Peeni’s “I lift my gun and I let the shots do the talking’ vs EFFs kill the boer


Chris Hipkins defends Peeni Henare’s use of gun metaphor at Waitangi

Labour leader Chris Hipkins has leapt to the defence of Peeni Henare after he used a metaphor involving a gun during a speech at Waitangi that some saw as inappropriate.

Henare came out with fighting words during a speech on Saturday, using a metaphor in Māori which translated into English as getting out a gun, firing at the enemy and letting the shots speak for him.

“When you take off your jacket, it’s to get ready for a fight,” he said.

“The bugle has sounded and we have heard the call. This is a fight that will not be fought just in Parliament. I lift my gun, and I let the shots do the talking.”

He was quick to clarify: “That’s a figurative gun, not an actual gun.”

David Seymour was quick to take offence at Peeni’s comments which is funny from a politician who was ‘joking’ about blowing up the Ministry for Pacific People…

ACT leader doubles down on joke about blowing Pacific Ministry up

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ACT Party leader David Seymour has doubled down on his joke about about blowing up the Ministry of Pacific Peoples, even after two men entered its office to film and interrogate staff yesterday.

…we all get out, when Māori say anything that can be construed as a threat, Western Civilisation ends, when Cracker says something that can be construed as a threat, you are a woke snowflake who can’t take a joke.

The EFF are South Africa’s Mana Party, but with a lot more balls.

Here they are singing ‘Kill the Boer’…

…could you imagine the Māori Party singing that at next years Waitangi Day?

Oh the lols.

Māoridom are angry at the manner in which this new hard right racist climate denying Government have used them as as punching bag during the election, denigrated their language, trashed the Māori Health Authority and are allowing ACT to push for legislating the Treaty Principles.

Māoridom (and all NZ) has everything to fear – of course the Right want to dump Treaty Principles!

There is a Congo line of Trans National Mining Interests eyeing up NZ…

Govt to free up foreign investment in ‘sensitive’ NZ land and assets

Ministerial scrutiny of whether overseas investments are in New Zealand’s national interest is to be significantly reduced in a move critics say risks eroding sovereignty but supporters believe will enrich New Zealand.

National and Act’s coalition agreement says the Government will amend the Overseas Investment Act 2005 to restrict ministerial decision-making to national security concerns only and make these decisions “much more timely”.

The act requires overseas investors to obtain consent from the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) before acquiring interests in significant business assets, sensitive land or fishing quota

…and lo and behold, Dr Pork Shane Jones is being appointed unprecedented fast track powers…

Fast track consenting in the fast lane

The Government is progressing changes to resource management laws as part of its 100 Day Action Plan, with the first steps taken to establish a new fast-track consenting one-stop shop regime.

“This new regime, which forms part of National’s coalition agreement with New Zealand First, will improve the speed and process for resource approvals for major infrastructure projects, unlocking opportunities in industries such as aquaculture and mining in our regions,” Regional Development Minister Shane Jones says. 

Abolishing the Treaty Principles would remove obligation to engage with Māori at a critical juncture when Trans National Mining Interests are lining up to exploit land that can get fast tracked and won’t have the obligation of working with Māori.

Luxon wanted to play down the race anger at Waitangi but this isn’t happening in an economic vacuum. This Government has attacked worker rights, renter rights and gutted inequality programs and climate change funds.

His Government minus the race baiting is still a deeply problematic policy agenda for working class, beneficiaries and environmentalists.

600 000 need food banks each month, 300 000 are power and housing poverty, 26000 on emergency housing wait lists, 200 000 kids in poverty, an entire generation locked out of housing amid deep inequality, poverty and infrastructure deficits.

Focusing on a resistance metaphor by Peeni and taking offence at that and not the social policy vandalism of the Government is a trick the Oppressor plays to eclipse the truth of their Oppression.

Honkey hates it when you call them Cracker..

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  1. So who or which mining companies are in the Congo line and how much did they pay ACT to scrap Treaty Principles giving maori some power or oversight of land use? Who? How much $?

  2. How about this view Martyn: Seymour’s fireworks comment and Henare’s gun & bullets comment were both idiotic things to say.


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