9pm Live Tonight: BHN – David Seymour, user pays roads and Military Boot Camps


9pm Live Tonight

David Seymour appeared on Breakfast this morning to explain why School Lunches and a “marketing stunt” as he claimed prior to the election and why they should go Nicola Willis spoke this morning many many times on how the #NACTNZ government is not raising excise fuel tax this cycle, but didn’t really seem to have a cogent argument as to where all the other charges and taxes are coming from

The Greens have called bootcamps, which are due to be trialled by June, ‘Reckless, heinous and lazy’. We’ll investigate

#BHN Seymour on School Lunches | Willis on road user charges | Greens on bootcamps


  1. How, in the name of God, did we get such ….. what are they exactly, to manage our politics and our economy? We pay them and they are… that? I have quite the swear-word vocabulary but I can’t find one original and appropriately savage enough to use for such a vile stack of useless creatures, no disrespect to stacks of actual vile, useless creatures intended.
    Bloody luxon, seymour and peters have dragged us into a curdled swamp of lunacy and deprivation for the fun of it. You voters who voted for the psycho Stooges? Happy now? Or is there a little more mindless cruelty needed to feed your perversions? If you’re one of the few who did so out of the best intentions? Never, ever tell anyone what you did.

    • Happy to admit l voted for them and I’m proud of their momentum.We now have a real Government following 6 years of truancy.

          • If you could count that would be a first Bob, my number one fan.

            I must count you read and comment on nearly everything you post in reply to Countryboy.

      • Mmmm, momentum underfunding police and ECE teachers…your definition is an odd one to say the very least

  2. Did i read somewhere that they were going to apply RUC’s to petrol cars? That’s got to be a reporting mistake surely? Can someone please clarify?

  3. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2024/03/anger-as-details-of-government-s-new-transport-scheme-become-clear.html?amp_js_v=0.1&amp_gsa=1 “The Government will also move the entire vehicle fleet to paying Road User Charges – currently petrol vehicles are exempt.” Why aren’t people talking about this? This adds a crap load of extra cost over and above higher taxes and higher rego’s. Petrol cars were never “exempt” It was designed to allow diesel used on farms and industry to not have to pay for roads they didn’t use. And rucs made up the difference when they were. Now we pay the tax AND pay RUC’s? Fuck that.

      • What you heard? Where? Reference? I suspect what you heard was over the water cooler wishful thinking. I have no problem with electric vehicles being included or even hybrids to a lesser degree but tax on petrol is too lucrative for the govt to give up..

      • Correct Geoff, however if we take say the 40c excise fuel tax off, it will make no difference to price gouging at the pump.
        The government have zero control on petrol pump prices so the 40c will be made up very quickly.
        If the government were able to fix petrol prices once the excise tax was no longer issued then ruc would be effective rather than Simeon Brown just being a snake oiled salesman.

  4. how can one tell if school lunches have made any difference – there is no data to support either position. Sure thing is that 100s of catering companies are making an easy money due to this scheme.

    • So on that basis how can Seymour imply he’s made his mind up? What does all the data say around the tobacco issue Benny? Available data suggests they are wrong, but they repealed. Why?

    • Well duh, if the lunches are being eaten. Good lord Benny, are you as thick as Bob the first or just another right wing Bot?

    • How can one tell if tax cuts will have made any difference – there is no data to support either position. Sure thing is that 100s of companies are making easy money due to this scheme.


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