Political Caption Competition


David Seymour, Chris Luxon and Winston Peters walk into a bar at Waitangi.

The barman looks up and says, “What is this, a joke?”


  1. Peters: Cook Islands is nice this time of year.
    Luxon: How the hell can i get out of here fast and sidestep the reporters.
    Seymour: Oh there goes my phone again.. Wish those damn wealthy donors would get off my back.

  2. And who is the little woman apparently arm-in-arm with Lusty Lux and Winnie-the-Who (is he today)? Was this part of the marae welcome given to eminent visitors – who may carry on to do positive good if they can find room in their minds full of pragmatic, profitable projects?
    PS. Is North America ahead of us in social welfare? Google and Oxford Languages say:
    ‘project’ North American – a government-subsidized housing development with relatively low rents. eg “her family still lives in the projects”


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