Seymour won’t go to Ratana because it’s religious but he will go to a Nationalist Hindu Temple grudge built on a Mosque???

Maori Religion = bad? Indian Religion = yay?

Mungo no understand.

David Seymour WILL NOT go to Ratana because it’s ‘religious’.



But why is he then going to the Nationalist Hindu Temple grudge festival built on a Mosque???

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If Ratana is too religious for David, what the fuck is appearing at a Nationalist Hindu Temple festival?

Māori religion is too much, but a festival celebrating the Hindus destroying a Mosque and building on grudge Temple on it is fine is it?

How is ACT allowed to get away with such double standards by the news media?


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  1. what else would you expect from that parasite.Sucking up to the Asian invasion that Winny failed to mention this election because he di fuck all to stop it when in government and it is easier to bash Maori.

    • little seymour’s about as Maori as I am and I’m not that Maori and we should remember, all humans share the same ancient Mitochondrial Eve DNA which makes us all, on that level, exactly the same fucking thing.
      ” How is ACT allowed to get away with such double standards by the news media?” Are you serious? You mean you actually don’t know? That’s impossible to believe. You’re the fucking editor of The Daily Blog for God’s sake..
      seymour’s a dangerous little toxic lizard and he should never, ever, be allowed anywhere near our money or our politics. His big bad daddy douglas shat out the twisted malfunction of a politic known as neo-liberalism and that was at the behest of The National Party which was ably defended by the arch traitor Whinny peters.
      Look it up.

  2. Are you trying to tell us David Seymour is a liar? Well I’m glad I came to have a read because I had no idea about that! That’s sarcasm. You could extend your list to include the NZ Police – shock horror! Breathlessly tell us how they serve no one but their ruling class masters’ ideology. Excuse me while I yawn.

    Seymour lied again two days ago on a recent Morning TV interview saying he was for everyone having the right to self determination. None of his policies support anyone’s self determination – not even the richest of the rich, which you’d have to be to even get a teasponfull of his “libertarianism”. I’m sure he casually lied several more times I never heard about between then and now. Like many supporting their own blind preference, he just ursurps the meaning of words to suit his own waffling.

    Here’s my problem with your perspective: you won’t turn the same way of judging the “bad guy” onto the people you support, and your own ideas. Then things would get really interesting. What is going on is more than just a competition of morals within an environment that will not accept the impositions of power, morality or reason.

    Isn’t it interesting that this discussion has become about everything except the ToW. It’s just like the long distance sport of watching the middle East, and how everything periferal to it, except the source of the conflict, is exposed and destroyed. Luckily our NZ based argument is still simple enought to solve, but no one wants that it would seem. The longer that dodging the central problem goes on, the more widespread the desolation of all the things people thought was true about life in NZ continues. You might argue this is a good thing, but it’s being done the wrong way. I’d tell you what I see, but it would bore you from where your ideas sit right now. Here is the fastest glimpse of it: Not every thought is a murder, not every action a crime, not every word a lie.

  3. ” How is ACT allowed to get away with such double standards by the news media? ”

    One of the reasons is because ACT got the most donations out of all the political parties to carry out their agenda and their 8% was the vehicle to get them there. Its purely academic that the remaining 71.3 % did not vote for ACT’s policies because their wealthy investors and supporters are getting what they paid for.

  4. I’d maintain that Seymour, ACT, and his backers the Atlas Foundation are a religious sect. They all believe in an “invisible hand” that guides a “market”. For them I this form God is in his heaven.

    • Good one – the dogma that underlies “the invisible hand”, “austerity” and the “trickle down effect” is, of course, that known as neoliberalism. It is absolutely true that neoliberalism has ‘captured’ the majority of economists and right wing thinkers – hegemony if you will. It needs to be remembered that this mindset is the primary driver for ACT and to a slightly lesser degree National and even the Labour Party. Poor old Grant R is stuck in a conundrum of continuing some of the key aspects of neoliberalism (especially austerity and the superiority of the private sector over the public sector in the provision of services) yet seeking to empower social democracy within the Labour party and government when they were in power. The new Minister of Finance is unapologetically neoliberal in mindset and there is no confusion over where ACT sit on the spectrum.

      We badly need a new and strongly evidence-based direction in social democracy that calls the neoliberal approach out for what it is and provides a strong counter-narrative against neoliberalism or nothing will change.

  5. Seemoor another contributing to a low production economy, preaching personal responsibility for your own advancement without government assistance when he’s been gifted a sinecure seat by a National party government.

  6. Gotta get that Hundutva donor money. Also Indian shopkeepers long wistfully for thier home country where they can dump whatever they like in the river, ‘no work no eat’ and workers are paid .50c an hour. No due process as well. Indian cops are allowed to torture and give out summary executions

  7. Remember Seymour complaining that the previous government was divisive at the same time stating he will not allow state houses to be built in Epsom. We’ll forget 3 waters, we now officially have a government dividing the country.

  8. Where’s Millsy? I thought all Christianity was bad and full of right wing anti gays?
    The left love Ratana because of all those Labour voting brown people.preaching racial politics rather than scripture.

    Less so destiny church who are apparently the wrong kind of brown people.

    Plenty of double standards going around.

    • “The left love Ratana because of all those Labour voting brown people.preaching racial politics rather than scripture.”

      Wow that was racist.

  9. Seymour is trying to bring us together ending the division on ethnicity introduced by the Labour Government.

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