minutes in, but hey. When she said that it became about women and safe spaces. Is space a childrens’ storytime/drag entertainment in the library, is space the platform to speak or publish, is space a sportsfield, a competition. How will this be answered? Very conventionally as it turned out.

Running a women and their feelings argument has a force that can cut across ideology. Some of it sounded reasonable, some of it sounded like she was molested by an 7 foot tranny,  counselling unsuccessful, notes include reflex stabs when cornered, nightmare scream twitching. It sounded personal, but she never offered anything other than this hypothecated helter skelter scenario of swarms of cross dressing degenerates plotting a bestial attack, as they lurk in the bromeliads waiting for their opportunity to defile the always popular girls Saturday brunch at the garden centre. She was challenged. Ahh, she said, but it only takes one. One. n=1. Trigger threshholds don’t get lower than that.

At this point I become aware of the social class situation. Both are English, but Hill is middle class and PP sounds working class and as the interview continues down an orthodox pathway and her pleadings become more pathetic my opinion is formed that she is thick – and yes quite possibly in part because of the accent, but really some of the dots she was joining were random.

‘Catastrophising’ becomes a rubric and her paranoiac state emerges as the salient worked over the last half of the interview – it struck a nerve when Hill introduced it and finding it tender drilled down on it like it was Marathon Man and it wasn’t looking at all safe.

Coffee with a bit of cream is just something else, isn’t it.

The real handbag blows to PP’s intellectual credentials were self inflicted. She asks Hill does she know which billionaires are funding trans ideology? Hill shoots back: no, how many, tell me more. At this point PP fumbles, flails, it was a bluff, she doesn’t know her stuff. The last person you want to try that nonsense with, oh dear. It goes as it sounds like it went. With three minutes to go Hill has the other arm wrestler pinned, it is over. Hill laughs, mockingly, in derision, openly contemptuous at this point, oh sure Hill says, you go for it. And she did go for it, basically uninterrupted until the end. The more she spoke the faster her IQ score slid. You have to be a hundy to face Hill and it was no contest.


  1. Kim usually goes in for the kill. I remember in the dark days of Winston’s “tight five” she almost single handedly headed the resistance against that rotten MMP Govt. regularly disemboweling the likes of Tuariki Delamere on live radio.

    The UK sure throws up some political oddballs like Yaxley-Lennon aka Tommy Robinson, and now Parker. It is a consequence of working class brit fascism, post modernism, and online chaos.

    • ” It is a consequence of working class brit fascism, post modernism, and online chaos.” You have got to be kidding… Do you ever read what you write before hitting the send button? If you don’t. which looks likely, then best you start now.. Your “comment” could be used as a song lyric, keeping in mind that song lyrics have no requirement to be sensible, rational, or relevant to the real world, or talk about real world actualities.. So, put some music to your utterances, otherwise it’s just meaningless drivel..

  2. The writer was doing ok until he mocked the working class accent and labelled this woman thick. Is he saying that all people with working class accents are thick. So please explain Christopher Luxon who has a NZ middle class accent is thick ?

  3. Kim Hill doing what she does best.
    I thought the interview before that with Max Tweedie (Auckland Pride’s executive director) was revealing.
    He may have thought he would get an easy ride from Hill.
    But no she is an equal opportunity “rip you a new orifice” interviewer, well worth a listen.

    • Raymond A Francis – Thank you for bringing up Max Tweedie interview. Max has divided the LGBT community with his manner…example, he voted out the original founders of the Auckland Pride Parade, he sells the Rainbow tick scheme without oversight from the LGBT community, and he was the one trying to shame the Police over the Auckland Pride Parade…and yes, he was at Albert Park yesterday.

  4. Tim – this is not what I heard…I heard Posie Parker calmly, and clearly outline her position, which is “Women are special, and unique”, and Kim Hill being Kim Hill (trying to derail an interesting interview)…the so called Nazi point, is silly, those Nazi were arrested for gate crashing her event, and have stated they do not support her…

    • The interview intended to be a set up.
      Free speech in New Zealand is dead,facilitated by the current Labour Government.
      It’s embarrassing to be a New Zealander at the moment we are so immature,unworldly.
      Backwards people dictating.

  5. Well you obviously have no background as to what this fight is about.

    I was one of those women who was going to talk yesterday about the harmful impact of gender ideology on me and my relative (who is gay by the way).

    What happened yesterday in Albert Park to women trying to speak was absolutely shameful. Women many of whom are lesbians punched, spat at and jostled by an angry mob who the police ignored.

    I challenge you to educate yourself about what is really happening to women who speak up. You might start with harassment JK Rowling has experienced

    • Anker – Agreed…Posie has stated numerous times that trans need their own spaces, and events…I am truly sorry that you, and your friends/family, were treated that way in Albert Park yesterday.

    • The has had set back the LGBTQ movement back 20 years.

      As a husband to a stunning strong women, if you fucken dare mess with her or prevent her from speaking then you better be prepared for the consequences.

      I’ve always supported the LGBTQ community to live as they see fit, their sexuality is as about a concern to me as whether they’re are left or right handed.

      Now I’m not so sure. The seed of doubt has been sown as it’s obvious my tolerance has been taken for granted.

      • YOu never were a strong supporter in the first place. I take it you will support efforts to recriminalise LGBT, and support Russia, Poland, Hungary and Uganda’s anti gays laws then.

      • BG I understand where you are coming from.

        But important to remember many lesbians and some gay men don’t support the authoritarian trans rights activists. They have taken over the movement

    • You complain loudly about that, but silence on proposals in the USA to impose the death penalty for women who try to get abortions.

      • I am not sure what you mean National are squeeky…..

        But initially I was against the protest as I am pro vax. Then seeing how those protestors were treated by the likes of Mallard and Michael Wood “river of filth”. I became disgusted by what went down by the govt

    • anker is it better or worse than any other demonstrator gets punched or do lesbians feel it more??? juz askin
      if not why mention it?
      special treatment for your team is as bad as special treatment for anyother

      • All violence is completely unacceptable.

        I mention lesbians, because they are part of the rainbow community, but if you don’t go along with the trans women are women, then you get smeared and cancelled.

        I also mentioned to show that this is not about lesbian and gay rights. Lesbians are being persecuted by tras.

  6. Kim Hill stopped being a journalist a long time ago, if she ever was one. Her responses to texts from listeners are pretty revealing – her response to one recent critical text was “I’m guessing you’re old, white and male”. That’s the response of an activist, not a journalist.

  7. Listening through, what did the interviewee say that was wrong? The most dangerous people to women are men? Billionaires profit from this gender dysphoria movement? Just *saying* you’re a woman doesn’t make you one? She might be inflammatory, but that is not the same as being wrong.

      • He’s probably more of a preposition, or more likely a postposition – even given his mission to remain relevant and down with the kuds as he enters his menopause and mid-life crisis.
        It’s great he sticks around however. Entertainment for me, and fuel for a number of volk to protest the status quo.

  8. The interview is simply a manifestation of the debate-by-talking-past-each-other style which has taken over from the scientific rationality and agree-to-disagree ethos.
    People shouting “No, I’m right!” at each other endlessly has never been and will never be debate in the true meaning of the word.
    This is a great shame because clearly the issue needs debating. There are actually good arguments on both sides that need to be accounted for. It is truly unfortunate that this cannot happen in the present climate.
    On one side you have the ideologically driven ‘woke’ (how ungrammatical!) and on the other you have the extreme right-wing ‘fascisti’. There is no debate because all they are interested in is clobbering their opponent caveman (cavepeople?) style.
    The reality is they are both as bad as each other and offer NO solutions to resolve the many issues confronting us and the planet right now.
    A plague a’ both your houses!

  9. Poor old Kim .She’s been in NZ how long?
    Since she was a teenager , but she will forever be a Brit, never a New Zealander
    Not very inclusive of you Tim?

      • does she, this is literally the first time I’ve heard it….can she join the queue of sam neil and richard taylor etc etc etc who are british by birth and NOT KIWI in your rancid little mind bob the last

    • “Poor old Kim”
      I’m sure she’ll be bloody grateful for the sincerity of your concern.
      Why don’t you text Her with a bit of feedback next opportunity you get. You could point out how you’re the perfect specimen, whereas you think She leaves much to be desired. While you’re at it, you could even learn the difference between the off button and the cancel button, and that any media is not going to satisfy your heart’s desire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except your own)

  10. I personally am appalled by the state of our home grown neo-nazis. 5 spotty Herbert’s in rugger shorts, trackies and bucket hats. The Melbourne neo-nazis in their smart black uniforms put ours to shame. FFS NZ NAZIS if you are going to hate at least put a little bit of effort into it.

  11. Kim Hill does what she does best.
    I thought the interview before that with Max Tweedie (Auckland Pride’s executive director) was revealing.
    He may have thought he would get an easy ride from Hill.
    But no she is an equal opportunity “rip you a new orifice” interviewer

  12. I get the feeling violence against women is okay, as long as it’s from a group that can claim oppression.

    What I saw yesterday was violence against women.

  13. Come on, Hill is about 67 or 68 years old, has lived in NZ since she was a 15 year old school girl, and you peg her as “English”?

    Serves to show how long it takes to get to melt in NZ’s melting pot.

  14. Posie made her point very well.
    She needed to turn up in Auckland, be “cowered” into submission and not turn up in Wellington to demonstrate her point.

  15. IMO trans women are not women, they are trans women. Anyone with a penis should not be using women’s public toilets and changing rooms for example. This is not to say all trans are sexual deviants at all, all genders have individuals who are deviant (though mostly male). This is to provide some measure of actual safety to women and perceived safety. We have parents only public toilets so why not gender neutral toilets as well for those who don’t have safety concerns. Women have every right to have an opinion on this without being bullied. Society does needs to continue to be more inclusive of all our people. But not by pushing back the gains women have fought hard for. When women cease to be raped and assaulted constantly and feel safer out and about, then we can revisit the conversation. Trans can be whoever they want to be and should feel safe being themselves. They no doubt experience their own safety issues similar to women and children and vulnerable people. But they are not women.

  16. I have a huge amount of respect for Kim Hill. If she hates men et al as you suggest then I don’t care. I’m not so fond of most of them myself if I must be honest. I wonder, did anyone think to throw a big bag of Ecstasy powder over everyone there? It’d a been awesome to catch the moment the rowdy went from aggression to love on the Tee Vee. When I see poseur parker I think of pauline hanson and I’d rather not.

    • Not only /agreed
      But also
      “If she hates men ………….. ”
      Fuk me! Hardly!!!! Not even, I suspect, Tim Selwyn. I suspect she’d be fascinated by the grandeur of His ego.
      And nor does she hate women, including the poseur Parker.

  17. “ an interview between a feminist who is an outright man-hating misandarist on the one hand and Posie Parker on the other.”


  18. ‘Outright man-hating misandrist’?

    She’s just Kim. A hero of the fight-back to Rogernomism in my book, though I don’t know her actual politics.

    Less colourful and more truthful, and you’ll get to her position.


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