MEDIAWATCH: Where the hell does Paula Bennett get off attacking State Tenants (again)


Where the Christ does Paula Bennett get off on attacking State Tenants (again)…

Kāinga Ora tenants who don’t deserve state homes should be evicted – Paula Bennett

It is all about your rights instead of acknowledging that you also have responsibilities.

It may be a small percentage of Kāinga Ora tenants that are making other people’s lives hell but those that are should be dealt with swiftly and in the best interest of others.

It is obvious that they should be evicted for the safety of neighbours but they should also be evicted because they don’t respect the property and there are plenty of others who will.

…Paula’s legacy is one of political puppetry and malice.

Her draconian attacks on welfare recipients was only possible because she herself had been a solo mother.

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Paula was the ultimate political poacher turned game keeper.

She could push welfare eugenics because she could always cite her own experience as some sort of justification.

She released personal information to shame beneficiary critics and put into place a sanction regime that saw thousands go hungry.

Her most shameful moment in politics was her championing of throwing state tenants out onto the street for meth contamination in state housing.

Ignoring the scientific evidence and refusing to implement Housing NZs own policy. Paula sought headlines attacking state tenants whose houses tested positive, and enabled the needless spending of $120million to decontaminate houses that didn’t pose a health risk.

She threw thousands of beneficiaries onto the streets in the middle of a housing crisis.

Her ruthlessness masquerading as ‘I know best’ damaged NZs poor, she didn’t alleviate it.

After the enormous damage she has caused State Tenants, where the Christ does this sanctimonious hypocrite get off joyfully wanting more state tenants thrown onto the street.

She should not be allowed anywhere near the Auckland Mayoralty!



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  1. Paula as mayor could be death to democracy in Auckland. Critics or questioners of her, the council, or policy, would run the risk of having their privacy invaded and personal details planted in the media. She’s done it before, and she herself has said that she’d do it again. She could even follow in the Wellington mayor’s questionable footsteps and put a friendly lawyer onto differing councillor colleagues and shoot her mouth off about them publicly too.

  2. Funnily enough, I was banned by that arse Slater. For beginning a comment with something like “Well the science actually shows that …” However unlike Newshub, I do not regard his existence as necessary for the function of a free society. Any more than Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, (thankfully now deceased) Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, or Nigel Farage.

  3. Housing Minister Chris Bishop told a group of Wellington businesses that Kāinga Ora is not in a great state and that it sucks up an enormous amount of government money.

    Moreover he thought community providers did a better job of providing wrap around support and unlocking new homes.

    However, instead of announcing improvements for Kāinga Ora, he wants to open the sector up to more community providers.

    And unlike Kāinga Ora, Home and Place (a community provider) will evict tenants if it has to.

    • Bishop is going to sell our assets they did this last time they don’t want to be landlords for the poor and some unruly so they will sell our state housing yet another transfer of wealth to a private company this is not right and every time they get in power they reduce the pool of social housing.

  4. Mr Bradbury. More of your ad hominem attacks. Slaver and spittle. Ms Bennett is advocating that people who won’t behave in a way that has some respect for the taxpayers who pay for their accommodation should face the consequences. Only a far left rabid left winger could possibly disagree, but of course that’s not you is it?

    • Graeme. She has no standing in this matter. She’s just another estate agent, maybe radio hack, ex-
      pollie. She had her chance and now it’s time to zip it.

      • Anyone that anti-social should be locked up. They shouldn’t need to be evicted per se because they shouldn’t be amongst the public in the first place. And that goes for anyone, from home owner to state tenant – and even the homeless. Terrorise people around you, get locked up, it should be that simple.

    • We have difficult people in society and the private sector will not provide accommodation for them so you want them living on the streets instead? That is my conclusion from you comment, if you want people to face the consequences of their actions the alcohol industry would be a good place to start, just because it is legal does not make it morally acceptable for it to profit from the suffering of others.

      • never a truer word said .Expel all booze and fag shops and solve two problems .The health system would be better off and over population would be reduced dramaticly and crime would drop by 80%

    • Fuck Pull the benefit she got all the entitlements and then cut them for others struggling and trying to climb the ladder she is one nasty piece of right wing trollop

      • There are very, very good reasons why Paula Bennett should be sentenced (legally and with due process) to a reeducation camp until she either stops trying to kill the poor or at the very least pays back the benefit fraud she committed at credit-card interest rates.

    • Coming from a far rabid right winger like yourself Graeme, I’d suggest we take anything you take with a grain of salt, unless of course you’ve nestled up snug and tight with Paula one night.

  5. Bennett could have survived without a benefit or state house as she had a partner/boyfriend/lover with whomm\ she had a baby when she was in her teens – well probably him and she worked as a ‘Truck Stop Waitress’ .. She will go down … wait please… in history as one of the foremost Benefit Bludgers ever. She excelled at th art of ‘bludgery’ like nobody else bfore or since – althogh it is now possible there is another contender for the title – Chris Luxon, entitled leader of the National Party and erstwile PM.

    • Let me answer on MB’s behalf. He’s likely busy with other idiots.
      Poverty is a dysfunction factory so ban poverty. 14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires with a minimum $50 mil net each and four now foreign owned banks stealing $180.00 a second 24/7/365 would agree. Oh. Wait.
      AO/NZ’s politics and its economy is a lie. Once we all get past that particular little hurdle of comprehension we could begin the long haul to curative solutions but until then I have to come here and sift through the gold only to find, now and then, little turds like nathan stinking up the works.
      There is, by the presence of sound proof as above, a scattering of hyper-riche dug into our country like blood sucking ticks and where there was once never a frown with the golden brown bullshit they could use to convince their all bought and paid for MSM to lay before we the people, we the people, are getting smarter, faster, cleverer and now, thanks to a pubic education smarter, cleverer and faster and that is a problem for us all, ain’t it you rich fucks? You’ll be getting desperate to keep ahead of the growing awareness that it is the undeserving neo-liberal no-class-dahlings rich who are, in fact, the real cause of the causation of societal dysfunction. You built them so you fucking deal with them could be the answer you’re looking for @ nathan.
      I think an answer we could consider is to be kinder to the victims of the greed leading to despair they never asked for.

      • “….ain’t it you rich fucks? ”

        Whatever makes you think Nathan is rich? He epitomises every the Nact support base’s petty bigotry, that is fostered by the red meat continually thrown to it.
        The losers who always make themselves feel better by kicking even further down.

    • Cuba and China don’t have those problems, and they don’t solve the problems by turning people out in the street.

      Most of these people are mentally unwell. Why did the evil neoliberals destroy mental health care in New Zealand- as their forerunners, Enoch Powell in the UK, and Ronald Reagan in the US- did in their own countries?

    • What to do with a government that makes it harder for those 1% Kainga Ora tenants to survive when the government raises fuel tax by 12.5% and vehicle rego’s by $50 a year over the next few years?
      You think that will help alleviate antisocial behaviour?


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