GUEST BLOG: Jackie Foster – Please Let Me Die


The words I have used in the heading of this blog, mean more to me than simply someone asking to slip away gracefully and with dignity. 

I have written many times on the issue of euthanasia, something which until recently was not a position I supported at all. 

There comes a time in life, when issues arise, or events happen that make us all sit back and think about reality and also what life itself is all about, and for me stepping up and supporting a very special friend of mine was for me a defining moment. 

You may have read the New Zealand Hearld Article last week written about Nicole Martin of Taupo, where she is ,with my support, seeking to have the euthanasia law changed enabling her to die with dignity. 

I have written a petition on Nicoles behalf seeking to change the law, giving not only Nicole but so many others the chance to end their life in the way that they so desperately want to. 

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Reactions to that article have been mixed, mostly of a supportive nature but a few very clearly not supportive, but hey that is democracy as we know it. 

The direct response to the petition has been fantastic, gathering over 3000 signatures in less than a week, so please do read and consider supporting and either good or bad feedback will always be appreciated and responded to. 

I like to think we live in an open transparent country, where everyone has the right to do what they feel is right for them during their journey, and all things considered I will always appreciate the opportunity to support something that now is really important to me but also to so many others in Aotearoa. 

Jackie Foster, CEO, Social Justice Aotearoa


  1. Yes, yes, let’s let everyone suffering conveniently go away. What a blessing. for all.

    Who is so stupid as they can not see the impact on our culture and society and empathy and existence as human beings of such a mercy, of such an “ethos”?

    We need suffering, and enduing though suffering, and doing our best for our loved ones who are suffering to keep us human. Us pathetic westerners are already too distant and infantile and casual about death.

    • Paul, a man with a heart of stone. Says the church, “When offered in union with Christ, our suffering acquires purpose and efficacy”. Yeah right. What about us atheists?

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