Appeal for New Zealand to join South Africa’s urgent appeal to International court of Justice to stop Israeli attacks on Rafah


This afternoon PSNA sent the following letter to the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Rt Hon Christopher Luxon

Prime Minister

Rt Hon Winston Peters

Foreign Minister

Kia ora Mr Luxon kōrua ko Mr Peters,

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New Zealand must join South Africa’s emergency appeal to the International Court of Justice to prevent genocide in Rafah

We are pleased the government has been clear it opposes the proposed Israeli ground offensive in Rafah where more than a million Palestinians are jammed in with heavy Israeli bombing already killing Palestinians in their hundreds.

We also agree with the government that “the humanitarian consequences of an offensive in Rafah would be appalling

We are therefore urging the government to join South Africa’s urgent request to International Court of Justice to end Israel’s Rafah offensive.

So far New Zealand has stood alongside the US/Israel position with only weak mumblings to oppose Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza.

We urge you to step New Zealand up beside South Africa with its urgent request to the ICJ so we join the international community in effective action to prevent Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza.

Please respond urgently.

We are keen to hear from you both.


  1. Well, reckon the only way we can appeal to a broken (political) system is with numbers so great, that they have no choice but to take note. Thus, we have three options (in the absence of sufficient numbers)

    1) raise awareness of the broken political system we all live under
    2) raise greater awareness of the specific problem at hand – Palestine/Israel in this case
    3) do one and two at the same time

    Otherwise, all I see here is a government without sovereignty (on these types of international issues), thus a government that is simply following its unelected leader, the USA, but unlike the previous mob, doing so with a smile on its face.

  2. This disgusting genocide has to stop.

    ‘I’m so scared, please come’

    The ICJ, in its interim January ruling, said South Africa’s claims are plausible. It ordered provisional measures for Israel’s government to desist from genocidal acts

    • It has to do with not being suicidal. There are very few people who think that attacking those who protect them against genocidal zionist terrorist groups like the israeli occupational forces, ISIS, and the US military is a good idea.

      Glad to help!

    • Great questions especially since Christians are out in force protesting against the billions of dollars worth of arms we in the West, headed by the USA, are sending, have sent, to Israel. As such, it stands to reason that the other side should be doing the same. Oh, hold the horses….Christians aren’t out in force protesting…so we query why one side should be out protesting but the other side…gets to do nada.

      Oh, OK, business as usual then….

    • You’re an idiot they voted Hamas in frankly it is probably for them the only hope against the Yanky funded racist zionist Israel murdering bastards.

  3. Israel has 3 goals in this war: to utterly smash the barbaric terrorists, Hamas, to get the hostages back, and to ensure Gaza is never again a threat. It’s great to see Israel ignoring a hypocritical world that sat on its hands during the Holocaust and forging ahead with these goals. Am Yisrael Chai!

      • You’re a garbage expert, non awakesy. Who started this war with the worst pogrom since the Holocaust? Your standard antisemitic tropes are pitiful.

    • You mean the same organisation Netanyahu threw money at Gaby? “ Sat on their hands”? How many allied soldiers died liberating Europe?

    • 30,000 “terrorist” woman and children, eh Gaby?
      Israel: Sends in a handcuffed Palestinian into a hospital to tell them to leave or they will get bombed, Israel snipes him. Snipers outside hospitals, no evidence Oh Fuck it, fuck Israel and fuck you Gaby.

    • If you and Israel really wanted to be protected by the rest if the world the you would at least abide by international criminal court rulings, Gaby. At the very least.

  4. Oh dear Gaby, probably David, Israel won’t win and Israel knows it.
    Netanyahu won’t stop because his political career will then be over.
    You have to do military service for 2 years OMG learn how to make all Arabs sub-human so it is much easier to pop them off.
    Some of those post their 2 years in the IDF come to Aotearoa and tramp, they are so loathed by so many Kiwis because of their absolute arrogance, they’re brain washed into the usual crap ‘the situation is complicated’ that is their constant comment.


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