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  1. JULIAN ASSANGE one of The Few that should have a special niche in our minds. Feb20/24
    …If the judges grant Assange the right to launch a fresh appeal, it will enable him to ask the European Court of Human Rights to block the extradition. If the appeal is rejected — and possibly even if the court rules in his favor — he’s likely to be put on a plane to face the U.S. courts, since the extradition order as signed roughly a year and a half ago.

    The High Court judges, Victoria Sharp and Jeremy Johnson, could take weeks to consider their ruling, but the hearing is scheduled to take place over two days, so a verdict could be issued as soon as Wednesday [21st Feb]…
    Centre for Governance Studies Alexander Zaitchik | 28 February 2024
    What’s Next for Julian Assange.
    …The hearings that concluded yesterday offered a preview of a full appeal. On Tuesday, Assange’s team had one day to argue against the High Court’s previous greenlighting of the extradition; on Wednesday, lawyers for the U.S. government defended the ruling. Much of the argument revolved around competing interpretations of the U.S.-U.K. Extradition Treaty, in particular a series of treaty revisions passed by Parliament in 2003.

    Assange’s lead lawyer is a human rights attorney with a specialty in extradition cases named Edward Fitzgerald. For much of the six hours allotted to his team, he argued that previous rulings had failed to account for the treaty’s “political offense” exception that states “extradition shall not be granted if the offence for which extradition is requested is a political offence.”
    WikiLeaks’ exposure of U.S. war crimes not only put Assange beyond the reach of the Extradition Treaty, he argued, they obligated Britain to investigate those crimes….

    Mar1/24 UK/US: Time to end prosecution of Julian Assange, UN expert says.

    Feb29/24 Biden must stop doing to Assange what Erdogan did to me.
    Can Dundar
    …I worked as a journalist in Turkey for 37 years and have been living in exile in Berlin for seven years.
    The reason I had to leave my country was a news report I wrote in 2015. After that report was published, my life changed completely.
    I became a target of President Erdoğan and his intelligence agency. Pro-government media labelled me as a “Turkish Assange”…. Feb28/24
    Srećko Horvat: They’re killing Assange because they want to cover up their crimes.
    “Because we have to say clearly, and I have been saying this for years, and DiEM25 has been saying this for years, that Julian Assange is a political prisoner. Take Navalny and what happened the other day. Now whatever I might think or you might think of Navalny, it is a fact that he was killed by Putin.

    “And in a similar way, it will be a fact that if Julian Assange dies in Belmarsh prison in the United Kingdom, or if he dies at the Alexandria prison in Virginia, United States, he will [have been] killed by Biden and by the UK government. And if you think this is an exaggeration, it was sufficient to look at the court proceedings today and to listen to what the lawyers of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have said today.



    I was talking to Andrew Ki……. Cancel that
    I was talking to a maaaaate that grew up with Chris Trotter’s best maaaate Gerry, just the other day.
    In fact we both flatted with “Gerry” and had regular little political pontifications at Gerry’s parents house in Cecil Road Wadestown.
    We were asking each other if Gerry and his dad Toby were in any way bordering on the Ray Schist. They WERE NOT. And not long ago, I also encountered another of Gerry’s BFF’s – possibly because both had a propensity towards escapist activity that Mandrax, a bit of puff and the occasional Jolly Green Giant provided.
    Chris Trotter’s descent into the hole he’s dug for himself is quite sad in many ways. A waste of a brain probably driven by a gigantic ego and fear of becoming irrelevant. In short: how to become a Drama Queen.

    If it hasn’t already occurred to Chris – both Gerry and Toby are most likely rolling in their graves

    • Got the feeling of an ego — nae prob, all the main Left were full of it. As a paltry (very paltry) journalism student c.2000 I followed up a story to Otago Polytech, everyone went silent when I mentioned him, who they knew well.

    There are no doubt many rapes in India and everywhere, but some especially gang ones are really terrifyingly awful. There was the female student whose hemline I think was too high and that was an excuse for raping and killing her and beating up her male companion. That was in India a decade ago? Or two years?

    Women should be aware of this sentiment that can arise – sex at all different levels is often poorly dealt with in all countries. And men have to face up to their tendencies, also women, and together achieve a higher plane of communion together. And remember that thuggery came from India and was tamed by British administrators. Improvements can occur when there is commitment.

    thug, member of a well-organized confederacy of professional assassins who traveled in gangs throughout India for several hundred years. (The earliest authenticated mention of the thugs is found in Ẓiyāʾ-ud-Dīn Baranī, History of Fīrūz Shāh, dated about 1356.)29 Jan 2024
    Thug | Thuggee, Robbery, Murder | Britannica › topic › thu

    Thuggees – The Cult Assassins of India
    Ancient Origins › … › Asia
    16 Jul 2022 — The British destroyed the Thugs by capturing and torturing Thug prisoners to get more names of Thugs. All male Thugs were hung and their …

  4. And for angry, despairing women there has been a heroine to follow in India.
    Mayawati was first elected to the Rajya Sabha (Upper House) of Uttar Pradesh (UP) in 1994. In 1995 she became, as head of her party, Chief Minister in a short-lived coalition government, the youngest Chief Minister in the history of the state up until that point, [First triumph] and the first female [Second] Dalit [Third] Chief Minister in India.
    Mayawati – Wikipedia › wiki › Mayawati

    But of course we must remember the maxim ‘Power TENDS to corrupt, and Absolute Power TENDS to corrupt Absolutely’ so don’t look into the abyss for too long –
    Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes:
    Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.
    Friedrich Nietzsche – Whoever fights monsters should see…
    BrainyQuote › quotes › friedrich_nietz…

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