Punishing UNRWA while Palestinians die is unconscionable, why Helen Clark is right and if it is a taxpayers issue, shouldn’t the IDF refund us?


UN chief calls for resumed funding of Palestinian aid agency after allegations of militant ties

The secretary-general of the United Nations on Sunday called on countries to resume funding the main agency providing aid in the Gaza Strip after a dozen of its employees were accused of taking part in the Hamas attack on Israel that ignited the war four months ago.

The dispute engulfing the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees came as U.S. officials said negotiators were closing in on a cease-fire agreement. The emerging deal would bring a two-month halt to the deadliest-ever Israeli-Palestinian violence, which has stoked instability across the Middle East.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the agency known as UNRWA would be forced to scale back aid to more than 2 million Palestinians in Gaza as soon as February. The coastal enclave is in the grip of a severe humanitarian crisis, with a quarter of the population facing starvation as fighting and Israeli restrictions hinder the delivery of humanitarian aid to the besieged territory.


The Taxpayers Union is demanding to know if NZ taxpayer money is going to ‘terrorism’!

Even Sean Plunkett was parroting Israeli apologist propaganda yesterday demanding to know if Taxpayer money was being spent on terrorism.

Seeing as the IDF have killed 140 UNRWA staff since October 7th, doesn’t that mean that we as Taxpayers should be demanding the IDF refund us for killing the staff members we are funding?

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We send UNRWA a million dollars, they have 13 000 staff, so that’s $76.92 per staff member and the IDF have killed 140 of them, so from a purely taxpayers perspective, shouldn’t we be demanding IDF refund us $10, 769?

Helen has been righteous on this arguing that allegations against a dozen staff in an organisation of over 13 000 does not justify stopping the desperately needed aid!

Ex-PM Helen Clark urges NZ to continue UNRWA funding

Former prime minister Helen Clark has urged the Government not to cut funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) after allegations against several members of its staff.

This entire issue around the UNRWA is being pushed by Israel in an attempt to eclipse the UN ruling against them and their ethnic cleansing war crime!

The IDF have killed 140 UNRWA staff and then have the audacity to play victim when a dozen of them are alleged to be involved in the October 7th attack.

That our stupid war monger Hard Right Racist Government is actually considering stopping AID to pacify our American Political Masters highlights how much influence the Israeli Apologists have over our mainstream media.

The IDF have killed over 25 000, wounded over 68 000, forced removal of almost 2 million and the traumatisation of an entire population.

The IDF have dropped more bombs on Gaza in  the first week than America did in its  war against Afghanistan over an entire year!

The IDF have killed more civilians in 2 months than Russia has in 2 years of war with the Ukraine and we are very clear those acts of violence are war crimes!

Israel’s disproportionate response is an ethnic cleansing war crime that the UN have ruled as a possible genocide, pretending a dozen UNRWA staff members is the reason we need to support Israel’s ethnic cleansing war crime is a fucking joke and only the most spiteful intellect would attempt to use this.


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  1. The Israeli butchers are indeed master spin artists. This is a diversionary issue to try and bury the ICJ findings from public awareness and debate.

    What type of psychopaths turn off water, food, fuel and power to a civilian population and then knee cap the primary aid organisation? The gutless western Govt.s and the EU that have participated in this should be filling up planes and boats with aid and crashing the Gaza blockade to assist the Palestinians–but they won’t will they…shameful behaviour.

    This is like when the holocaust nazi death camps in WWII were well known of by the ruling classes of various countries but few did anything about it for years.

    • Ceasefire Now!
    • International aid to Gaza!
    • Close Israeli Embassy, Trade Ban on Israeli goods and companies of all kinds

    Hit them where it hurts–economically and culturally–and never forget this brutal outrage against humanity.

    • Nathan, a few unproven examples of bad actors is no justification for stopping all funding. It’s such bullshit. Why now? Saying it’s nothing to do with SA court action is like Judith Collins saying Gaza and the Houthis are completely unrelated. Bollocks!

    • You are a noddy, the UNHCR employ 13000 people according to current information with a large majority of them likely to be local Palestinian people since it is just not practical to get that number of people from other countries. You might be ignorant of the oppression and suffering that the Palestinian people are subjected to daily by Israel however almost all people have a breaking point where they want to retaliate. For some reason the Israeli government and its ignorant supporters think that they should be commended for causing this problem which is enough to show me that they are not of a fit character to negotiate with. They have followed the Trump style of endless lies in the expectation that fools like you will keep repeating them and the simple minded people in the population will still support them.


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