PSNA angry and disgusted at government decision to halt funding to UNRWA


PSNA is angry and disgusted at the government decision to halt funding to UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) over Israeli allegations a handful of its 30,000 staff were involved in the October 7th attack on Israel.

It’s clear UNRWA was not involved as an organisation and yet the Palestinian people of Gaza are once again to face “collective punishment” – this time with New Zealand acting alongside apartheid Israel to deny desperately-needed humanitarian assistance to Palestinians. 

UNRWA is already “extremely desperate” after its funding has been halted by other countries 

“It’s an outrageous decision given the dire humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. New Zealand is joining the Israel/US stranglehold on humanitarian relief for Gaza,” says PSNA National Chair John Minto. “The decision means we are part of Israel’s war crime of “collective punishment” against the Palestinian people of Gaza”. 

Israel’s incessant attacks on UNRWA are designed to take attention away from last Friday’s interim orders from the International Court of Justice which found a prima facie case that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza.

As a signatory to the Genocide Convention New Zealand has a responsibility to PREVENT genocide and yet the PMs focus is on attacking an agency providing relief for Palestinians who are the victims of these genocidal attacks.”

Why are Israeli attacks on UNRWA so much more important for the Prime Minister than genocide committed against the Palestinian people?

It’s immoral, unethical and downright despicable.

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This is a victory for the deeply racist pro-Israel lobby and their anti-Palestinian enablers in parliament.


  1. It looks like only the Jews are allowed to kill innocent people and flout international agreements regarding land boundaries and still receive funding and support from western nations. Noone is concerned enough to ask what local aid workers observed in the Israeli treatment of Palestinian people in Gaza that made them decide that violence against Israel was the answer so that alone is enough to tell us that they have a predetermined plan and do not want any evidence that refutes their propaganda.

    • Only the Jews? You do know how many hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been killed by other Muslims throughout the Middle East don’t you

  2. The PSNA can continue supporting Palestinians.
    The rest of us can donate to the Red Cross or other humanitarian aid organisations while the UN investigates the actions of UNRWA employees.

  3. This is Dirty Politics taken to Genocidal collaborating degree …. Western/NATO collaboration……

    Previous statement of facts From UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini …..— “In the past 100 days, sustained bombardment across the Gaza Strip caused the mass displacement of a population that is in a state of flux – constantly uprooted and forced to leave overnight, only to move to places which are just as unsafe. This has been the largest displacement of the Palestinian people since 1948.”

    “Overcrowded and unsanitary UNRWA shelters have now become ‘home’ to more than 1.4 million people. They lack everything from food to hygiene to privacy. People live in inhumane conditions, where diseases are spreading, including among children . They live through the unlivable, with the clock ticking fast towards famine.”…..

    “The crisis in Gaza is a man-made disaster compounded by dehumanizing language and the use of food, water and fuel as instruments of war.” etc etc

    and as Craig Murray has summed things up—- “This of course explains why the immediate response to the ICJ ruling was a coordinated attack by Israel and the combined imperialist powers on UNRWA, designed to accelerate the Genocide by stopping aid, to provide a propaganda counter-narrative to the ICJ judgment, and to reduce the credibility of UNRWA’s evidence before the court. “….

    ….”No matter what the ICJ said. Israel would not have stopped the Genocide, that is the simple truth. The immediate reaction of the U.S and allies to the Order has been to try to accelerate the Genocide by crippling the UN’s relief work. I confess I did not expect anything quite that viciious and blatant”

    Caitlin Johnstons take on it ….”A senior Israeli official told Axios that Israeli intelligence agencies came upon the information about the UNRWA staffers largely through “interrogations of militants who were arrested during the Oct. 7 attack.” Israel has an extensive history of using torture in its interrogations, and there’s no reason to believe it hasn’t been used on captured Hamas fighters in recent months.

    So to recap — 

    Accusations of genocide deemed credible by the International Court of Justice: Preposterous lies. Not worth opposing a single massacre over.

    Unsubstantiated claims about UNRWA staff extracted via torture: Gospel truth. Worthy of ending humanitarian support to Gazans for.

    How does ANY unproven claim by the Israeli government get treated seriously by ANYONE anymore? There ought to be a limit on how many lies you can get caught circulating before the entire political/media class just starts laughing at you whenever you make any claim about anything.”

    And I say Israel Rapes the truth,,, and now New Zealand through our dirty politicians with our dirty media is hands on participating in accelerating the Genocide ,,, ‘The immediate reaction of the U.S. and allies to the (ICJ) Order has been to try to accelerate the genocide by crippling the UN’

    Once more ““Overcrowded and unsanitary UNRWA shelters have now become ‘home’ to more than 1.4 million people. They lack everything from food to hygiene to privacy. People live in inhumane conditions, where diseases are spreading, including among children . They live through the unlivable, with the clock ticking fast towards famine.”…..

    Dirty Politics is much bigger far meaner and more psychopathic than last time round …..

    New Zealanders may not care ,,,, but if the zionists and neo-cons get their war on Iran ,,,, Petrol will be over $5.00 per litre and our economy will be crippled …

    Our Dirty Politicians will walk into and escalate this immoral cluster-fuck based on dishonesty,,,, because they really are that shit ….

  4. This is a phoney, manufactured situation that these murderous Zionists & Genocide Joe Biden cooked up to punish the UN over the ICJ Hague Court ruling, this is just another provocation to starve the Palestinians out of Gaza, if Israel can’t bomb them out, they’ll starve them out! The US is also preparing to front run the eventual lawsuits & upcoming actions that will take the US & Israel to the UN Security Council which will enforce the ICJ ruling despite the vetoes of the US & UK! And why are you surprised that NZ is acting in lockstep with the other US Vassals John, NZ is not a Sovereign, Independent Nation under this New Extremist National/Act/NZF Govt, we are lapdogs of the US Empire, NZ is guilty by association, these New NZ Govt bastards have made us complicit in the Genocide being committed by the US & Zionist Israel in Gaza, we are supporting the genocide of 30+ Palestinians & counting & Luxon, Peters & Collins has the blood of thousands of Palestinians on their hands by hitching NZ’s wagon to this Dr Evil, Terrorist US Empire & it’s demented little Mini me, Zionist sidekick Israel?

  5. ” Israel seeks destruction of Palestinian refugee agency and establishment of Jewish settlements in Gaza
    Chris Marsden, Thomas Scripps

    Israel responded to the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) ruling last Friday, requesting it to “take all measures within its power” to avoid acts of genocide, by redoubling its efforts to starve the Palestinians and planning for the repopulation of Gaza with Jewish settlements. ”

    ” Avatar
    Greg 2 hours ago

    In sharp contrast to the months of polite appeals for Israel to abide by international law while it has murdered 30,000 Palestinians and reduced Gaza to rubble, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken immediately suspended funds to UNRWA.

    The problem with the imperialist powers is not just ‘a few bad apples’ arming, funding and participating in genocide… Imperialism as a whole is a haven for for war criminals.

    A US statement accepted that “UNRWA plays a critical role in providing lifesaving assistance to Palestinians, including essential food, medicine, shelter, and other vital humanitarian support” and that “Their work has saved lives.” This only confirms that the imperialist powers are working with Israel to starve the Palestinians, kill thousands more and force them into exile. “

    • BULLSHIT Nathan! It’s been 3 mths since the Hamas attacks, yet Israel & the US only just reveal that members of the UNRWA participated in those attacks? Funny how this Story only came out AFTER the ICF Court ruling that accused Israel & America by association as War criminals committing Genocide in Gaza & waging a Palestinian Holocaust! That’s how you know this Story was a utter fabrication because this info wasn’t revealed after the attacks on the IDF, it was a cooked up BS Story that they provided zero evidence of, to punish the UN for having the temerity to accuse this Sacred Cow & Zionist Terrorist Nation called Israel of Genocide! So the Big Terrorist America in league with its mini me murderous Terrorist mate Israel cooked up this phoney story out of pure spite & vindictiveness following the ICJ Court case & to punish the UN & the imbecilic Collins & dumbfuck Luxon went right along with the BS! Thats the US Rules Based Order for you, Do as we say, not what we do & that’s what the World is witnessing, the US & Israel shitting on International Law in Gaza & destroying it in the process & laughing? This is not going to end well for Israel & the US, mark my words, the Worlds had enough of these depraved, immoral psychopaths & America & Israel are going down into destruction, good fucking riddance when that happens, the World will be better off without both of these scumbag Nations!

    • Oh Nathan don’t be silly honestly as Antforce62 has said all those months ago and Israel kept its mouth shut – I doubt it, so convenient to make this statement now.

    • Nathans statement is as factual as him bullshitting about people in wellington having to line up to get water…..

      Nathan just makes shit up ……

  6. It’s so obvious. But I had to wait to hear it from you. ‘We’re the baddies’.

    God god god, what can we do? Finkelstein says to stop everything in the presence of genocide.
    So obvious the new gummint, apart from Peters, is so shallow not even their feet are getting wet.

  7. ” Israel has mounted an attack to distract attention from the ICJ verdict and discredit UNWRA which provided crucial evidence to it ”

    7 hours ago
    We must not be silent while witnessing injustice. 75 year long apartheid, 16 year long blockade of Gaza and now committing genocide. Pure Evil.

    59 minutes ago (edited)
    Disgusted Canadian pensioner here. I sent a donation to UNRWA yesterday. Sent a copy of the receipt and a strongly worded letter to my MP. Doing what little I can to shame my government.

    2 hours ago
    Israel doesn’t just occupy Gaza and the West Bank; it occupies Washington and London, too!


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