Ben Morgan – Putin’s nuclear threats, NATO support and Ukraine destroys another Russian AWACs plane


Last week’s big news was an escalation in rhetoric, President Macron floating the possibility of European forces deploying into Ukraine and Putin responding with nuclear threats.  Meanwhile, on the ground Ukraine is fighting a hard defensive battle.  Russian ammunition superiority telling on the defenders and an unusually warm winter meaning that the ground is still muddy and wet making living conditions very difficult.  

In the air, Ukraine inflicted another important loss on Russia by shooting down an airborne early warning and command (AWACs) plane, the second this year.  

Macron’s discusses NATO intervention, Putin’s response

On 26 February, French President Emmanuel Macron hosted the leaders of 20 countries in Paris to discuss supporting Ukraine.  The main talking point around the meeting relates to Macron’s statements, about the possibility of deploying NATO forces in Ukraine, and that ‘nothing was off the table’ when it came to supporting Ukraine.  A statement very quickly walked back by other allies and that has triggered Putin to make nuclear threats.  

This is an interesting piece of diplomatic manoeuvring, Macron’s intention is to create a level of uncertainty for Russian planners, evidenced by his comments at a press conference last Monday “But I’ve told you very clearly what France maintains as its position, which is a strategic ambiguity that I stand by.” Macron has identified a key NATO weakness; that the alliance has a long history of stating clearly what it will not do. This policy means Russian planners know exactly which threats to make to deter NATO intervention.  By being more ambiguous and not taking possible responses ‘off the table’ NATO could create greater uncertainty, disincentivising reckless Russian actions.  

The threat of direct NATO intervention weighs heavily on Putin. NATO airpower could secure the skies over Ukraine very easily or sink the remainder of the Black Sea Fleet in very short order. Both low-risk interventions in that neither requires bases in Ukraine or risks a large loss of NATO life. At a higher level of escalation well-trained and equipped NATO ground forces bolstering Ukrainian defences would significantly change the balance of power in Ukraine. Macron’s comments also coincide with NATO conducting its largest exercise since the Cold War, in Poland. The threat implicit in Macron’s statements increased by the current demonstration of NATO’s capability to concentrate force.  

Macron’s statements certainly had an effect in Russia, an effect that demonstrates Putin’s fear of NATO.  Putin quickly responding with threats of nuclear escalation both clearly stated in speeches and using a ‘leaked’ planning document that detailed Russia’s ‘hair trigger’ for nuclear escalation.  Essentially, Putin knows that the only card he holds with regards to NATO is the nuclear threat.  He has tried to use propaganda and threats to deter NATO support, economic war by shutting of gas supplies, the vaunted Russian military machine has proven ineffective and its technology is far behind NATO’s leaving nuclear escalation as his only credible threat.

But how credible is that threat? 

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The most likely scenario is that this rhetoric is a threat designed to play off the fear of nuclear war.  In recent decades, Putin has successfully used nuclear threats to deter European intervention and these threats indicate that Putin is rattled. Even by the thought of NATO discussing deployment of forces in Ukraine.  That this assessment is the most likely scenario is reinforced by the stage-managed drama surrounding it; leaked documents and impassioned statements by Putin in his annual state of the nation speech. 

Boris Bondarev, an ex-Russian diplomat who quit his job to protest the war provided his thoughts for Al Jazeera last week stating that this rhetoric is nothing new and is simply Putin’s “usual scares and a projection of his own unrealised desires on to the West.”

Washington has responded, a State Department spokesperson, Matthew Miller stating that the US has not seen any indication that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons.  However, Mr Miller did say the US would continue to monitor the situation. 

If Russia does decide to escalate to using nuclear weapons, it is most likely to be sudden and unannounced, increasing the impact of the intervention. The aim would be to shock NATO decision-makers into backing down immediately.  Therefore, it seems unlikely that these threats will result in nuclear weapons being used in Ukraine anytime soon. 

The ground war, Russia pressing its advantage 

Russia’s defence industry is producing artillery ammunition and maintaining a steady flow of equipment to the frontline.  This situation allows Russia to maintain pressure on Ukraine right across the frontline, but specifically its area of focus appears to be the north and east, between Vuledhar in the south and Kupiansk in the north. 

Starting in the north, Russian attacks continue along the Svatove-Kremina Line.  Russia using plenty of artillery because Ukraine is preserving its ammunition so does not have spare ammunition for an extensive counter-battery campaign.  Russia is still using ‘storm group’ tactics in which an incessant trickle of small teams numbering about five to seven soldiers attack Ukrainian positions.  These attacks identifying Ukraine’s positions, particularly heavy weapons teams that can then be targeted by artillery or future attacks. 

Russia’s pressure in the north is probably aiming to capture the town of Kupiansk as a prelude to either pushing east towards Kharkiv or south towards Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, the two remaining Donbas cities that are still in Ukrainian hands.  Close to this fighting, a Ukrainian salient is developing between Severodonetsk and Kramatorsk. It seems likely that in the next few months an operation to close the salient, possibly pushing west to the Bakhmutka River will be undertaken.  

Fighting continues near Bakhmut, as Russian forces try to push east and capture the nearby town of Chasiv Yar. A small town sitting on an important road junction that was the main supply hub for Ukraine’s forces during the battle for Bakhmut. If this town falls, Kramatorsk a city of about 150,000 people will be in range of Russian tube artillery.

Further south, Russia has been reducing the Avdiivka salient.  After capturing the town, Russian forces are slowly advancing west capturing small villages and flattening out the front line.  This is not unexpected and it is important to note that to-date there has not been any sign of a Ukrainian collapse that could allow Russia to exploit their recent victory.  Russian forces also appear to be preparing for an advance south towards Vuhledar, a small town located on high ground that has withstood several large Russian assaults.

Finally, Robotyne the village in south Zaporizhia that represented the hide-tide mark of Ukraine’s 2023 Orikiv Axis of advance was recaptured by Russian forces this week. Another predictable trade, defending a salient is always difficult.

A key observation in the last week is that Russian forces are very active. Probably, hoping to achieve another significant victory before the Russian elections and because strategically they face a period of uncertainty.  If the US Congress approves the White House foreign aid package, Russia will be facing a very different strategic situation because Ukraine’s sustainability will be more certain. Currently, Ukraine appears to be weathering the storm before a decision is made in the US or until European aid arrives. So, although there is significant media coverage about Ukraine’s ammunition shortages the lines have not broken or collapsed meaning a key indicator to watch for in the next few weeks is a Ukrainian collapse at any point on the frontline. If this happens it will confirm media reports about Ukraine’s dire situation, if it does not we can be more optimistic about Ukraine’s chances.  

European support 

NATO countries continue to pledge support for Ukraine.  Denmark committing to a US $ 228 million military aid package that includes 15,000 artillery shells. Germany is sending another 14,000 artillery shells and reconnaissance drones and a key topic of discussion at the recent meeting in Paris, hosted by Macron was how to get Ukraine more artillery ammunition.  The conference also considered getting more long-range precision-strike weapons to Ukraine, weapons like Storm Shadow.

Longer-term, the European Union is pursuing a programme to increase ammunition production in Europe and by the end of this year plans to be able to manufacture a million artillery shells per annum.  Unfortunately, this is a long-time for Ukraine to wait and it is still less than potential Russian production.  Hence, the reason US support is vitally important. 

Ukraine shoots down another Russian AWAC aircraft

Ukrainian skies are becoming an increasingly dangerous place for Russian aircraft, another Beriev A-50 U AWAC plane being shot down on 23 February.  The second Russian AWACs plane to be shot down this month. This loss is another major blow for Russian airpower, AWACs planes are an essential element of air-superiority.  

AWACs aircraft use powerful radars to monitor and manage the air battle. Russia’s fleet at the start of the war was estimated at 8-9 of these aircraft and after losing three will struggle to maintain 24-hour surveillance of Ukrainian airspace. In fact, it is rumoured that Russia is planning to re-equip Antonov An-12 transport planes with radars from fighter planes to fill the gap. Using IRBIS-E Passive Electronically Scanned Array radars from Su-35 fighters is an option but is far from ideal.  The benefit of a roof mounted radar is that is can provide 360-degree cover where as a fighter radar has a more limited arc.  

Additionally, Ukraine claims to have shot down 12 modern fighters this month, 10 Sukhoi Su-34 fighter bombers and two Sukhoi Su -35 fighters.  A high loss rate. 

A key observation is that an AWACs plane should never be shot down because not only are they supposed be the most informed plane in the air, but they also normally carry extensive electronic defence measures and are able to direct fighter planes in their own defence.  So, shooting one down is an achievement and by the time three are shot down, Russian commanders need to be asking some serious questions.  


The ground war continues to be an attritional struggle and Ukraine is fighting hard to hold its defensive lines.  The next few weeks leading up to the Russian elections will provide an indication of Ukraine’s actual strength because as Russia applies pressure either the defences will hold; or there may be a collapse somewhere along the frontline. 

However, there are factors that mitigate against a catastrophic Ukrainian failure. The first being that Russia does not have huge reserves, its forces are positioned in breadth along the whole frontline.  Russia’s largest concentration is of about 100,000 soldiers in the north, on the Svatove-Kremina line.  In this area, a breakthrough east towards Kupiansk is unlikely because there are several north-south rivers on that axis that mitigate against rapid exploitation.  A breakthrough south or east immediately hits the major urban areas of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk both tough targets to capture, limiting potential exploitation.  The remainder of Russia’s areas of operational focus have far fewer soldiers allocated, between 40-60-000 on each. Since it took a force of 50,000 Russians to capture Avdiivka it is unlikely that there will be a catastrophic Ukrainian defeat in the next few weeks.  

Looking ahead, the next few months are very important and will confirm Ukraine’s situation.  If Russia can break through the defensive lines, even in a limited way it will prove that the scales have tilted in Russia’s favour. Currently, my assessment is that this is unlikely to happen but I may be proven wrong.  It is also likely that post-Russian elections, Russia will take time to consolidate and prepare for the arrival of new soldiers that are likely to be mobilised after the election.   

However, the most important battle remains the one for international support.  Fortunately, Europe appears to be mobilising and starting to understand the impact of unstable domestic politics in the US.  A trend that may mitigate a US withdrawal of support. Meanwhile, the world anxiously awaits the deliberations of the US Congress. 



Ben Morgan is a bored Gen Xer, a former Officer in NZDF and TDBs Military Blogger – his work is on substack


  1. If the European nations actually want to help Ukraine, they will need to supply rather more than a few thousand 155 mm artillery rounds, more like hundreds of thousands. Even then that will be only about a quarter of Russia’s annual use. But it will be more than enough to hold the line.
    Not enough for a Ukrainian offence. But that is not in anyones interests now.
    The goal should be stability on the front line, followed by negotiations.

    • Negotiations wouldn’t advance the goal of the controllers of punishing Russia for helping the Syrian people stop ISIS from completely taking over Syria, which would have neutralized it as a threat to ‘israel’.

  2. Are they able to? Produce the shells
    They’ve been steadily de-industrialising, they’ve willingly deprived themselves of cheap energy, particularly Germany .Scholz stood next to Biden , publicly humiliated and squirming, while Biden declared Nord Stream 2
    would be ended.A joint venture between Russia and Germany destroyed.An act of terrorism with terrible environmental consequences.
    They’re scrounging around , trying to find the numbers already promised, and failing.India..a Brics member next.The supplies are exhausted, Russia has ramped up its manufacturing enormously .They have the resources,…. energy, manpower, raw materials.
    ]The draft of the peace agreement made in Turkey , then interrupted Johnson?, the US? miscalculating Ukraine’s chances , has been published in the WSJ
    Now Peskov says it’s irrelevant.What Russia could accept then , it will not now .Better for that agreement to have been finalised and not scotched by incompetent politicians
    Ukraine needs total victory now, before its destroyed irrevocably, or Zelensky reverses his decree that he will not negotiate with Putin , and basically surrenders to save Ukraine from whats coming next.Ben will be exhorting for WW3 until the nukes start flying.We’re told that Putin is bluffing .We’re also told he’s a madman .What gives?

  3. While Russia’s relationship with Africa goes back decades, to the continent’s anti-colonial struggles, the past few years have seen a resurgence in relations. The 2019 Russia–Africa Summit is only the most visible sign that the Putin regime is interested in reawakening relations with African countries. This is driven by declining global oil prices and continuing sanctions against Russia.

    This Decolonization process has been one of Russia foreign policies since the 1950s when it was a communist state. These african countries are blessed with enormous resources that France had unlimited cheap access because of it colonial past. African Nations like Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Niger, etc have rejected French companies in favor of Russian & Chinese influence.

    French president Macron also pushes rhetoric statements towards Russia maybe its more than just pretending to care for the Ukrainians and more to do with the demise of cheap resources in a continent it once ruled ova. Mr Putin has warned the west on many occasion of its belligerent stance when confronting russia on what could occur if they exceed their powers. This writers narrative parroting NATO think tanks are depicting Putin as an unstable personality however that is far from correct.

    These bombings of ships and downing of planes are pin-pricks and aren’t affecting russia plans of demilitarizing and denazification of what’s left of a weaken Ukraine. A nuclear war is to be avoided at all cost and the west have to insure that they aren’t agitating or provoking such acts with a nuclear power.

    • The front is already largely stable. As you know, I support Ukraine, though not unconditionally. So I want Ukraine to be in the strongest possible situation, but within reason. If both sides know they can’t conduct successful offensives, then they will negotiate in a realistic manner. Neither side will be able to simply dictate terms.
      In many ways I am forecasting a Korean or Finnish scenario. Which largely works. Something I suggested near the beginning of the war.

      • What is happening is escalation .The more arms you provide, with the range coming deeper and deeper into Russia, the more Russia needs to push back into the west.I don’t know if you only follow western sources, but it seems to me the Russians are surging.They have more soldiers than Ukraine will ever have , despite the number of “mercenaries” and “volunteers” coming from Nato countries to man the sophisticated gear that they’ve provided.( As per the leaked conversation between German generals re supplying Taurus missiles to destroy the Kerch bridge… the need for secrecy, and the veiled comment ..We know there are many in Ukraine in civilian clothes with American accents.)
        Give it a few more weeks Wayne,and then think about the consequences of more and more weapons to Ukraine.

      • Russia sending in conventional weapons is just Putin saying he doesn’t want to use unguided nation killing Zar rockets. You’ve got to know how to speak Russian before you can negotiate.

  4. Wayne recommends stabilising the front and negotiations.

    That is on both counts too late. On “stabilising the front” we are hearing a Western viewpoint that completely misses what the Russian strategy is. They are in the business of destroying fighting capacity, not running big arrow offensives.

    On negotiating, the ball is in Russias court to set the terms. If the West cannot swallow these the war goes on.

  5. The west/Nato has recklessly and dishonestly sabotaged peace negotiates for so long and so often that they have lead Ukraine off a cliff ,,, helped along by Ukraine AZov Nazis (now known as the “elite 3rd Brigade) and other Banderite ‘Nationalists leading the charge.

    False promises and grand plans spells humiliation and death. Humiliation for the west/Nato, with the recklessness of the desperate ( and revenge for recent French special forces deaths in Ukraine), being the basis of Macrons idiotic words/threats ,,,,

    ,,,, and defeat with lots of death for those “elite” fanatics in Ukraine,,, pity the unwilling press ganged Ukrainian conscripts and other normal people ,,, whose lives have or will be ended with them, and the Russian casualties from this malevolence as well…..

    And Blow-back in the near future from these right wing extremists/Euro fascists, who will fell betrayed and aggrieved by either negotiations or defeat is GUARANTEED ,,, innocents will reap what war-mongers have sown ,,,, mark my words.

    This is where things have presently led to ….. ““shell hunger” has become a ubiquitous complaint for Kiev”.

    In particular, Zelensky has recently begun to complain of what he calls an “artificial shortage”, blaming the Republican opposition in the US Congress for Ukraine’s supply difficulties. Zelensky is wrong. The shortage is real, and not easily fixed. “….

    …”it now looks like the United States will produce something like 500,000 shells in 2024, ” ,,,”The European Union initially hoped to deliver 1 million shells on an annualized basis, but they appear to be far short of this number.”,,,, “Last year, Ukrainian Minister of Defense Reznikov said that Ukraine would require nearly 12,000 shells per day to “successfully execute battlefield tasks”, particularly offensive actions. That works out to more than 350,000 shells per month – more than three times what the NATO bloc is hoping to produce. ”

    “Meanwhile, indigenous Russian production has skyrocketed, with the Estonians estimating some 3.5 million shells produced in 2023 for the Russians, with a figure of 4.5 million expected in 2024.” ,,, This “is occurring alongside a substantial western acknowledged ramp up in Russian production of strike systems like cruise missiles, Geran drones, Lancets, and glide bombs of both greater power and greater range.”

    2022 was a year of big surges, with Russia rapidly conquering the land bridge and the Lugansk shoulder in its initial maneuver campaign, followed by Ukrainian capitalization on the inadequate Russian force generation with their audacious counterattack towards the Oskil. But 2023 was different – Ukraine had a significant window of opportunity, flush with western equipment, training, and planning assistance while Russia’s mobilization ground into gear. That strategic window yielded nothing. Instead, Ukraine burned off valuable resources defending Bakhmut and then bashed uselessly against a well shaped and well defended Russian line in the south. Now the window is closed, and Russian force generation is inexorably rising, threatening Ukraine with the deluge of total strategic overmatch.”

    “The window of strategic opportunity has closed for Ukraine, and now opens wide for Russia. The earth opens wide for the dead”
    The more realistic case of the Usa/Nato putting boots on the ground in support of of extreme ‘Nationalists’ ,,,, would be in the cause of Israels Zionist ethno-state fascists, and their dreams of destroying/waging war on a good portion of the middle east,,,,, after they have accomplished their ethnic cleansing/genocide of the war-sore Gazza ghetto (with western weapons), ,,, specifically Israels intended targets are Lebanon, Iran and Syria…..

    … After destroying Afghanistan and Libya, badly wrecking Iraq, and still torturing Syria ( with the Usa army STILL occupying it, and overseeing the stealing of Syrias much needed oil) ,,,, after those ‘successes’ the Usa and Nato neo-cons would love to partner up with Israel in some wars of aggression/conquest…..

    This would easy-peasy compared to taking on the nuclear armed and battle hardened Russian Bear,,, , in their blood hungry bully eyes.

  6. This column should be retitled…“NATO crawlers & US Imperialist suck ups Weekly”…

    This does not mean support for Mr Putin. Like it or not his role in resisting US imperialism is leadership for many others, however difficult life is for gay, union or free speech Russians. The Russian working class have to get organised again, just as sections of the US population are, including unionised labour.

    The USA is a whisker away from becoming authoritarian like Russia if Trump gets in again. Bent SCOTUS, Roe vs Wade women’s rights overturned. In some states where polling booth numbers have been reduced, it is illegal to give water to those queuing up to vote. Police forces recruit groups of white supremacists, and are highly militarised. Don’t kid yourself that the yankee devils care for democracy. They care for international Capital.

    NATO is full of authoritarians also if you go through the list country by country. And here is the problem–this needs an internationalist class left overview and solution rather than buying into nation states and power blocs.

    • This column should be retitled…“NATO crawlers & US Imperialist suck ups Weekly”… Tiger Mountain

      That’s rich, coming as it does from a Putin suck up and apologist for Russian imperialism, in Africa, in Syria in Ukraine

      Russian imperialism in Africa

      ….Russian mercenaries are strengthening their foothold in Africa.
      The deployment of the Kremlin’s private Army signals a strategic shift, replacing the notorious Wagner group and expanding Moscow’s influence in the continent.
      The newly formed Russian private Army is structured under Russian president Vladimir Putin and the Defense Minister.
      …. the mission remains consistent, it will support client state leaders fostering anti-western sentiment and extracting natural resources to circumvent International sanctions.
      According to the ‘Blood Gold’ report, Russia has collected about $2.5 billion from trade in Africa gold.
      …..the Wagner group was disbanded after its Commander Yevgeny Prigozhin’s death, it however continued its activities as the ‘Africa Corps’, actively recruiting Prigozhin’s former men for the Army.
      ….their goal is to establish a network of Defense Ministry bases in West and Central Africa…

      Russian imperialism in Syria

      One of the most fascinating and deplorable subplots of the Syrian war (which entered its 12th year last month) has been the proclivity of the anti-imperialist left to justify Russia’s intervention in the war on the side of Bashar al-Assad….
      …..that Russia itself acts as an imperial power in Syria, one whose relationship with its client is governed largely by the same rules as those that determined the relationship between empires and vassal states.

      Russian imperialism in Ukraine

      Vladimir Putin uses the language of “demilitarization” to pursue an aggressive imperial policy against Ukraine. In an interview for Jacobin, a Ukrainian socialist explains the falseness of the Kremlin’s pretexts — and why the war could drag on for years.

    • Let me remind you TM, Roe v. Wade has been overturned by judges appointed by Trump. You are not up with the play are you?
      Putin only acts in self interest. He knows that if he steps down he is dead. He wishes to perpetuate his kleptocratic regime – at any price.

  7. Meh either one rejects murderous despots like Putin, or one does not.

    The Left supports Navalny, not Putin. His apologists are merely sick puppies and useless idiots. If you’re happy with Putin you have no moral compass, no knowledge of modern Russian history, and no claim to enlightened values.

    And if you have no enlightened values, you belong on kiwiblog or whatever the Slater organ calls itself now.

      • More whataboutism NJ. That’s your stock in trade.
        Stuart is totally correct. People who support Putin are morally bankrupt and only have a superficial knowledge of Russian history.
        Thousands of Muscovites are visiting Navalny’s grave. And these people will be victimised by the FSB.

        • PhuD you arrogant elitist prat, has it ever occurred to you that some of us have read and understood bucket loads of history, Russian included? Keep making us laugh with your spurious claims.

          • You have not demonstrated any balanced understanding of Russian history whatsoever NJ. You couldn’t read Timothy Snyder because of your idiosyncratic polemical views. Thanks for giving us a good laugh NJ.

      • I am someone who has taken the trouble to be properly informed, rather than an insensate repeater of Putin’s dysinformatsia.

        Tragic that you cannot say as much.

        Putin is right autocratic despotic kleptocratic. No-one with any values can defend him.

        • No Stuart
          You have chosen certain information that backs up your own stance.You refuse to look at the other point of view.No matter if they were there at the time of the wall coming down for instance, like Jack Matlock.Or Jeffery Sachs, called in to “help “the Russians build an economy away from the highly managed communism.His recommendations were ignored by the Americans , Russia totally collapsed, and western wide boys and Russian oligarchs, no better than the US Mafia , looted what they could .George Kennan, notable US statesman , who criticised the expansion of NATO and warned of it .
          You refuse to hear what they have to say, and believe me, they are far more qualified to say it than you will ever be.

          • Balderdash Francesca! Pure balderdash! Putinists like you are unable to see the other side because you don’t have sufficient knowledge of the historical context. You merely fall for Kremlin spin -agitprop. You have been sucked in big time Francesca! And you don’t even know it.

            • one thing I notice about you Ovod , is you never put up a credible argument .It’s all just abuse and empty shouting

          • There is no other view founded in fact, Francesca.

            Russia’s corruption was always extensive – but of course you haven’t read your Gerhardie, so you are readily duped.

            Yeltsin et al crashed Gorbachev’s reconstruction – because there was no room for grifters in it. The strangest of coups- Yeltsin ostensibly defeated it, but Gorbachev never returned to power.

            But I’m wasting time with you – you have always preferred lies to truth.

            • Quite right Stuart. You are wasting your time with Francesca. He will never get it. What else can you expect with someone who calls black white and white black?

          • Yep that’s how I remember it. I find it strange that there are commenters slagging you off for saying it but they must have been asleep or reading comics in the 80s and 90s to not see what was happening, regardless of which side they were on.

      • “if you have no enlightened values, you belong on kiwiblog or whatever the Slater organ calls itself now.” —- Talking about low values, ‘The Standard’s’ character assassination posts against Julian Assange were some of the most sleazy laundering of orchastrated smears ever seen on any New Zealand blogs …

        The pretense of having genuine concerns or values about sexual assault were shown up as a sick joke,,,, when after being told I couldn’t make my judgments/comments on it regarding Assange (by an author), unless I’d been victimized ,,,.

        So I was forced to disclosed information regarding my childhood experience ,,,, and got called “a fucking liar” among other abuse for my trouble ,,, abuse that the Authors, the site, and that slippery dick Lyn Prentence never gave any warnings or a banning for….. I never got an apology of any sort either.

        Now I don’t consider myself a victim ,,, especially since the Pedo who crossed my life died a miserable death by hanging himself in a prison cell while on remand,,,

        But I’d advise people that ‘The Standard’ is a unsafe place that allows abuse of sexual assault survivors/victims ,,, that it’s ‘rules’ are arbitrary and really just for those that (some authors) do not like ,,,, that Lyn Prentence is a dishonest Russophobe who bully’s and bans ,,, and he’s built ‘a machine’ full of wanker posters like Stuart Munro, Joe90, Psycho Milt, SPC and a quite a few others,,,, who act like a rat pack and have all the moral authority of warmongering trolls….

        Opposition to Israel is just moral window for most of them in my eye’s ,,, and concern trolling in SPC’s case…..

        …. As this thread is about Ukraine I’ll give an example of Lyn Prentence bullshitting about Azovs ( now the ‘elite’ 3rd brigade) ‘wolfsangle’ insignia ( which has now morphed/changed), but which clearly was their homage/a tribute to the SS ‘Das Reich panzer division, who ‘liberated Ukraine from the Russians in WWII…. Prentence denied this, and he claimed/repeated the white-washing propaganda that it was a symbolized I & N,, standing for ‘Identity of the Nation’ ,,, well, since when was the english fucking language adopted and used by Ukraine fascists?….

        Lyn banned a lot of posters over Ukraine, those not singing from the NATO song sheet ,,,, and now his ‘machines’ Filth column seem to be migrating here a bit.

        I’m banned from his site for life ,,, which suits me fine and I wouldn’t post there again unless he donated $50,000 to rape crisis ,,, and as that’s never going to happen I’ll make do with pointing how low ‘the standards’ are there,,, mainly when ‘Standerites’ make claims of higher values/morals.

        So be warned and know the levels of abuse that are allowed on that ‘rape opportunistic’ site (meaning they weaponise sexual assault rather than particularly caring about it) …

        … and if you challenge western/NATO war propaganda (except that for Israel), you will be insulted and abused by several posters ,,, and quite possibly banned by Lyn who will also make some shit unfounded comments which you will not be able to reply to, as he likes to get the last word ….

        A lot of us here may not agree with Ben Morgan ,,,, but be grateful we generally get to post our point of views/arguments here at TDB

        • I remember that .It was disgraceful
          Te Reo Putake… he was one I fell foul of
          And LPrentiss, what an hysteric! Criticise the military and he’s out of his hole like
          a deranged rat

      • What would you know of the Left, Sweetie?

        You’re always supporting the Right authoritarian kleptocratic despots every utterance, boots an all.

          • And there we have her unmasked, an ignorant fembully, imagining that Putin’s revanchism against the West will stick it to ‘the patriarchy’ for her.

            It would be laughable, if it weren’t so tragic.

          • If you don’t wish to be patronized, you could improve the veracity of your posts. Lying is pretty childish.

            • Oh
              Was that what it was .
              Your attempt at being patronising
              Sorry , I missed that
              I just thought you were being your usual twattish self

      • You can be holier than thou F but Navalny’s attitudes would be held by the majority of Russians. There were many atrocities perpetrated by Chechen separatists – the siege in the Nord Ost theatre, the siege at the Beslan school and others. Navalny’s views should be viewed in the context of the time.

  8. New York Times did a shocking expose on Ukraine (surrounding CIA involvement), which I suspect will result in a wind down of US/NATO interference going forward.
    A great analysis of what is really going on in Ukraine can be found here:
    Almost nothing about Ukraine conflict is being reported on honestly.

    • Not shocking to me, it’s been obvious from the start that foreign experts have been helping to operate the fancy new equipment that they are supplying and that the US in particular is doing reconnaissance and selecting targets and all that Ukraine needs to do is type in some numbers and push a button.
      You’re dead right that nothing is reported honestly!

  9. This Ben column will be redundant soon enough by the looks of things, jeez even the NY times are coughing now…proxy war is what a number of us have said all along.

    • Rubbish TM. The Black Sea fleet is getting smashed and Sukhoi Su-34s and 35s are falling from the skies. Yes – the pride of the Russian Air Force are cannon fodder for the Patriot missiles. Ardiivka has no significance.

  10. Russia has been playing the nuclear blackmail card since the days of Stalin.
    Putin is pulling the same old worn-out games

  11. Fuck guns and bombs. Instead, give good E a chance.
    We all know what a bullet does to the brain. It fucks it up, right. So we should try a different approach don’t you think?
    CIA experiments, Mormon ravers and reformed racists: the untold history of MDMA
    Hate and death and kill and grave and with the wailing and the moaning and the grieving and then back comes the hate and the planning for the revenge yadda yadda yadda.. How about we just love? Y’know. Is easier but there’s no money in it. Ok. Drunk as fuck but you get my drift.


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