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    Big Waitangi Day party at the Jones’ Kerikeri home last week! Four hundred & fifty people attended, including the PM, politicians from Natz, NZF, VIPs, representatives from the US and Chinese embassies, various media outlets etc etc. No sign of ACT though! You name them and they were all there at Shane & Dot Jones’ place, dining on oysters, tuatua, crayfish & the like, with the Duke of Marlborough Hotel staff in attendance. While this lot were feeding their faces, too many Northlanders struggle. How’s that for rubbing their faces in it? Well done the Jones boy …NOT!

  2. My apologies about my first article. I forgot to mention it is behind a paywall. But I think my comments highlighted what the article was about. If you can manage to read it, it’s a real eye opener!

  3. Iceland climate news from Nov. 2023

    Latest Iceland climate and geology news.

    Meanwhile in Nelson, camping visitors got front page news complaining that they were not allowed as a five-person family who all have bicycles with them, to ride around the grounds. And my family, well off middle-class, are having disagreements about deceased estate sharing. (Did you know that solicitors can charge $100 for a phone conversation e&oe.)

    New slogan – Climate occurs, while our poverty-stricken minds plan and dispute over other things.

  4. Having a job that you can rely on and plan around, with a wage that enables you to live, to eat, to travel to work, to pay your way and support family and communit, that’s good. Being able to save a little for stuff and still get a grant for health reasons etc that would be good because in a low wage, high cost economy that’s difficult if not impossible.

    But Labour wanted to run people into the ground, leave a job and be moneyless for a set number of weeks so that you could live off your saved fat – which they would never allow you to have. Wear you down, put harsh retrenchment from government support if the person didn’t obey strict rules. So how hurtful will Nat/aAtack planning be?
    The coalition government will refocus employment efforts and the welfare system so that supporting people who can work into jobs is the number one priority, Social Development and Employment Minister Louise Upston says.

    “Of concern in the labour market statistics released by Stats NZ today was the number of youth not in employment, education, or training (NEET), which rose by 3,000 people over the December quarter. The rate for young women also increased to 14 percent, up from 12.5 per cent. Young people are disproportionately impacted by tightening economic conditions.

  5. Here’s a plea, and an apology to those that inhabit this bubble, and in this space – going forward

    There are legit reasons in many cases for using a nom de plume. In my case it’s because I have a surname (both by birth, and one changed by deed poll in the land of the Okker), AND becuase I have rellies who are, and have been spooks and active in the pubic service.
    It’d be nice if those using an alias could be consistent. Many are not. Especially those of the smart arse persuasion
    @ Wheel. I think I’ve confused you with someone else. Apologies.
    @Greywarbler – we’ve already been here before.

    You’ve got to wonder though WHY some nom de plume posters change their handle HOPEFULLY as many times as they change their underwear.

    And @Wheel: I think I have been been confusing you with someone who basically doesn’t like the curry muncher, as much as he doth protest these days

  6. If Biden is innocent of mishandling classified documents then so is Trump

    Trump was president when he was in possession of classified documents, Biden was not. Trump’s house was raided by special agents and Biden’s was not. A US Special Counsel has described Biden as a ‘a well meaning elderly man with a poor memory’ to excuse his possession of classified documents, while Trump has been subject to a savage establishment and media campaign of presumed guilt (Hillary Clinton was similarly described as just ‘careless’ when she was found to be storing and exchanging 30,000 classified emails on an unsecured server). Trump was charged, Biden was not. Biden apparently does not have the mental acuity to understand classified records management but has the mental acuity to hold the office of President. The American legal system must be at least inconsistent if these two near identical cases yield totally different outcomes. If the law is inconsistent then there is the possibility that it is biased.

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