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  1. Fire again on Christchurch Port Hills – where next?
    Interesting article about what has been done there and will continue to be done to mitigate this deadly energy. We must apply our own energy, or we’ll lose more than can ever be replaced.

    This week, on Valentine’s Day, ecologist Tim Curran was out on Kaitorete Spit when he saw a column of smoke rising from the Port Hills. It grew, turned darker, and spread over Banks Peninsula. That’s not good, he thought.
    Seven years ago, in 2017, a fire started in roughly the same place, almost on the same day—February 13. It burned for more than two months. Afterwards, Curran, who is an associate professor at Lincoln University, helped guide the local council on how to replant the area.

    Curran studies how easy it is for different trees and shrubs to catch fire—he’s been systematically testing New Zealand plants for their flammability for years, and he’s found dramatic differences between them. A video of his plant barbecue shows gorse igniting like a torch while broadleaf/kāpuka doesn’t even smoulder….

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