How’s your new fire season going? Insurance is going to burn in NZ


The temperatures we are seeing are beyond any possible expectation, we have tripped into tipping points whose gravity can not be resisted.

Massive spikes in methane will melt Greenland ice sheet and Antartica, desalinating crucial ocean pumps which shut off the Atlantic Current which warms Northern Europe which will see the polar vortex slip and freeze most of Northern Europe in a new mini ice age, the speed of which will kill off vast vast chunks of life.

Our explosion of heat will trip tipping points which sends us into a hilarious dystopian ice age nightmare.

Until we get to that stage though, it’s the burning heat of a planet running amok.

All those forest fires you see are only going to get worse, those car yards bursting into flames will only get worse, kids passing out on poorly ventilated buses will continue – we aren’t built for this heat and as we struggle to come to grips with all of that, the insurance industry already ranks NZ as one of the worst climate change pay out country’s and we are about to be hit by insurance rates beyond peoples ability to pay.

Rich people and landowners pay insurance, poor people and renters do not, so this pain will crucify the already stresses middle classes and mortgage bled first time home buyers hardest.

Home insurance will become more expensive, more limited, and harder to get

Insurer Suncorp has told the Government there has been a “step-change” in global reinsurers’ attitudes to New Zealand.

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“The step-change in 2023 is that New Zealand no longer presents only significant earthquake risk, but also significant weather risk to reinsurers,” Suncorp said in a submission, published this month, to Parliament’s inquiry into how the country is set to adapt to climate change.

The result is that the pricing and level of coverage offered by reinsurers has, and will continue to, change, Suncorp said.

Insurers like Suncorp, which owns Vero and has a majority stake in AA Insurance, and IAG, which owns brands including State, AMI and NZI, buy reinsurrance to help them pay claims in the event of massive natural disasters that would otherwise threaten to send them broke.

…the Right pretend Climate change is a socialist Hoax, or they claim it’s alarmist, the reality is the Insurance Industry who have to pay out on climate change damage are already pricing that market distortion in, regardless of what the Right wing climate deniers claim.

We have a climate denying Government hell bent on removing funding for climate change mitigation and adaptation to allow their climate change polluting mates off the hook for the costs.

As this Government moves towards opening NZ up to more mining, continues to allow gas and oil exploration while giving the Agricultural Industry a free pass on emissions, the climate events are only going too get more extreme.

NZ is now the second most expensive in the world for insurance damage from climate change.

Climate denial will generate an intensity of activism that seeks to shut down the systems that allow the polluters to keep polluting.

Expect motorway glueing and actions preventing ships, rail and transport systems of polluters to be mass attacked in wave after wave after wave of shut downs and expect the Government to use new powers aimed at Da Gangs against those protesters.


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  1. If we allow mining and find more oil we will be a rich national like Norway and spend more to help mitigate some of our social problems.
    What we do not need is silly protestors sropping people from working

      • Better call Soul Bonnie.
        Find out why it is said ‘go woke and go broke’. Your choice, either way you die like all of us. I know what 99.9% of all Kiwis would chose….profit, not broke, make money to fix social problems, enjoy life while we’re here, fuck the militant do-good zealots motorway gluers, we’re going fishing.

  2. If we allow mining and find more oil we will be a rich national like Norway and spend more to help mitigate some of our social problems.
    What we do not need is silly protestors sropping people from working

      • Who is ‘we’ country boy?
        Because you post about 6-7 posts to every one of Martyns threads, you think you are the arbitrator of who can and cannot post on here?
        You want TDB to be like The Standard, an echo chamber with about 7-10 posters all agreeing with one another??
        Please let us all know….

    • No amount of revenue from fossil fuels will offset the damage caused by burning it, nor costs to mitigate that damage.

      NZ’s economy is already more than big enough to raise the necessary revenue to fund public services properly, especially as we have one of the lowest tax burdens on the wealthy across the OECD.

      We don’t need new mining, we just need better tax policy, and less tax cuts for parasitic mega landlords.

      But hey, actual facts never got in the way of a good bit of nonsense from your eh Trev?

  3. We need to embrace adaption far more than mitigation and we will need to be a rich nation to do that, that rules out ruining our economy in the name of virtue signalling and hoping the foreign based polluters who create the vast amount of climate change effects on us decide to play ball.

  4. Personally I’d put that idiot Simeon Brown at the very top of any list of NAct ministers that are currently doing grave, irreparable damage to NZ.


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