TDB told you ACTs pseudoephedrine policy wasn’t social policy, it was a Breaking Bad plot!

...TDB has been warning you since ACT announced this nonsense policy at the election that this was a disaster waiting to happen!

David Seymour

FFS folks, you can read it here first on TDB or wait a few months for the mainstream media to catch up…

Warning pseudoephedrine’s return to shelves could fuel meth-related crime

The minister planning to put pseudoephedrine back on pharmacy shelves has been warned by officials that the move could fuel meth-related crime — echoing earlier concerns of pharmacists.

…TDB has been warning you since ACT announced this nonsense policy at the election that this was a disaster waiting to happen!

This isn’t Government policy – it’s the script to Breaking Bad!

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Allowing Pseudoephedrine, the precursor ingredient to meth back over the counter will generate ram raids, which is hilarious because Luxon is claiming allowing cigarettes to remain getting sold will prevent ram raids!

Most meth coming into the country right now is finished product. Domestic Alpha Gangs use Triad contacts to have meth mass manufactured and shipped in, the 501 syndicates use South American Cartel Meth. It is purer and cheaper than the Triad meth, and it is this difference of product that is generating the recent gang war assassination campaign.

What allowing Pseudoephedrine to be sold back over the counter will generate is a new homebake industry as smaller players locked out of global supply chains move into the market.

ACT are the Party that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing!

Just to be crystal meth clear here, ACT’s solutions are MORE machine guns and MORE meth precursor ingredients?

The market will work out the rest will it?


Honestly Kiwis are thick, how come pseudoephedrine Pharma pimps and Tobacco interests seem to be more important to this Government than you know, actual health?

If you need pseudoephedrine you can get a prescription, allowing the raw material for the biggest illegal drug we have will simply open up a local homebake industry.

ACT always claim they support small business, but this is fucking insane.



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  1. Why should one need to pay to get a prescription because there’s criminals out there? Singapore has a better solution. Sorry about your shitlord mates who won’t get a real job. Throw them in prison and let law abiding citizens get some relief from headaches.

  2. “Honestly kiwis are thick”.

    Unfortunately that’s all too true. After a week or two they will forget Seymour has been stirring up the treaty issues so people will see some idiot say something provocative. They’ll start saying Māori are ‘so unreasonable’. They will forget both National and NZF said the whole thing is stupid and unnecessary. Those two parties will just add more lies as no one seems to have a brain and Seymour will get more traction.

    How can anyone believe Seymour cares about NZ?

  3. Don’t try and apply logic with these muppets. It’s like knuckle dragging conman Shane Jones ( the real one not Shane Reti, in case Winston is reading) and Marsden Point. No one thinks it will make sense to reopen, including himself but he will waste tax payer money confirming what everyone knows. It’s just virtue signaling for petrol heads.

  4. Since when did you become a prohibitionist Bomber? AFAIK both Chris Fowlie and Chloe Swarbrick both support returning pseudoephedrine to over-the-counter distribution. What do you know that they don’t?

    • Martyn can obviously understand the dangers of unlimited freedom when certain substances & various commercial enterprises are involved that actually end up making life worse for most of us including those who use the product but allow a few people to prosper at our expense.

  5. Lining up at chemists pre dates the swamping of our land, sea and air ports with pre cursor product. Horse has bolted.

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