MEDIAWATCH: Luxon’s AM Show appearance was a nightmare of alpha private school boy spin


I didn’t want to watch The AM Show after Lloyd dug through Right Wing Troll bait to smear Chloe with and so went to try out Breakfast on TVNZ, and while we all love Jenny May, the banal banter just kills me,

It’s broadcasting for retirement villages.


Lloyd has the same skill as Ryan in that he can listen to an answer and formulae a question in real time and his evisceration of Luxon was glorious.

PM says his repeated phrases in Waitangi speech ‘deliberate’

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Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has defended the close — and, in some places, word-for-word — similarities between his Waitangi speeches last year and this year.

Luxon is lying.

He didn’t make a deliberate point of rehashing his bland meaningless speech because he would have made a point of that.

No, he was so spooked by the backlash ACT and NZ First have provoked that he wanted the most bland nothingness in the world, and that was last years speech.

It was a speech of blandness made in blind panic, but you get the feeling National have sent Luxon off to a 48 hour CEO bootcamp to toughen him up and give the pretence of authority.

The shock of how ACTs and NZ First’s extremism is sucking all the oxygen out of Luxon has frightened and concerned us all.

Luxon is clearly not up to Winston and David and I think they’ve sent Luxon off to this CEO bootcamp and he’s come out all guns blazing doubling down on a mistake he’s obviously done to channel alpha private school boy spin.

If he says it convincingly enough, he thinks people will believe him.

Now he just has to try it out on David or Winston.


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  1. I get the feeling some are angry that Waitangi Day went so smoothly with no riots which would have enabled you to say I told you so. Luxon may not have had the polish of Jacinda but at tye end of the day most Maori know she did little for them except more promises .There are now less children vaccined and less going to school according to information I read in the paper

    • If this Coalition of Clowns had been in charge when covid struck the world you can guarantee that not only Maori, but the whole population of N.Z would have been in a much worse position…

      Like to the tune of 20,000 more deaths and a lot more with permanent illness.

      Just go back and look at the rhetoric these clowns were trotting out at the time and line up the stats with other countries around the world that were following their line and see how disastrous they would have been.

      Cheap shots in hindsight, that the Coalition of Clowns regularly indulge in, are easy and cowardly!

      • Yes, I remember National’s line of “just open the borders” (I think Muller said it) right in the early stages of the pandemic. Thank Christ that didn’t happen.

    • I wouldn’t go with your feelings on this occasion Trevor. I would think many are happy that there was no trouble. All this so some stupid little shit stirring prick, can have his moment while not being supported by his two dickhead coalition partners supposedly. Then again perhaps Peters and Luxon are being disingenuous. Why go through all of this and waste any goodwill, by playing out this theatre. Oh, but Arden was the divisive one. Give me a f’ing break.

    • I get the feeling you don’t read the situation well.
      We were sure that behavior would be good because everyone there knew that the whole country was watching and indeed other parts of the world. We received emails from Wales and Sweden, both interested and concerned that a long-standing treaty might be threatened. Both those countries know what it’s like to be subsumed by others.

      I don’t mean to be picky Trevor, but could you look up a dictionary and find out the difference between ‘less’ and ‘fewer’.
      Many children have gone unvaccinated. It’s been hard for parents to keep up with that between lockdowns, working from home, overseeing home schooling etc.

      Now we see what divisiveness is all about. It’s all diversion, divide and rule stuff. Cluxon looks 10 years older, harassed and stressed. Reading the same speech as if nothing has changed from last year, was the icing on the cake.
      The simple answer is that to gain personal power Mr. Luxon allowed this nonsense because he was too afraid to say no. He is not a happy man. He’s walking a tight-rope and foolishly thought he could contain two of the sneakiest politicians we’ve ever had the displeasure to know. His weakness and thirst for power has got us into a pickle.

      While our betters behave so poorly, why do you expect ordinary people to perform well Trevor?
      There was no bad behaviour because ordinary people were showing that they know better.
      We are anything but disappointed. We were exhilarated by the whole day. Despite the reason for that wonderful display, I think it will be remembered as one of the best Waitangi Days ever.
      Up and down the country there were exceptional turn outs of people, wanting to know more and take strength from Māori constancy and consistence. Thank you everyone who participated and contributed towards such a successful day.

      • “The simple answer is that to gain personal power Mr. Luxon allowed this nonsense because he was too afraid to say no. He is not a happy man. He’s walking a tight-rope and foolishly thought he could contain two of the sneakiest politicians we’ve ever had the displeasure to know. His weakness and thirst for power has got us into a pickle.”

        Absolutely spot on, Joy.
        Weak, stupid and greedy. Should be this government’s motto really.

  2. Lloyd Burr is in another league compared to the strictly average Ryan Bridge.

    Because Burr is an experienced mature journalist, who has done his time in the many and varied aspects of his field, and demonstrates a well rounded general knowledge, then his bullshit detected is automatically always on red alert!

    Luxon is going to get found out, and called out, all year long, and as he continues to make one fuck up after the next he will become more and more gun shy about having to front up to a Lloyd Burr interview on the AM Show.

    The best thing that could have happened to the AM Show was to get rid of the immature, poorly informed, one -eyed Bridges.

    As the pressure builds and builds, and none of their stupid ideas come to fruition in a positive way, Luxon will become Todd Muller revisited, although the difference is that Muller was fundamentally a decent, (but misguided), person and wasn’t a bullshit artist like old Clusterfuxon!!

    So good on, ‘we’ll shoot ourselves in the foot’ N.Z, for voting in, what is very rapidly becoming, the worst Government in our history and the laughing stock of the world!!!

  3. Have none of you realised that dumb and dumber are running a smoke screen for the dumbfuck party so they can wind back the clock to the fifties and fuck us all over .While the two idiots are wining you all up Cluxon and the willdibeast willis are shutting everything down and repealing everything in te name of saving money when in fact they are wasting money by tipping 400 million into cook straight and 200 million into the abbiss in auckland .When you all wake up there will be nothing left .Clearly you are allowing them to waste even more millions on Seymoures racist bill without even raising that point .Then cluxon will do a back flip and vote it through to take away attention from the fact he has totally fucked NZ in one year .Wake the fuck up and good luck to the clowns that voted the fuckers in .

    • That’s what frightens me, Cluxon’ll let it go through in the end because he’s too scared to stand up to Seymour.
      it’s all designed to take attention away from other things, of course. No-one is safe really, unless you are a tobacco lobbyist or a very generous donor.

      • Yes the irony in this governments desire to appear to want all New Zealanders lives to be better by promoting cigarettes is not lost

    • “so they can wind back the clock to the fifties ”

      If you’re talking about Seymour, you must mean the 1850s right?

  4. And it has been all quite and closed door on the Welfare front , as the Taupo slasher, has been wielding her scythe, and returning welfare back to the nineties..

  5. Aotearoa is being led like lambs to the slaughter. Soon there will be no way out . Luxon is so stupid it defies belief ,nothing but a puppet being played by the two puppet masters. Can someone tell me why luxon thought he had all the answers for both Seymour and Peters did he think he was lord god almighty . All we need now is a natural disaster and we are screwed.

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