Joint statement from New Zealand, Australia and Canada calls for Israel to abandon plans to invade Rafah but is otherwise a litany of Israeli lies


PSNA welcomes the joint call from New Zealand, Australia and Canada for Israel to abandon plans to invade Rafah with the massive humanitarian crisis that would result in.

It is a refreshing change from these countries’ four-month refusal to condemn Israel’s genocidal slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza or Israel’s war crimes such as collective punishment and the destruction of hospitals, schools, universities and vast areas of housing.

These three European colonial countries have also stood steadfastly with colonial Israel and the US against an immediate permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

We call on New Zealand, Australia and Canada to “make their call on Israel real” by joining South Africa’s urgent appeal to the International Court of Justice against Israel’s planned invasion of Rafah under the Convention on Genocide.

Stopping the genocide in Gaza must be the single top priority.

Unfortunately, the rest of the joint statement from New Zealand, Australia and Canada is a litany of Israeli lies.

The condolences to the families of the over 28,000 Palestinians slaughtered by Israel ring hollow. None of these countries has condemned the killing of Palestinians civilians despite roundly condemning the killing of Israeli civilians. It’s a case of selective morality where European lives matter more than Palestinian lives.

The statement assumes the war began on October 7th with the attack on Israel by Palestinian resistance groups. It ignores the 75 years of brutal oppression of Palestinians once they were driven off their land in a massive ethnic cleansing by Israeli militias in 1947 – 49.

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The three colonial countries also trumpet the so-called “two-state solution” which is no longer possible. It is buried under more than 200 illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. A single secular state where all religions and ethnicities are protected under a democratic constitution has wide support from Palestinians.

It is similarly blatantly hypocritical to say on the one hand that they support Palestinians right to self-determination and on the other to say “there is no role for Hamas in the future governance of Gaza”.

Palestinians will decide their leadership – not European colonies in league with apartheid Israel.

Regurgitating Israeli lies about the attack on October 7th does not make them true. There were war crimes committed on that day and these should be independently investigated by the International Criminal Court – as is happening with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The ICC should investigate all war crimes, no matter the perpetrator, and issue arrest warrants for the offenders as they have in the case of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.


  1. More hypocrisy, which Israel will thankfully ignore as they pursue their goal to dismantle the terrorists Hamas, rescue the hostages and reclaim Gaza.

    • Gaby, if you want regular bullshit, lies by the truck load look no further than the Israeli Administration. Freeing two hostages on the day of the Super Bowl, my arse.

    • How can Isreal reclaim something they never had which was Gaza. At the start if this conflict Isreal had right on its side as they were responding to an attack but it has lost all credibility now as the civilian death toll climbs.

    • How can they reclaim something that they don’t own? Israel are the invaders and just because they have substantial support following the holocaust and due to false understanding of scripture on the part of the predominant selfish version of Christianity that exists in the western world that doesn’t give them the right to treat others as less than human and deny the Palestinian people basic human rights. While I believe that those doing the harm will get punished eventually (Rom 12:19) it is frustrating to see that so many people can ignore our common humanity and justify actions against fellow humans that in this country if you treated pets (dogs, cats) that way it is likely that you would be locked up for.
      Martyn has been clear that he supports the safe existence of all people and having evil people like you abuse the privilege he offers to continually repeat lies is a sickening experience.

  2. Well, its kind of one step in the right direction, a refreshing change for sure, even though this step came with a lot of the usual palarva in tow.

  3. Israel’s bottom line: Return the hostages, Hamas to surrender, stop rocket attacks, cease radicalization.
    Hamas bottom line: Exterminate Jews and erase Israel.
    2 state solution my arse.

    • “Hamas bottom line: Exterminate Jews and erase Israel.”

      If you can back the above claim up then this could all be put to bed and Israel will be able to genocide Palestine without the world being as up and arms over it as is the case, currently,, because, as your claim will show – both sides are as bad as each other, rather than it being just the one side – Israel – thus far.

      And of course, if you can’t back this claim up then this will speak to the level of untruth, if not outright lying, that is emanating out of the Israeli side of this conflict.

        • No it doesn’t otherwise you would have linked to it. Not to mention the fact that Wikipedia is a compromised entity (in service to the US state rather than being separate from it, thus when it comes to international matters, their commentary is typically straight outta Washington)). So, Ann joins Jack in the fibber category.

            • “Political figures and factions within Islamic, Arab and Palestinian discourse have employed rhetoric that includes explicit or implicit calls for the end of Israel’s existence. Certain extremist ideologies, both within and outside the Palestinian territories, have propagated the idea of eliminating Israel as part of their agenda.”

            • I’ll see your (unfortunately anonymous, at this time) quote and raise it considerably. Its shocking isn’t it, that people can think this way, but understand, that this tragedy taking place today is a microcosm of how life has been, around these parts, since 1948. Meaning, if you think the Palestinians or Arabs can think or behave poorly towards Israel, well, then, just have a look at what Israel can (say and) do in return!

              It all needs to stop, Ann, for the sake of humanity, it all needs to be stopped and worked out.

              “Israel Is the Nation-state of Jews Alone’: Netanyahu Responds to TV Star Who Said Arabs Are Equal Citizens”, Haaretz, 2019 –

              “Database of Israeli Incitement to Genocide”, LAW FOR PALESTINE, 2024 –

              “Likud Party: Original Party Platform”, Jewish Virtual Library –

              “Palestine: A History of Erasure and Instrumentality”, Internationalist 360°, – 2021

              • I don’t care Ann, and here’s why. Fibber is a weak term, that’s why I used it. If I’d said, lair, I may consider your request, but here’s the thing. I have found the full piece from your comment at the bottom. Point being, it is nothing but propaganda. Why, because it is both one-sided and full of little more than hearsay. But lets forget the hearsay aspect for a sec. What we have here is one side, namely a lot of words. What we don’t have here are the actions that led to these words. Every point the piece makes just gives one side of the story. Hamas for example. Nothing about Israel’s role in the creation and subsequent propping up of Hamas. No, just what this piece believes Hamas to be and how bad it is.

                We must remember that before this Zionist entity really started to kick into gear, Jews, Muslims, Christians, everyone lived side by side in Palestine and throughout the ‘Middle East’ in relative harmony.

                Peace was only disturbed when a foreign colonial entity was forced upon this region. And if you don’t know this, every colonial creation was met with hostility. So context is vitally important and context is missing in the entire piece, thus it is, well, what it is – propaganda.

                But I will thank you for at least making the effort to get these pieces in. At least it makes a lot more sense to me, why you and some others, feel the way you do. But yeah, this type of stuff is leading you up the garden path, Ann. It verifies next to near nothing it claims (and throwing in links that, at best, may touch upon a claim, but does not substantiate it, this is not verification) and again, it does not give context, it does not give the full story, means, that this stuff is nothing but trouble.

                Peace, Ann.

                • That is a justification for your slander, not a retraction. And if you don’t care why follow up with four paragraphs of misinformation.

                • Its not slander because you have been unable to prove your point. The propaganda you did provide, is just that – one-sided, unverified propaganda. And this is easy to see when we contrast your extracts with the links/info I have provided. The level of evidence I have provided is what you need to present to get a retraction from me. Thus, until this happens, then this is why I don’t care about this so-called slander point.

                  But the bigger is the extracts you provided and that is what my last comment primarily concentrated on.

                  Interesting how this comment “Hamas bottom line: Exterminate Jews and erase Israel.” is matched and surpassed by like-minded Israeli comments (towards Palestinians/Arabs), many of these, present day comments at that, and yet nary a word out of you over them.

                  It seems that you see this tragedy in the same light as the extracts (and the article they sprung from) that you provided sees this situation, through a skewed one-eyed view of this calamity. Look at them, don’t ever look at us. Here’s the story, it involves two parties but only one party, one version is allowed to be told. Stands to reason, unfortunately, why there are so many one-eyed people around when it comes to this problem. Still, a problem exposed is one step closer to a problem being resolved.

                • More justification; more deflection; more misinformation. Do you really see no irony in your “context,” “propaganda,” and “one side of the story” allegations?
                  Has Hamas completely revoked their 1988 charter yet … you have read it I take it?

  4. It is so thin now.

    No justification but much materiality.

    Israelis have become the new Nazis, to stop ‘never again’.

    I know right and wrong, even in my own people, the Scots — for which, rejection from feebly minds.

  5. Dirty Politics – Luxon and his NAct-First Govt have spun and misrepresented the ICJ’s ruling/finding ,,, to give themselves cover for ignoring, dismissing and even acting against it.

    Their stance and position could be compared/described as them witnessing in real time a man choke and punch a woman to the ground and start ripping off her clothing ,,, whereupon Luxon/NAct-First would announce that no rape has taken place ,,,, and they don’t have to take measures or are under any legal obligations to stop rape ,,,, but they say they are concerned about the violence,,, without taking any steps to stop it.

    Understand that ‘Tough on Crime’ does include war crimes or crimes against humanity for NAct-First ,,,

    That’s one of the rules when you’re in the Atlas fight club.

  6. ‘Aboot’ Rafah. Everything needed to stop that. Just been despairing about that in my temple of thought, the loo.

    Sans reality, I’d declare war. That that is impossible is ‘the’ indictment of the West. We’ve lost all the morality from WW ll. Ukraine, a reignition; Israel, suddenly blind again.

  7. Here’s Israels/the USA’s terms ,,,, their snipers shooting children in the head — from a western doctor- “I stopped keeping track of how many new orphans I had operated on. After surgery they would be filed somewhere in the hospital, I’m unsure of who will take care of them or how they will survive. On one occasion, a handful of children, all about ages 5 to 8, were carried to the emergency room by their parents. All had single sniper shots to the head. These families were returning to their homes in Khan Yunis, about 2.5 miles away from the hospital, after Israeli tanks had withdrawn. But the snipers apparently stayed behind. None of these children survived.—

    Give us your little Zionist battle chant again Gaby ,,,, because garbage like yourself stands with ‘their methods’, to achieve “THEIR TERMS” …. Glory to Israel ? ,,

  8. Quote for A O: “A second manifestation involves the ideologies of groups like Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and al-Qaeda, advocating for Israel’s destruction and endorsing acts of terror to achieve this goal. The last manifestation is seen in religious fatwas and execution writs framing genocidal calls against Jews as religious obligations, portraying Israel as a collective enemy.”


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