Luxon’s sister-in-law tobacco lobbyist and the defence of 2 degrees of separation in NZ


PM Christopher Luxon’s sister-in-law works for tobacco company

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon’s sister-in-law works as a trade and marketing coordinator for British American Tobacco, the largest tobacco company in the world, but he says he never discussed tobacco policy with her.

“The Cabinet Office is aware of the connection and I am confident I have complied with the Cabinet Manual,” he said in a statement.

The revelation comes as the National-led coalition government faces increasing pressure over its links with the tobacco industry.

The National-led coalition government has promised to repeal the radical smokefree legislation within its first 100 days. Money raised from tobacco sales will also be used to pay for tax cuts.

So Luxon doesn’t talk to his wife about the car she buys and he doesn’t talk to his Sister in Law about Tobacco interests?

There is a lot of communication issues in his family. There are so many Chinese walls in his whanau, he may as well call his house Tiananmen Square.

The funniest thing about this whole outrageous scenario was the defence by the Troll Right that ‘NZ is a 2 degrees kinda place, it’s not his fault he has family in industry and what about the CTU and the Unions.”

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What’s funny is that Māori have this problem far more and when it is Māori having it, it’s all part of a nepotistic orgy that is vile and evil.

What’s most telling however is that yes NZ is a 2degrees kinda place but isn’t it fascinating all the worst people all hang out together?

Tobacco Lobbyists are scum and it’s funny how they all coalesce around each other isn’t it?

Yes NZ is a 2degrees kinda place, but it’s interesting their mates are all Tobacco Lobbyists and before you attempt to use the Unions, they are movements that are pushing for the better wages and conditions of workers, the Tobacco Industry is a vile lying scum pit that pushes a highly addictive product that kills 67% of those that use it FFS!

Comparing Tobacco connections to Union connections is like claiming jaywalking is on par with homicide.

The Tobacco Industry are an immoral hellscape that we only legalise because if it were made illegal it would benefit organised crime without any of the regulations.

Tobacco is not a normal industry, they get the State’s jackboot on their throat always all the time and forever.

And ever.

Fuck them.

Yes NZ is a 2degrees kinda place, but it’s telling how many Tobacco lobbyists flock around the Right.

That says something about them as people and their values.

Luxon demanding National, ACT and NZ First highlight donations from tobacco is a farce when that donation was made out in the open!

Here’s Big Tobacco  stoking Dairy crime fear while ignoring that it’s their addictive product fuelling that Dairy crime…

The ‘corner dairy campaign’ quietly backed by big tobacco


The Tobacco Industry has already made its ‘donation’ to this Government, so pretending the Rights hands are clean over Tobacco donations is a fucking joke!

Perhaps a better question should be ‘does anyone in this new Government NOT work for the Tobacco industry’?

This Government may have not acted illegally over Tobacco, but they have acted immorally!

They have aided industry who harvest addictions to reap misery before the well being of our people.

This is the value of what we have mutated into. This is us now all because Jacinda had the temerity of saving 20 000 lives from Covid!

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  1. Part of the solution is to reform the labour movement until it is truly ready and able to govern, armed with a sufficiently detailed programme to rebuild the basket-case economy, and replace the corrupt state institutions.

    But there is also a wider discussion to be had around underpopulation. Most of Europe is in serious economic trouble, and the U.S. is headed in the same direction. Millions of fleeing workers from those countries, who today nearly all speak English and share the same basic culture/religion, could form the basis of a new economic boom — as well as permanently consigning “two degrees nepotism” to the dustbin of history.

  2. The Guardian.
    Quitting smoking reduces cancer risk at any age, says study
    I smoked cigarettes and I loved it. I drove a ’62 Dodge Dart assembled in Petone so it was right hand drive and it was the V8 model so it was fast as fuck but took two days to slow down to start stopping for the dairy on London Street to buy more cigarettes. I smoked Marlborough soft packs and watched anything at the movies by Wim Wenders. ‘Paris Texas’ was my favourite,_Texas_(film) and I’ve only seen it once because I don’t want to fuck up the nuance the film represented for me. ( Try also Jim Jarmusch’s early B& W work too. )
    Here’s the thing. Smoke and expect to die young. Don’t smoke out of fear of not dying young. Smoke and be scared as fuck. Never smoke and be happy. Never smoke and be a miserable cunt. Study the results? Either way, you either die of smoking or you don’t but either way, you will die. The important thing to consider is how do you want to live while you’re living and that hinges of the nuance that’s your life. Being a Pink N Cleaner living as part of The Hive in a black-roof house crammed in amongst the others waiting at the mailbox for flyers advertising plasti-sofa’s has never been my thing. Dying of cancer 30 years before I needed to isn’t my thing either so I quit. So far, so good, but was it worth it? This latest iteration of AO/NZ in a 21st century future’s fucked. It’s diseased. It’s sick. It’s a tired old limp-dick thing saturated in fear and it peddles dull, boring and greed. Those chirpy little adds are soooooooooooo keeewt as green leaves flutter while mixed race people banter and giggle. They made vomiting a team sport in my house. Is the fire going out? Are the flames of humanity
    flickering? Where can I go where there is life to be lived?
    If you really want to quit smoking try this:
    Big lower leaves of a dope plant have bugger all cannabinoids so they’re great for a fag smoke hit and give off some proper smoke without the nicotine addiction element.
    Program yourself months out from actually trying to stop smoking cigarettes. As you smoke, tell yourself that you will quit. That this is no longer fun. That I really dislike this, I don’t like smelling of fag smoke, it costs a fortune besides, you look like a dick sucking on a smouldering stick. Keep smoking and keep telling yourself those things. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STOP SMOKING until you really start to think about how yuk it really is while you smoke.
    Politics and politicians? They don’t give a fuck about you. That’s your job. luxon’s sister doing pro-mo fag work tells you all you need to know about those fucking creeps. They just want your money. They don’t care whether you live or die or what ever so why are they there ? Good question, right?

  3. Charles has cancer. The NZ government doesn’t care about cancer. Therefore the NZ government doesn’t care about Charles.

    • Ethan Woke There are worse things than cancer. At least lung cancer kills fairly quickly. Ever seen anyone with emphysema? Unable to breathe, just to walk? Spending their last 10 years hooked to an oxygen machine? That’s the reality, and the tobacco companies know it.

  4. Regarding personal contacts and circles rather than vicarious social media ones, someone always knows someone in this small population country–and it is usually on a class aligned basis. The Luxons might say hello to the pool boy occasionally but they hang with corporate entangled bastards.

    Mr Baldrick 7 pads Luxon would have known the Sis’ in law’s connection with him would surface, but he is arrogant or still politically naive enough to think it does not matter. Todd Barclay was another Tobacco industry alumni, he crashed and burned like the rest will eventually.

    This Govt. is fucking with healthcare reforms big time, and while health workers and doctors have various divisions there is one thing that unites them–intense dislike of smoking and its effects on people they have to deal with.

  5. Time was, NZ led on progressive issues, not fauxgressive crap. Now we’re even behind the US on weed! Smoking is do last century – and thus a natural issue for this stupid, backward government. Labour’s are rubbish, but Luxon’s lot can only dream of being rubbish.

  6. The fuckers are now peddling vapes hard out to capture new generation of nicotine addicts .The bitch Willis will slam massive sales tax on vapes to give more money to the rich and famous .They should close all sellers of nicotine products except for patches which should be given out free.Any one caught with tobacco or vape products should be fined 20k and 2 years jail .Those aiding and abetting smoking or vaping ,including MPS should be locked up .Short term pain will be a long term gain for all in Aotearoa .Fuck the dairy owner and the vape peddlers who have flocked to NZ to sell death and missery.

    • gordon and the problem with nicotine is??? addictive yup undoubtably come back when they’ve banned drugs like coffee and sav blanc….if you use any of these dangerous drugs….take a walk

      bluster about nicotine is not required find a scientific study if you can or stfu

      the problem we have in nz is slack arsed kiwis flinging away disposable vapes like fag ends…it’s not a vape issue it’s a kiwi slackness issue.

      ps patches and gum are PROVEN to have a very low success rate but vaping gets loads off the fags and is 90 percent in terms of harm reduction it’s a no brainer

  7. Who doesn’t have family n friends in jobs/ industries that doesn’t have high moral ground? Let’s include fat n sugar too…mcdinalds, kfc, doughnuts, red meat, etc etc

    One can’t choose their careers based on what jobs the extended family do or don’t do..

    • Benny. You are generalising here. Many of us do not have relatives who are morally dubious, disreputable, duplicitous, or involved in harming others for dosh, directly or indirectly. Our student kids may have worked in McDonalds or KFC, and there was a time when McDonalds provided a good job training experience, but that’s about it. Politicians may have more dodgy relatives than others. It certainly looks that way.


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