This Government’s foreign policy is making us a legitimate military target


After UN ruling against Israel – It is outrageous, hypocritical and counter productive for NZ to join a new US Red Sea War!

In the wake of the UN ruling, our stance attacking the Houthi is even more obscene!

Let me be very clear to our more sleepy hobbits.

Yes, as a trading nation it is essential for our interests to see shipping lanes free and open.

No issue with that.


The solution we have jumped to by signing up to bombing one of the poorest countries on the planet is a fucking disgrace and moral abomination!

Let’s be very clear what we’ve signed up to. In the words of one of the best analysts in NZ, Dr Paul Buchanan…

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…that’s right.

We are in the “kill chain” now. That’s what our NZDF deployment will be doing.

We are helping select targets for America to bomb.

We may as well be pulling the fucking trigger ourselves, so don’t you dare flinch when hear ‘kill chain’, don’t you dare pretend we won’t be killing people and destroying shit.

Again – want to keep sea lanes open, but bombing the Houthis isn’t the fucking solution!

REMEMBER: We claim we are doing this to support the Rules based Order, yet Israel is committing an active ethnic cleansing war crime and we aren’t doing jack shit about that!

REMEMBER: The Houthis are attacking Red Sea shipping lanes BECAUSE Israel is committing a current ethnic cleansing war crime! If we want the shipping lanes open, we should be demanding an immediate Israeli ceasefire!

REMEMBER: Bombing the poorest country in the Middle East is not a fucking solution, it’s an act of war!

Aside from the moral crime, the whole strategy is counter productive bullshit!

The Washington fucking Post isn’t a card carrying member of the Communist Party, and their assessment is that the current bombing campaign we have just enabled and signed up to will actually only strengthen the Houthi…

Analysts contend that this new phase of hostilities may strengthen the Houthis, rather than weaken them. The aftermath of the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on southern Israel by Palestinian militant group Hamas has seen Israel conduct an operation unprecedented in its scale and ferocity, reducing much of Gaza to rubble, killing more than 23,000 people and immiserating Gaza’s population. The Houthis are part of the so-called “axis of resistance,” a network of Iran-aligned militant groups around the Middle East. While militias like Lebanon’s Hezbollah seem to want to avoid a direct escalation with Israel, the Houthis thrust themselves into the spotlight by taking up the mantle of the Palestinian cause. They insist their actions in the Red Sea will stop when Israel ceases its bombardments.

…so we are bombing a poor country and using tactics that will only strengthen the group we are attacking?

Here’s The Guardian…

The Houthis are not a group that can be bombed into extinction – here’s why

But rather than acknowledge these groups as having motives and interests of their own, the US, UK and Israel continue to reduce them to a transnational network of Iranian proxies whom they believe can be threatened and bombed into submission, a point made clear by yet another wave of overnight airstrikes. This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the underlying dynamics within the axis and of the unshakeable unity of its members, all of which could make western powers’ intervention in the region even more costly.

…here’s Jacobin…

Joe Biden’s Air Strikes on Yemen Are Reckless and Wrong

The Biden administration has chosen to open up a new front in Yemen instead of pressuring Israel to stop its onslaught against Gaza. Air strikes are unlikely to deter attacks on Red Sea shipping, but they could undercut a deal to end Yemen’s bloody civil war.

…here’s the brilliant Caitlin Johnstone…

The Biden Administration’s Absurd Justification For Its Yemen War

Ever since the Biden administration began bombing Yemen, its official spinmeisters have been babbling about commerce and global container shipping to justify it. The unspoken premise behind this justification is that an active genocide should be permitted to continue with zero economic repercussions of any kind, for Israel or anyone else.

It’s just taken as a given by empire managers and their defenders that the money must keep flowing and the gears of capitalism must keep turning at the same rate they were turning before Israel began massacring tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians, if not faster. That the horrors being unleashed in Gaza should have no material impact on the rest of the world whatsoever.

The empire will permit you to think thoughts and feel feelings about the butchery in Gaza quietly in the privacy of your own head, and under the right circumstances it will even permit you to attend pro-Palestine demonstrations and share your opinions on social media. But as soon as it comes to physically interfering with the gears of the imperial machine, they’ll blow your guts out.

This is of course absurd. The horrors in Gaza should be affecting the whole world. Our lives should not be proceeding normally, and it’s freakish and obscene that they do. It’s a sign of a profoundly sick civilization that so many of us in the west are able to lose ourselves in idle entertainment and laugh and stuff our faces with snacks and go out on the town while the nightmare in Gaza continues to unfold. 

…oh and here’s the BBC highlighting how ‘our side’ have created a culture of political assassinations that have destabilised Yemen and inadvertently helped build the Houthi…

UAE has funded political assassinations in Yemen, BBC finds

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has funded politically motivated assassinations in Yemen, a BBC investigation has found.

Training provided by American mercenaries – hired by the UAE in 2015 – has then been used by Emiratis to instruct locals, sparking a surge in targeted killings, a whistleblower says.

The findings come as conflict in Yemen has returned to the international spotlight following attacks on ships in the Red Sea.

The UAE government has denied the allegations in our investigation – that it had assassinated those without links to terrorism – saying they were “false and without merit”.

The killing spree in Yemen – more than 100 assassinations in a three-year period – is just one element of an ongoing bitter internecine conflict pitting several international powers against each other in the Middle East’s poorest country.

The deadly atmosphere has discouraged the permanent return of Yemen’s internationally recognised government. This, it could be argued, has indirectly helped to embolden the Iran-backed Houthis. Washington has announced that it will now re-designate the group as “global terrorists”.

…that’s right!

Just when you couldn’t start feeling more sick about what this new hard right racist Government has signed us up to, ‘our side’ has been conducting a wave of political assassinations that hilariously have only made the Houthis more powerful.

What the fuck are we doing getting involved in this orgy of malice?

But on top of all of that, this Government’s foreign policy is making us a legitimate military target!

We are implementing counter productive foreign policy that will make things worse, puts us on the side of the bad guys, helps props up Israel’s ethnic cleaning war crime AND makes us a target for retribution.

No one had ‘join an American War in the first 100 days’ on their bingo card and we are are still not fronting up now act the hell we are doing here!

We aren’t just going to let these right wing warmongers push us into a conflict are we?



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  1. “We aren’t just going to let these right wing warmongers push us into a conflict are we?”
    My answer is I don’t know. Are we? Or are we going to give The King a quick phone call and get is views on this? We are still a British Common Wealth country after all. What do Maori think about this?
    What does the governor general think about this? I know what I think. I think fuck that. That’s what I think.
    We’re a British colony. NOT a fucking american logical fallacy. Fuck the americans. Americans? Fuck off! And take Hart, Mowbray and Bolton with you. You’ll find hart in Manhatten in the $50 million dollar apartment he swindled the money out of us to pay for.

  2. Nil chance of us being a military target, tho’ I wish we were for opposite reasons. But can you imagine ‘Chippy’ breaking ranks with the imperial West to help an innocent people in any way?

  3. It seems illogical for Peters to be so in love with the US when they have a system that prevents a majority government from taking away any rights that minority groups have under the constitution. NZ has such a pathetic government system that lets anyone over 50% run rampant over any other groups they don’t like, nothing to do with being in the nation’s best interests, as long as the party donors can profit from any decisions then anything is fair game.

  4. I’d have thought we’ve been a target for religious extremists ever since Helen Clarke stealthily inserted us into the tragedy that is Afghanistan. Marama Davidson telling the local bereaved Muslim community that white people hate them and were responsible for the shocking Christchurch massacre was also singularity unhelpful, even if it fits her pathological, IMO, hostility to Pakeha, particularly non-gay and non-trans men.


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