Let’s Not Waste This Great Movement Of Unity – Te Tari o te Kiingitanga


Te Kiingitanga says the overwhelming connection reignited among Iwi, Hapuu and Whaanau on display at Waitangi is a gift not to be wasted. We owe it to our mokopuna to use it wisely.

While we wait for the Crown’s representatives to catch up, our work continues.

Kiingitanga spokesman Rahui Papa delivered his blunt message on the paepae at Waitangi today and implored Prime Minister Christopher Luxon to get on board.

“Kotahitanga (unity) can be achieved, but only when the partners to Te Tiriti o Waitangi work in good faith and we urge the Government to demonstrate its positive intentions through its words and its deeds.

“This includes meaningful engagement and respect for Mana Motuhake and enabling Iwi, Hapuu and Whaanau to lead the delivery of solutions in their respective rohe.”

Chief of Staff Ngira Simmonds said the Kiingitanga is commited to listening to the perspectives of everyone and providing leadership to find our solutions for a country where Te Tiriti is honored and together we are advancing the interests of Maaori and all New Zealanders.

“We are listening to the myriad of voices, we are observing the many displays, and we will compile what we see and hear to represent their vision for our future.”

Underlying this Kaupapa would be upholding of Maaori rights and interests, which Te Kiingitanga had done before and after the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

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“In 1839, the first Maaori King Te Wherowhero signed He Whakaputanga – the Declaration of Independence.

“Although his son King Tāwhiao didn’t sign Te Tiriti o Waitangi, he said on his way to England ‘waiho mai Te Tiriti hei korowai mooku’ – ‘the Treaty is a cloak for me’.



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