GUEST BLOG: Pat O’Dea – The Trophies of Genocide

IDF soldiers display the trophies of genocide.

Grave robbing and necrophilia fetishism being practiced by the killers of the murdered women whose clothes they have stolen. These are the trophies of genocide.

In the half light of a Gaza neighbourhood obliterated by Israeli bombardment, Israeli soldiers rummage through a boot full of underwear that has been looted from the houses they’ve pillaged and destroyed.

“I swear,” one of them says to the camera, “Palestinian women are the sluttiest in the world.”

Amidst all the horrors that have been live-streamed from Gaza, the underwear of Palestinian women in the hands of Israeli soldiers has become a sickening motif.

There is something deeply uncomfortable about how normalised this violation of Palestinian women’s private life has become. We can scarcely open a social media app without seeing yet another image of the intimate garments of our sisters in Gaza tied to the tanks that just decimated their homes or wielded like trophies by taunting occupiers.

Why are we not as repulsed with these images as we would of German soldiers posing the underwear of murdered Jewish women?

Where are the women who owned these clothes?

In shallow graves and under the rubble, or starving to death in the ruins.
Every single one of these soldiers who can be identified in these photos and videos needs to have their names and identities forwarded to the International Criminal Court to be investigated on suspicion of committing war crimes and crimes against civilians. And tried for complicity and participation in the commissioning of genocide.


Pat O’Dea is a staunch unionist and activist 

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  1. I expect I’m just ahead a sec of the response to the utube 5 hour marathon debate between Finkelstein and Morris. Took tomorrow off to follow the responses but have been disappointed.

    The debate was great fun, full of good stuff, enough for me who usually draws the line at 10 minute utubes, let alone opinions I don’t like, to go the distance. Of course, the seriousness of Palestine’s sufferings, my first response on Lex Fridman’s site was very severe about what I would do if I had armies at my command. He blocked that, but allowed my next comments where I compared it to what I would do if I had those armies in late 30s Europe and could act for the Jews. That’s the secret to get your Pro-Gaza comments through, to twin them with what would you do in that era. They can’t make the leap for themselves — the tragedy — so we have to do it for them.

    • I noticed not a one of a response to my comments at Fridman’s site. I do tend to leap from peak to peak not leaving traces for others to follow but I suspect a shadow-banning. Would be entirely unsurprised that the billionaire-owned Fbook and utube did that, less so Twitter. Something nice to say about Musk.

  2. This post’s stats show over 100 people have read it. Chances are some of those readers are the apologists for genocide that don’t hesitate to deny the evidence of Israeli atrocities against civilians being committed in Gaza
    What can we make of their silence this time?
    Are they proud of Israeli troops displaying Palestinian women’s underwear as war trophies?
    Are they ashamed of Israeli troops displaying Palestinian women’s underwear as war trophies?
    They have shown no shame in justifying or denying the killing of thousands of defenceless women and children at the hands of these same troops. What’s behind their silence this time?


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